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At all times representatives of the beautiful half of humanity graced himself. It could be rings, earrings, necklaces and even jewelry specific to certain Nations or peoples. Today, however, female beauty stepped even further, and the young ladies is often decided on the tattoo.

tattoo designs for girls on back

Why spin?

Quite topical Today are just that tattoos for girls on back. "Why so," there may be a logical question? Everything is very simple. After all the back – this is the place where the tattoo if necessary, you can hide (at work, this one may not even know) or off (on the beach or wearing a certain dress, the blouse). It is worth noting that to find tattoo designs for girls on back need quite scrupulous, first think not only about the picture but also exactly where it will be placed. After all, this is the kind of art that can decorate the delicate female silhouette, and noticeable to disfigure.


Preview tattoos for girls on back, it is worth noting that most ordinary young women prefer pictures on the blades. Here you can place almost any image, because this part of the body is rather smooth and comfortable for the wizard. An important point also is that if the girl is a little better, this part of the back is changed very rarely, and the picture is little affected. The size of the tattoo can also be quite different: from tiny drawings to complete paintings. So nice of a work round or cruciform shape. However, draw attention and tattoos, which can stretch from the shoulder blade to the neck, to the spine, go to the hand. At least on the blades make inscriptions, because in this case, written phrase should be rather short and bulky to look good. As for the drawings, here there can be no limitations, everything depends on the desires or taste of ladies.


Body decoration - a tattoo on her back

Body decoration - a tattoo on her back

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tattoo on back girl photo

Lower Back

Where else can accommodate a tattoo designs for girls on back? Great place – the lower back. As for patterning, the girl can be a little painful, because the skin in that area of the body is quite thin, and the bone is close. Not recommended for a woman who has a tattoo on the lower back to get better too, because the pattern runs the risk of spread. But here's a great this area is because the very tattoo easy to hide from prying eyes, and to boast of it. As for the drawings, most often they are executed in the technique of tribal – symmetrical pattern. You can also stuff the flowers, the animals. Look great and the following tattoos on back girls: inscriptions, located on the lumbar area. It is already possible, though a whole story to write, good, enough space.

tattoo on back girl the inscriptions

All back

It may seem surprising, but nice to look and the big tattoo on the back of the girl. Photo confirmation of this. These women look fantastic, unusual, attracting the eyes of others. The pattern may cover the entire back, and, for example, the area along the spine (beautiful large rose on a stem). Do not be afraid to delight yourself such works of art.

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