The six-day war


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The Conflict between Egypt and Israel has been brewing long before the events of June 1967. This time was a turning point in Israel's history. The six-day war lasted from 5 to 10 June and brought unexpected results for both parties.

Egyptian President Gamal Abdel Nasser was preparing for military action in advance. On may 22 he issued a decree to close all sea lanes for Israeli courts, thereby violating not an international agreement. In response to such actions under international law Israel could take military action, but did not. Such silence was interpreted by Egypt as a sign of weakness and strengthened his belief in their own superiority. The ensuing six day war was inevitable.

The statements of President Gamal Nasser Abdeslem sounded threatening the Israelites and promises to erase their state off the map. The threat was reinforced by the signing of the Alliance with the States bordering Israel. In Jordan the army was formed.

The Atmosphere was tense and sowed panic among the civilian population of Israel. The government represented by Prime Minister Levi Eshkol could not reassure and inspire people. All men from 18 years to 55 was called up for military service. The war in Israel is promised to be short.

The Government of Israel did not wait for the direct military action by the Arabs, and first struck a blow at the enemy. 5 June 1967 Israeli air force destroyed the entire combat aircraft of Egypt and caused serious damage to Syrian aircraft. At the request of the Prime Minister of Israel to the UN addressed to the king of Jordan not to enter the war and received a waiver.

Has Begun full-scale military action. The loss of the air force Nasser dealt a big blow to the ego. Israeli intelligence services managed to record a conversation between Nasser and king Hussein in which they discussed what to tell the public that the military actions together with Israeli aircraft involved American and British. After this announcement, all the Arab countries broke off diplomatic relations with the United States. A week later, the king Hussein apologized for lying. This is probably due to the fact that a recorded conversation was made public.


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Israeli troops acted promptly. They quickly took control of the Sinai Peninsula, Judea and Samaria. The hardest part was the battle for the Golan heights. However, by June 10, Israel had seized them.

The six-day war claimed the lives of 679 Jews. For small countries the losses were enormous. Despite this, the whole Jewish world rejoiced.

Was marked new boundaries, which increased Israel's territory by almost four times. Despite the resounding victory, the main task of Israel was to establish peace. He was ready to return the conquered territories in exchange for the signing of a peace agreement that quickly ended the war. Israel was set up on the world.

However, the Arab countries did not go for it and relations between the two countries escalated. A few months later, the heads of the Arab countries met and declared a categorical no peace with the Jews and refusal to recognize them.

The six-day war had affected not only the life of the Jewish state, but also to the representatives of the people living in other countries. The heroism and courage of the soldiers displayed during the war, filled the hearts of all the Jews pride and joy. American Jews sent huge sums of money before, during and after the war to maintain the army and the civilian population. In the ranks of members of Jewish organizations "of the United Jewish appeal” began to engage citizens of different countries. Especially the increased number of young participants.

The descendants of the Jews who have begun to forget their roots, began to come to Israel.

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