What to do: the child is not sleeping through the night


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Very often sleep problems occur in perfectly healthy babies. If the child does not sleep, it does not mean that he may have health problems. Basically if you have any sleep disorders, parents are looking for problems in neuroscience that is most often absolutely not reasonable.

The First year of life - a year of unstable sleep

To learn how to regulate sleep patterns and normalize it, you need some time. Only a tiny percentage of kids sleep peacefully all night. The fact that as they grow older from birth to infancy (the first year of life) is formed, the child mode, respectively, this affects a number of factors.

Nice babe

Now pay attention to the main issue of all parents: how to teach your baby to sleep all night. Still in the first week don't reassure themselves that the baby finally starts to sleep, because he has his waking hours that are the most vital aspect of feeding. If a newborn sleeps during the day, occasionally waking up only for food, try to arrange before bedtime at least 2.5 hours of wakefulness. More precisely, a failure in the sleep cycle is due to the fact that the child in the evening from 18:00 to 20:00 can once again arrange a sleepy hour. This means, at the crucial moment when he will sleep, will eat, he will have the energy and there will be a revival. The energy should be spent, therefore, or the kid throwing a tantrum, or will have to wait and groan until I feel my mother's hand.

"Ritual" prior to stacking

Remember: sleeping newborn baby is unpredictable. He might get hungry at any time, especially if breastfed. It can be concerned about the cramps and the gases therefore have to hold the auxiliary procedure, and the baby may need a special diaper change. In order for the baby calmer fell asleep and missed the most important phase of sleep, consider a certain ritual prior to stacking.



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Prepare For the beginning of the tub with the optimum temperature for the baby. Brew chamomile or series, strain, pour the broth into the water. You can bathe the baby with a decoction of chamomile.

Dream child

The Next stage of your ritual can be a massage. Put a soft blanket on the baby. Brushing hands with baby oil or light moisturizing lotion, massage your area of the midsection, back. Carefully, but with caution mash arms and legs of the baby.

The Next step will be the most favorite moment for the newborn. This, of course, feeding. Feed the child, and in order that he does not spit up, hold him for 10 minutes the column, gently pressing his tummy to itself.

The First month of life: soon the difficulty will decline

If the child is in a month doesn't sleep well, but not crying and he was not colicky, then follow the intervals of his NAPs. From birth, you should aim to Orient the child between day and night time. Without the intervention of parents day, newborns can sleep for hours on end. So Wake the baby, wear on the hands, talk to him. It can be a protest in the form of crying, but eventually get used to the Wake mode.

Mother and baby sleeping

NAPs for baby: how important is it to regulate it

There are instances when the child does not sleep during the day, but guarantee that baby will sleep tight and without UPS on the night, it is not. In this case it is necessary to undertake preventive action to identify the cause.

First, cut off discomfort and pain in the tummy. Maybe the child is not suitable the mixture, or mother of a newborn, breastfeeding, taking any medications without consulting with your doctor. Maybe the new components in the mother's milk effect on the microflora of the baby and cause gas and discomfort.

Second, parents need to check their moral condition during contact with the newborn. The child feels irritation, pain, fear of adults, especially mothers. Therefore, the benefit of moral calmness of the kid, you must remain calm with him. Otherwise, multiple examples prove: if a mother, being in a nervous state, is engaged in the child, then the child takes over her mood. In the end, poor sleep, crying, and even refusal of food is guaranteed.

Third, it is important to arrange a comfortable place to sleep. If the newborn baby is not sleeping on the seat reserved for sleep, but calms down and falls asleep in his arms, then try to buy a cocoon for sleeping. Newborn it feels very comfortable and sleeps well, at least so say happy moms.

Walk before going to bed

Parents can seem that they tried almost everything that the toddler finally calmed down and slept. But in fact, 70 % of these cases, the parents behave very passively. It is not enough just to rock the baby in her arms, this baby can get tired and start even more irritated. The walk is the most important aspect of normal development and restful sleep. Walk with a newborn baby in the afternoon and evening, the fresh air always had a positive influence on kids.

Perhaps newborn baby will fall asleep while walking. Thebetter to sleep in the open air will improve General condition, blood circulation and even the mood of the little family member. After a walk, enter in the schedule-feeding, 1-2 hours of wakefulness, and then again try to sleep. With such a regime, the easier the child gets used to a normal bedtime.

Newborn sleeping in the sling

Eruption of teeth

Still, we should not forget that in the period from 1 to 8 months, the child is the most important stage of development in your life his emotional state with each opening can overexcite the nervous system and thereby disrupt sleep. By this time, begins the stage of teething, that's when you can really understand and try to alleviate the cause of insomnia accompanied with tears and tantrums. For this, there are gels, liquids on a natural basis for painless teething and even a special children's calcium. All this combined with endless patience and care will help parents to handle the baby, less stressed and sleep better.

