Ceramic tiles for bathroom – a fresh solution for old problems


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A Modern living room should be decorated with quality and modern materials. This does not mean that those that are known to man since ancient times, should be forgotten or pushed to the background. For example, tiles that has been used for a very long time, is still relevant today. Especially for finishing the bathroom.bathroom tile

What should be the tiles

As you know, any finishing material must meet certain requirements. No exception and ceramic tile. For bathrooms, it must be resistant to temperature extremes, high humidity, not be too porous to withstand exposure to chemically aggressive substances, have a high quality and aesthetically attractive outer cover. In addition, ceramic tiles for bathroom must meet its purpose. You cannot use the same material for the walls and floor.

What's different wall and floor tiles

First of all thickness and sizes. Tiles for bathrooms that you can use for flooring should be no thinner than nine millimeters at a time, as for walls of sufficient thickness of about six millimeters. Need for floor samples measuring 300 x 300 mm and for the walls – 200 x 300 mm.

The Rules of finishing the bathroom

Designers love to work with tile, as it allows to realize any fantasy. However certain patterns in the design space:

- in artificial light finishing material can change the shade;

- the vertical pattern visually increase the height of the room;

the dark tones of the tile make a small room much smaller and lighter the opposite - it will expand;

the large figure looks monolithic, but reduces the space.

Classic design

Ceramic tiles for bathroom, chosen in a classic style – a win-win, because the classics never go out of fashion. In this case, the main part of the walls and light tiles, and the bottom material, a few shades darker. As a rule, the border is divided by a border.bathroom tile price


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Country Style

Today, many are attracted to the country style. It is possible to embody in the interior of the bathroom. Need to pick up the tiles in pastel, soft tones. It may be cream, pale blue, pale pink tile. On the floor would look good Terra cotta color. Gloss and glaze in the interior will look neorganichno.

Ceramic tiles for the bathroom (Russia)

In recent years, the demand for this popular finishing material grows. Foreign manufacturers have intensified and increased the volumes of their deliveries to our market. However, domestic manufacturers are not asleep. Among them especially popular with such companies as:

CJSC “Velor" (the eagle).

the Group “Kerama”.

OJSC “Stroyfarfor" (Mine)

ZAO «Track» ( St. Petersburg).

How much tile

Russian manufacturers mainly operate in the low-price segment, offering a tile-6 in.e. per square meter. For comparison, Czech and Turkish ceramic tiles for bathroom, price from three hundred to five hundred rubles per square meter, or Italian, which is more than 600 rubles per sq. m. are in high demand among our customers.bathroom tiles

Ceramic tiles for bathrooms today are presented in trading a huge assortment and that means you can choose the designs meet your requirements.

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