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Sony – is a Japanese company that was founded in 1946. She is a long time engaged in the production of electronics, game consoles, and various high-tech products. In addition to manufacturer of gadgets the company is a media conglomerate. But we talk about smartphones Sony Xperia. Range of these gadgets is known since 2012, and gave the users a huge number of quality devices.

Who are?

Earlier, the Xperia was the individual trademark, which in 2008 released its first gadget. Then it was Sony Ericsson with Windows Mobile operating system. Originally it was running this OS and was issued smartphones of this range. But in 2010, was the announcement of the Android device.

After the success of Xperia X10 it was decided to leave the idea of Windows Mobile. By may last year, was released 56 smartphones this line. In their devices, the company strives to create the maximum number of signature features and applications. All models feature preset programs that extend the options of the smartphone. Thanks to them, the use becomes more comfortable. Of course, this marketing technique allows to retain near itself a xperia lineup

Model number of Sony Xperia replenished every year. The company has grown this line and created several generations of smartphones. In addition to updating the operating system, improved and proprietary applications.

Now at first glance, the Xperia line from Sony seems perfect. All kind of finished and enough absolutely. Each model improves the previous one. The reality is somewhat different.


Fans of the brand know that depending on the letters you can determine which group smartphone. For example, Sony Xperia Z – a lineup of flagships. E-these are budget devices. C-are the average group, which is focusing on frontalka. M – the range is weatherproof phones. Appeared this summer and a series of X, but we'll talk about it later.


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The order

So, start the Sony Xperia lineup budget devices. Roughly, these smartphones are from 9-15 thousand rubles. This includes telephones E. index Among the other most mention the model of Sony Xperia E4. It was released in several variations. The screen is 5 inches and the low resolution of 560 x 940 pixels.lineup sony xperia

There were also models with a 4.7-inch display. All phones of this segment are based on Android. Some of them have support for two SIM-cards. On average, the phones that have 1 GB of RAM and 8 GB of internal. They also have a 8 MP primary camera and 5 MP front. In the rest of this line is unremarkable. These phones are suitable for those who need good quality “true”.

Between heaven and earth

Following the model range of Sony Xperia has the indices M and P. Is a medium-sized smartphones, which can not be attributed to the budget, nor to the flagship. Therefore, they occupy a place in the niche of Sony. The most popular models here is the Sony Xperia M4 Aqua and her “twin brother”, but two SIM cards.

This model has a 5-inch display with good resolution of 1280 x 720. Here RAM is still 1 GB. But the built-in either 8 or 16 GB. In these models there is and improved main camera on the 13 Megapixel. The main feature of this line was certified to protect against dust and moisture. Was later released models with index M5. They turned out good enough, because most belong to the xperia z lineup

Also, the Sony Xperia range of phones middle niche is occupied by the device with index S. Here are model Sony Xperia C4 and again-dual-SIM twin. They also have a five-inch screen. Improved resolution up to 1920 x 1080 pixels. RAM then became more – 2 GB. Internal 16 GB, but there is a slot for a memory card.

The Trouble turned out to be the lies of the company about these devices. They were originally positioned as the selfie smartphone. But in fact it turned out that the front camera then 5 MP that is enough mediocre figure at the present time. So it's safe to say that the Japanese were dishonest and clever marketing.


Well, at the end of last year and beginning of this was the Sony Xperia lineup flagships. Of course, the name loud enough. The thing is that some models of this line are virtually indistinguishable from the middle segment. There is already evident a Japanese trick. The company believes that the user has to overpay for the brand.

However, the lineup was still the real Champions. The most famous can be considered devices with index Z. in General the history in this series is very dramatic. It all started with the Sony Xperia Z, along with the Z1 and Z Ultra. Was later released Z Compact. These smartphones have become a real “boom” on the market. They really turned out very strong, high-quality and definitely xperia range of phones

But Sony Xperia lineup couldn't happen without flaws. And the company started almost every month release a new series. Following was submitted Z2, Z3, Z4 (only in Japan) and finally Z5. A major setback was the fact that correcting previous mistakes, the developers made later. So dissatisfied with becoming more. Fans have been waiting for the perfect smartphone of the series. But neverwaited.

As practice shows, the most successful among all the post Sony Xperia Z3 Plus. This is the model in Japan is referred to as Z4. The diagonal of the unit has increased relative to other models up to 5.2 inch. The smartphone is endowed with a whopping 3 GB of RAM, also launched on the platform Qualcomm Snapdragon 810. Left protection from dust and moisture.

Those who demanded a bigger display, was presented to Sony Xperia Ultra C5. The device has a 6-inch screen, very thin frame. Both camera got 13 megapixels. RAM 2 GB built - 16 GB.


Since the Sony Ericsson Xperia lineup established, it's been five years. After all the setbacks the company has decided to release an updated line X. These devices marked the rebirth of smartphones from Sony. Turned out they are really very good, but very expensive. The youngest camera here is the Sony Xperia ericsson xperia lineup

This is the device that opened a new stage of development of the group. Many believe that the main feature of the new gadgets from the Japanese is the appearance. Many smartphones of this line got a mirror panel that looks very nice. Also moved some of the buttons, reduced screen frame, altered the rear panel. Was later released model Xperia XA Ultra.

The Second smartphone in this series was the Sony Xperia X. This five-inch phone. There is an option for one SIM-card, there are two. Resolution 1920 x 1080 pixels. The camera was already 23 MP with a proprietary module, which is now used by other companies. Front was 13 megapixels, which is also quite a lot.

The Processor has as many as 6 cores and running the Snapdragon 650. Responsible for the graphics Adreno 510. It works quickly thanks to its 3 GB of RAM and 32 GB of internal. Also do not miss the Japanese and fashion for the fingerprint scanner. It is located on the side of the power button.

Another interesting feature of this line was the Sony Xperia X Performance. Its equipped with a very strong processor and graphics chipset. Also put 3 GB of RAM. The phone runs on the new Android OS 6.0.1 Marshmallow. He also has two cameras: the main - 23 MP, front 13 MP. There are models that support two SIM cards. The main feature of this model is its appearance, which is relatively very attractive and ericsson xperia lineup photo


The Company has come a long way. There are few who remember the old Sony Ericsson Xperia (model number). Photos of some devices even hard to find on the Internet. However, many people remember the Sony Ericsson Xperia X10, which was very popular in his time was a true flagship. The famous Sony Ericsson Xperia Ray with improved screen and compact design.

Now on the market there are a huge number of smartphones from Sony. Their lineup Xperia – it is a story that will be updated with new flagships, might not always be successful, but by far the acclaimed and popular.

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