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In Crimea there are many places where you can see shows featuring marine life. For Example, Alushta, Evpatoria, Russia, Sudak, Koktebel. The Dolphinarium is pleasant both to children and adults. Funny animals will not leave anyone indifferent. In this article we will discuss about the aquarium and pike.

in Sudak Dolphinarium

What this is

It was Opened on 14 June 2013. Dolphinarium in Sudak — this is the place where you can relax with the whole family. He is considered one of the best entertainment venues in the Crimean Peninsula, although it was opened relatively recently. Its water the arena are not only dolphins but also seals. Summer in Sudak Dolphinarium is open daily with one day off on Mondays. The performances are a success and collecting notices.

What a view

In Sudak Dolphinarium is called "Nemo", as well as an international network of cultural and Wellness complexes, the composition of which it enters. It employs experienced trainers that put animals complex and interesting stunts. The program is so diverse and so professionally done that it is considered one of the best in Europe. The main actors performances — this bottlenose dolphins. They are the most intelligent and amenable to training of all members of their family, especially since we all know that dolphins love people and a good contact with them. Still amazing how they understand the commands of their coach and perform them with all kinds of skill and artistry.

Sudak Dolphinarium Nemo

Close contact

For those who are sea creatures so much that they want to get them in closer contact, there is the swim with dolphins. It can make children and adults under the supervision of experienced coaches. From this stop there are only positive emotions. Especially happy are the kids, because communication with the bottlenose dolphins not only brings them joy, but also has a beneficial effect on their health.


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Treatment effect

Scientists have long studied how the communication and swimming with dolphins affect the health of the person. Has long been known that dolphins can even treat some diseases. There are even special programs designed by psychologists. Due to their possible to treat the delay of psychological and speech development, hyperactivity, conduct disorder, minimal brain activity. Useful Dolphin therapy children with cerebral palsy, early infantile autism, down syndrome. Dolphinarium "Nemo" (pike) – this place, which employs professionals who will find an individual approach to each child. Ways of communicating with the marine animals and the duration of stay in water are calculated based on the individual characteristics of the child and his diagnosis. But even healthy people swimming with these mammals will be very useful. Especially to those who suffer from insomnia, chronic fatigue, nervousness, emotional unstable, post-traumatic conditions and stress.

Crimea Sudak Dolphinarium

How it is

How is the swimming with dolphins? First, you need to wear a special wetsuit that will be given here in dolphinariums, and pick the size you want. There are several options for this service. In the first case, the person is lowered into the water and clinging to the fin of a bottlenose Dolphin, who will ride him in a circle. In this case, the Dolphinarium photographer takes a picture of the A4 and after a while gives it to the bather. This service is more expensive but will be more fun, because people will stay in the water and be able to communicate with dolphins for a few minutes (5 to 10). In the allotted time, the dolphins will take the visitor on your abdomen, fills in the fins that you can hang on and do a lap of the pool. In addition, it is possible to see how these mammals make difficult stunts and dance team coach. Your relatives or friends will be able to capture these moments on photo or video camera for free. Children under 5 years of age are issued to children's inflatable life jackets to ensure their safety on the water. The temperature of the water in dolphinariums 24 degrees. Swimming with bottlenose dolphins it is necessary to book in advance.

Sudak Koktebel Dolphinarium

Will not be Bored

Besides entertainment and treatment in the Dolphinarium it is possible to study the life of dolphins and other sea creatures, see how they suffer from the environmental problems, what to do to avoid this. People and adults learn to love animals, to be closer to them. So be sure to visit the city of Sudak (Crimea). Dolphinarium "Nemo" is one of its most spectacular sights. It is located at the intersection of Vine and state University to the address: street Municipal, d. 9A. The Dolphinarium is beautifully decorated, the audience ranks are hidden from the sun and other weather troubles peculiar shades and the water surface itself is under the open sky. During the presentation, the dolphins dance, perform acrobatic tricks with balls, hoops, ride coaches, who are also not lagging behind their Pets in physical training. The most unusual thing that bottlenose dolphins can paint. And the picture that is made by marine mammals, can get to the lucky visitor Parking.

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