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This article will be presented one of the most interesting historical places of the capital of Finland with its magnificent architectural structures (Senate square, Helsinki Cathedral, and more). But first a little acquainted with the city, its main historical attractions.

General information about the capital of Finland

Helsinki – is the largest Finnish city, which is the administrative center of Uusimaa (province). It is located on the South of the country, on the coast of the Gulf of Finland (Baltic sea). Just lives in it 630,225 thousand people, 10% of whom are foreign nationals. The city contains many cultural and historical attractions, among them Senate square. Helsinki is one of the most unique cities in terms of its geographical location.

Senate square, Helsinki


The Main part of Helsinki is located on a granite Peninsula, located on the Northern coast of the Gulf. In addition, it is spread around the numerous rocky Islands and islets with small bays and passages that represent magnificent, unique natural landscape.

Helsinki is of great interest to many foreign tourists and travelers. This city is great for walking and for Cycling.


Almost the entire area is surrounded by historic buildings 1818-1852 years of architecture, designed by German architect Carl L. Engel. All his projects were built more than 30 buildings, a number that only those architectural structures that have been built after Helsinki became the capital of the Duchy of Finland within the Russian Empire. In the 19th century this town was even called White capital of the North in connection with the similarities with the style of buildings of St. Petersburg.

Senate square, Helsinki Cathedral

About some of the capital's attractions

The Senate square of Helsinki is located in the Central part of the city, in the kruununhaka district of and is undoubtedly the main attraction of the city. But apart from it there are still many wonderful historical places which attract huge number of tourists and travelers from abroad. It is impossible to list and describe, however some of them.

In the Katajanokka district (Cape Juniper) most of the structures and buildings built in the 19th and 20th centuries. On this once former Cape dominated by the largest Orthodox Church in Western Europe. This is the amazing beauty of assumption Cathedral.

In the area Kanavaranta (waterfront canal) is a guest dock for boats, warehouses, built in the 1800s. There are numerous shopping establishments and restaurants.

There are in Helsinki and Museum street Sofiankatu, which is the only Museum in the city open day and night. Here are all the amazing history of the construction of streets and street furniture. The oldest building (house of Sederholm), located in the historical part of the capital, is one of the branches of the city Museum.

Senate square (Helsinki): the Cathedral, photos, description

The Area has its own unique history. In the 17th century at the location of the its present was town hall, market, cemetery and Church. In 1812 the Russian Emperor Alexander II proclaimed this city the capital of the Grand Duchy and gave the order to build a new town centre.

All the territory is a unique complex, designed in the neoclassical style. The main there are 4 buildings that were designed in the years 1822-1852 by C. L. Engel. They are the magnificent Duomo, the national library, the building of the State Council and the main building of the University.

Senate square Helsinki: photo

The Senate square of Helsinki (see photo above) has amazing artwork – the stunning Cathedral, built on a high hill. Its construction was begun in 1830. In 1840, after the death of the designer Engel, the construction was continued by his successor Ernst Armandom. In the end, the Cathedral was opened in 1852.

It was Originally called Nikolaev, as it was dedicated to St. Nicholas (patron of sailors), which was also the expression of a kind of homage to Nicholas II who ordered the Cathedral was decorated located on its roof sculptures of the 12 apostles (the work of German sculptors). They are cast in 1845-1847, and in 1849 was installed in the Cathedral. The statues represent an impressive collection of zincsculptures that have global value.Senate square, Helsinki Cathedral, photo

Inside the Cathedral there are statues of famous historical figures: Martin Luther, Mikael Agricola and Philip Melanchthon. In 1959, the building received the status of Cathedral, after which he became not only in the city but in the country. There is always held as usual, and a solemn service, besides, the Cathedral is always open for visiting people. Quite popular among many tourists the Senate square of Helsinki. Her address: unioninkatu street, the house 29. Senate square Helsinki: address

Other area attractions

A Surprisingly large number of historically curious architectural constructions placed on Senate square. Helsinki was once the residence of Swedish merchants. On the southern part of this historical area and was built their beautiful mansions (built in the XVIII century). Among them is the oldest in the capital stone house of Sederholm (1757), posted today at its premises the Museum.

The Right of the Cathedral is a building of the state Council, part of which was completed in 1822. It is intended for the Imperial Senate and the current government. Above the Central entrance is a beautiful room in the Empire style – Presidential hall (formerly the Throne room). Public access for citizens in this building.

In addition to the above, Senate square in Helsinki together on their territories and the Central building of the University (1832, the year of construction). The main building of the University is presented in its original form (the same audience and the ceremonial hall).

Also On the square is a bronze monument to the famous Russian Emperor Alexander II (by Walter Runeberg, the structure of 1894) in relation to the special attitude of the Finnish people. As noted above, the Finns, the Russian Emperor granted autonomy. Surrounds the statue, sculptural group: “Peace”, “Law”, “Light” and “Work”.

A Lot of quite interesting historical information carries with it the Senate square in Helsinki.

The Monument to Alexander II

This is a sculptural work of art – one of the few surviving monuments of the pre-revolutionary Russian Emperor – the great Tsar liberator.

Senate square Helsinki: the monumentIt is the best achievement in sculptural art of Finnish nineteenth century. The great Emperor is depicted here in the same form, the former from him at the time of speech, which spoke of granting Finland the same rights of autonomy (1863). The Finnish people as a sign of gratitude to his liberator has collected its own money for the erection of a monument to Emperor.

The Bronze sculpture on the equal height of 3.23 meters, and she stands on a pedestal made of red granite. As a result, overall its height – 10.67 meters.

Date of receipt of the autonomy carved on the pedestal of the monument.

Location area

A Surprising number of interesting architectural structures holds in its territory the Senate square (Helsinki). How to get to it to see all this beauty?Senate square Helsinki: how to get

This square represents the heart of Helsinki. From Central station it is located approximately 2 blocks to the East. Can be reached by tram, which stops are also close.

To the area from the Central port is about 2.3 kilometers. If you go on foot, it is advisable to follow the street Bulivardi. Metro needs to go from the station to the Ruoholahden Kaisaniemen. From Russia (Saint-Petersburg) every day walks taxi that can deliver anyone right into the Senate square.


The Senate square in General, as almost all architectural structures, represents one of the most famous and notable characters of the capital of Finland. The main area of Helsinki is a religious, political and social center of the country.

In the Summer of Senate square is filled with people in the context of her diverse concerts and festivals. But especially lush celebrations are held on the birthday of the city (12 June) and during the Helsinki festival, held here annually. They are all amazing colorful, spectacular and stunning views that are worth seeing.

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