Emotional mood before bed

In the period from 8 to 12 months the child remains in need of beauty sleep. So, after waking up, having done all the morning activities, you need to try to take the baby for a walk. A full and exciting morning will enrich the Outlook of your toddler, pleasant emotions will have a positive impact on the nervous system.

By the Way, we will consider two examples of the relationship of emotions, lived for a day and safe sleeping child. There is a perception that the more emotional behaved child during the day, the harder it will be to sleep at night, but, unfortunately, a too active kid before going to sleep can get a whole new charge of energy. This energy he will spend on the protests against sleep, crying and tantrums. It is therefore necessary during the day to monitor the baby, and his games, activity and tranquility. If the house has a TV, pay attention to what she's watching, baby. For the health of the nervous system, it is desirable to exclude the views of any gear before reaching three years.

The Second option is a passive child. More precisely, the kind of kid who prefers sedentary games, pays attention to the toys. Especially good if with the child during the day parents are engaged in the development of fine motor skills. Baby that whole day was quiet, I walked and felt a mother's affection, feels herself more comfortable. It influences directly the child's sleep, it is easier to learn to independently fall asleep easier "moves" with the parent cot in their personal and much safer sleeping at night.

Night feeding and sleep

Night feeding and sleep

Parents mistakenly believe that if in age from one year to two years to cancel the night feeding the baby because of hunger will Wake up more often capricious, as a result, the sleep mode will be broken completely. In fact, children who are not accustomed to the night feedings, sleep peacefully and without waking, oddly enough, does not Wake up and demand a portion of porridge. So, not exhausted by hunger.

The Night is for sleeping, you need to teach this principle from childhood. Closer to two years is recommended to wean the child from supplementary feeding during the night. It will favorably affect the full uninterrupted sleep baby and will save parents from additional lifts at night.

How to put the baby to sleep if at night he does not eat the mixture, being on artificial feeding? We should not exaggerate the importance of eating before bedtime. If the child refuses to mix, so he is ready to sleep without it. If the child is accustomed to a nipple, then give it to him, include the pleasant sounds of birds or nature. Particularly suitable for laying the sound of rain. And try to put the baby in the crib, shaking a little.

Co-sleeping — a whim or a necessity?

Why the child is sleeping separately from their parents? All because with them he feels more comfortable. If parents have chosen a joint dream with a child, you need to understand a few important points that will ensure the peace and safety of the baby.

First and foremost, the mattress the baby is sleeping, must be hard. It is therefore important to purchase an orthotic. The child needs to sleep or your father's side or mother's side, in the middle of putting baby to safety. If the mother is breastfeeding, co-sleeping — is the only plus in this situation. The child is capable of, not waking up from sleep completely sated, calm down and sleep. According to observations it is clear that a joint dream of mother and child is very beneficial effect on the nervous system. If the child, sleeping in bed often wakes up at night crying, and it lasts a long time, it is not necessary to persist in the fact that he slept separately. We'll move him on for some time. The baby calms down, feeling a close relationship with my mother.

Baby refusing to sleep

The Sleep of the newborn and factors that affect it

Back to the topic about problems sleeping newborn. In the period of acquaintance of the child with the world it is important to maintain his usual terms, those to which he is accustomed under the mother's heart. This will help you swaddle. But not one that vividly POPs into my head from Soviet times to the present day. You should notto use tight swaddling, it is too strongly binds the movement of the baby, hands and feet in this condition can become numb. It'll be very uncomfortable for the baby, not only does he refuse to sleep, but burst into tears.

Alternative to tight swaddling

There are more benign and even useful alternative to tight swaddling. It is ready changing bodysuit and pajamas, diapers with Velcro fasteners or locks. If at the time of the child's sleep lightly swaddle, he will sleep calmer and longer. Why? Because newborns up to a certain point of development do not control the movement of their arms and legs, everything happens spontaneously and unconsciously. So during sleep, waving hands, baby is frightened, from which subsequently wakes up. The child does not sleep at times just because of this factor, which adversely affects him.

Clothing for sleep

Try to dress your baby as easily as possible. No need to pull a hundred clothing items, it also causes discomfort. It is best to choose several replacement slips, you will wear at night. If you are afraid that the child might catch cold while sleeping due to the low temperature in the room, buy more dense and insulated slip to sleep.

baby with mother

The Temperature regime - an important point

For a comfortable sleep it is necessary to monitor temperature in the room. Many parents make a huge error, trying to further heat the room. It can negatively affect not only the sleep of the baby, but also for General physical condition.

Observe the temperature regime in the range of 18 to 22 degrees in a timely manner ventilate, especially before bedtime, spend wet cleaning. This is the most simple, but important actions that will help the normal development, sleep and wakefulness.

The Child sleeps badly and often wakes up because he is too stuffy, because he was sweating from itching on the body and head. Remember this, you shouldn't focus all attention on a single factor, consider all possible nuances.

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