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Konstantin Balmont – a brilliant poet of Russian “silver age”. Characters, hints, accentuated by the melody of his verse, mastery of sound, he conquered the hearts of lovers of poetry at the dawn of the twentieth century.

analysis of the poems of Balmont

This modernist period as the symbolism demanded from the artist a super-rational sensitivity, of the finest possess the technique of a poetic hint. It was formed under the influence of various philosophical doctrines, from the ancient Plato to the views created in the twentieth century by such thinkers as Vladimir Solovyov and Friedrich Nietzsche. The symbolists saw the value of poetry of understatement and concealment of meaning. They called the symbol as the primary means of transmission of secret contemplate their contents.

In addition, as a significant mode of expression was used by the poetic musicality – property sound verbal rhythmic texture of the verse. If you do the analysis the poems of Balmont, especially the audio side, you can see that it sometimes is constructed as a stream of verbal chords and their calls, able to bewitch the reader.

The Analysis the poems of Balmont «Wind» you cannot start, without specifying the date of its creation. The fact that the poet has created several works of the same name. That dates back to 1895, written on behalf of the wind, a bright exponent of the forces of nature. In poetry collection, 1903, is still a few works, devoted to the same windy character, even though the call made symbolist Balmont famous, is linked to another representative of the natural elements-the sun.


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The Analysis the poems of Balmont, like any other poet, involves the allocation of the main theme. It – escape from the present, symbolizing the poet something stiff, boring and dull. It offers a kind of care through a merger of the troubled human soul with the wind. What are the qualities of “nature” of this element? Wind – the symbol of the spirit, living breath of all things on Earth.

Balmont analysis of the poem wind

The Analysis the poems of Balmont helps to determine its structure. It is constructed as the speech of the wind, embodying a living being, the lyrical hero who talks about himself. Instead of quietly and calmly, as everything, to live “real”, he sees “troubled” vision, “listens” to the hints of the mysterious strings, secrets of nature: the flowers, the sound of trees and ‘legends wave». The hero has a sense of the transience “real”. He doesn't want to live in it, striving for the future, which seems to be more attractive and not so short, although “uncertain”.

The Key words in the counterweight rest are verbs “heed”, “breathe”, “float”, “alarm”. In addition to the words describing the activity in the poem and expressed strong emotions, this poet used such epithets as “the delight of the unexpected”, “insatiable anxiety”.

Thus, the analysis of the poems of Balmont allowed to form the main idea embodied by the author in this work: happiness in constant motion, in constant flight from the peace, “real” and combining with the ever-changeable nature.

analysis of the poems of Balmont wind

Konstantin Balmont, analysis of the poem “the Wind” - that the poet, having delicate taste, high demands to the beauty of the poetic text. The musicality of his verse, the desire to Express subtle shades of feeling and a deep understanding of nature give you the opportunity to say that he is one of the great masters of poetry of the early twentieth century.

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