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Many people know that Windows OS are great operating systems, whose functionality allows to solve almost the entire list of those everyday challenges that face ordinary home user daily.

software UninstallerBut not everyone understands how Windows works. In particular, many novice users in need of removal of some programs simply highlight it with the left mouse button and click on Delete. They are also the loudest outraged by “the biggest looser among” operating system, which, after such abuse on it begins to behave not adequately.

However, Windows users Vista, 7/8 are very lucky, because these systems can long endure such bullying, reacting poorly to them. If you have caught the appearance of XP, you know about the inadmissibility of such actions.

The Normal user knows that the uninstall programs should always take place through “add/remove” in “control Panel”. Unfortunately, even this does not always guarantee stable and reliable operation of the system.

Why not just erase the folder with the program?

Many novice users just don't understand what is so “crime” in the implementation of such actions. In vain. The fact that any application (except portable version) when your installation makes numerous entries in the system registry, installs its own drivers and otherwise “notes” in the system.

Now imagine that you hit on the head and then cut the Appendix. How will you feel, moving away from such "anesthesia"? But the system is much worse! In a word, to do so in any case it is not necessary.


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Uninstallers programs in Russian

Why the regular Uninstaller does not always produce the desired effect?

Good. But why the official Uninstaller programs not always can effectively remove the app? It all depends entirely on the creators of the program. Someone approaches the job responsibly, but many try to fake it.

This trend is Especially evident in recent years. It often happens that a small program in a few megabytes of leaves is the number of traces in the registry and on the hard drive that the system works very slowly and appear on a blue screen.

Than it is to remove?

If the official Uninstaller programs is not much confidence, and if he refuses to remove some malicious application, to the aid of third-party utilities. The principle programs of this class are virtually identical: they scan the registry, find all links to the remaining files, and then deletes them permanently.

Revo Uninstaller Pro

This – the most famous and effective Uninstaller programs recently. This utility is known that contains extended sets of rules, updated via the Internet. With them even the most “malicious” the program will be completely removed from the system, and after that will not be the slightest trace.

the best program UninstallerTo Use it very simple. First click on the “start" sign in ‘control Panel” and then click on the same link. Will open the main window of the program, which will list all utilities that are installed on your system.

Click the left mouse button, then click the button “Remove” located at the top of the dialog box. First you will see the standard Uninstaller programs that will perform a simple uninstall.

Then come out the dialog box the Revo Uninstaller Pro, which you should click on “Advanced scanning”. Will made a thorough search of all the remaining registry entries and files on your hard disk then you will need to select all found items and click “Delete”.

Advanced Uninstaller Pro

If you need Uninstallers programs in Russian, I advise also to pay attention to this wonderful program. Her latest release is fully translated into “great and powerful”, but because of problems with the development should not occur.

As in the previous case, the utility finds and erases all traces left by third-party programs on the system. To delete a file in the main window, you must use the left mouse button to select the application that you would like to remove, and then click on the button “Remove” in the lower left corner of the program.

 Uninstallers to remove programsIn this case it will find and eliminate all the “tails” in a fully automatic mode.

The Advantage of this particular app is that it by default hangs in the system tray, tracking all installed in the system program. Thus, she doesn't need an Internet connection to receive log removal, because the utility is guided by the information that is gathered independently.


If the above two apps are sort of multifunctional “harvester” with impressive functionality, "GeekUninstaller" – a complete contrast. This is the best program Uninstaller for those usersnot like the mess.

After launching you will be extremely austere main window, which lists all installed applications on the system. Scroll to left mouse button, then click "Action" at the top of the window.

There click on "Uninstall", and then starts automatic removal process. As in the previous cases, the registry will be cleaned without your participation.


Many of you know this wonderful program as the only cleaner junk files and old registry entries. But if you don't want to use the paid Uninstallers to uninstall programs, it will be the best choice. Why? Now learn.

best software Uninstaller 2013Start CCleaner, look in the left part of the window: there should be a button “Service”. Click on it, then the right of the work window will open a new tab. There will be a list of programs that are installed on the computer. Select requires removal of the app by clicking on it with the left mouse button, then click on the “Uninstall” button in the upper right corner.

First launches the standard Uninstaller, then CCleaner myself cleaned up leftover entries in the registry.

So, what all these programs have earned at the time the title of “Best Uninstaller programs 2013»? This - Revo Uninstaller Pro! Experts believe that this utility is best to cope with its task.

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