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Today, we will explain what ultrasound when assigned to this procedure. In addition, it will indicate where in Ekaterinburg to participate in this survey.

What is the procedure abdominal ultrasound?

It is well Known that, as the acronym stands for ultrasound. It is the study of the body, namely its internal organs by means of ultrasound. This is reflected from the walls of the internal organs and by means of special devices issued to the screen.

Ekaterinburg abdominal ultrasound

The data that is displayed on the monitor decrypts specialist with professional education. Independently to understand, that displays the device is a fairly complicated process. When a person is prescribed an ultrasound of the abdomen, under this procedure refers to the study of the following:

  1. Liver.
  2. Gall bladder.
  3. Pancreas.
  4. The Spleen.

There is a misconception among patients that ultrasound scans through all the organs located in this region of the body. Namely, from chest to toe. In fact, it is not. Under examination, abdominal ultrasound is understood to view the status of the above entities.

However, there are cases when the doctor prescribes the patient to examine other organs. For example, such as the retroperitoneum, kidneys, and the pelvis. This is necessary in order to put the patient an accurate diagnosis. Each person has their particular organism. So sometimes to make a diagnosis the doctor needs additional information about the condition of the internal organs. And what disease processes they have.


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Comprehensive abdominal ultrasound in Yekaterinburg

Ultrasound examination, which along with abdominal examined additional areas of the body, is complex. Some people have the question of where to do an ultrasound of the abdominal cavity in Yekaterinburg? It should be said that there are private clinics, where the practice is examination of the body. Also these centres are specialists who will deliver an accurate diagnosis according to the received data.

to do abdominal ultrasound in Yekaterinburg

When choosing a clinic you should pay attention to what kind of equipment is in the laboratory, where they undergo a abdominal ultrasound in Yekaterinburg. Medicine is not in place, there are now devices that allow you to determine the condition of internal organs with maximum precision. So before you go for an ultrasound, you should ask about how modern technology is in a particular office.

Another important aspect of quality of ultrasound investigation is the qualifications of the expert who carries out an abdominal ultrasound in Yekaterinburg. The more experience in this area, the better. You can also look up reviews on a clinic, ask friends and acquaintances what they have left with the impression from visiting medical facilities.

Where to?

Consider where to do an ultrasound of the abdominal cavity in Yekaterinburg. But first I should say that don't have to go to a private clinic in order to conduct a study of abdominal organs by ultrasound. To carry out this procedure is possible also in the clinic by place of residence. Of course, you should understand that there will be not the most modern equipment. But ultrasound can do absolutely free in the direction of a physician.

abdominal ultrasound children Ekaterinburg

It is Also sometimes done abdominal ultrasound children in Yekaterinburg. The study child can go to the clinic “the Good doctor”. Can find its branches at the following locations:

  • Street Shcherbakova, 45;
  • Street sermon, 46;
  • Pervomayskaya street, 70.

What are the advantages of ultrasound?

There are several positive aspects in complex ultrasound scanning of internal organs.

  1. First of all, it should be said that this survey allows you to see the features of the bodies. Perhaps the pathological process is associated with what organs have any individual features of the structure.
  2. In addition, a comprehensive examination allows the doctor to see the causation of one or another pathological process. This is an important point in diagnosis and prescribing.
  3. The ultrasound the doctor manages to a greater extent to compare the morbid condition of the organs of the patient's complaints. In this approach, the doctor will prescribe effective medication that will give a stronger healing effect for the patient.

When the patient is assigned to this procedure?

Ultrasound of internal organs is quite widespread. This is because this research method allows you to determine what size have one or the other internal organ. In addition, with this method it is possible to see what changes occur inside the body. Namely, any growths, tumors, etc. Below is a list of diseases, if you suspect that a doctor gives a patient a referral for ultrasound examination:

ultrasound examination of abdominal cavity Ekaterinburg

  1. Congenital anomalies of internal organs.
  2. The Suspected presence of stones in this organ, the gallbladder.
  3. Liver Disease. Namely, hepatitis and cirrhosis.
  4. Cholecystitis in such manifestations as chronic form or the acute course of the disease.
  5. Pancreatitis, also in acute and chronic forms.
  6. Aneurysm of such a body as the aorta.
  7. The Presence of any formations inside the human body. They can be both malignant and benign nature. In addition, with ultrasound you can determine the degree of development and dissemination entities.
  8. The Pain sharp or severe nature that a person feels in the abdomen, are the reason for the ultrasound.

There is Also another reason for patient referral for an ultrasound, it is associated with the rating assigned treatment. Namely, in order to assess the effectiveness of therapy, the doctor sends the patient for testing. The obtained data allow to understand the doctor, how the body responds to medicines that have been assigned to the patient.

How should I prepare for an abdominal ultrasound?

You Should know that in order for the examination passed correctly, it is necessary to carry out the preparation process. The fact that the abdominal cavity can form gases that are difficult to study by ultrasound. You should prepare your body so that gases were absent.

Preparation should begin in a few days, namely, for 2 or 3 days. It is to be excluded from their menu those foods which can begin the process of formation of gases. These include: vegetables, fruits, beans, brown bread, pastry, cakes, milk, juices, sodas. There are exceptions for those people who are unable to refuse certain foods and drugs for health reasons. This could include diseases such as diabetes.

to do an abdominal ultrasound to Ekaterinburg

Usually ultrasound examination is usually carried out in the morning. It is necessary that people came to study with an empty stomach. So the picture of the ultrasound would be more accurate. If procedure is scheduled on day or evening hours, remember that you need to take a break in the meal, which should be more than 6 hours. So people can have Breakfast. But then it is recommended to refrain from eating. You should also remember that Breakfast should be light.

Also worth it to stop Smoking before the procedure. Well known is the fact that nicotine causes contraction of the stomach. For this reason, the survey probably fixation about the results of the health status of the person.

How is the procedure ultrasound?

For the abdominal ultrasound, the patient takes a supine position. On the abdomen covered with a special gel. It is essential for better conduction of ultrasound. Next, by means of a special sensor specialist carries out the study. During the procedure, he may ask the patient to inflate the abdomen. Study time is about 20 minutes.

Clinic address

Where do abdominal ultrasound in Yekaterinburg? For example, you can go to Yekaterinburg consultative and diagnostic centre. It is located at the address: Suvorovsky alley. 5. The price of this procedure – 947 rubles.

Where to make abdominal ultrasound to Ekaterinburg? In the medical center «Vitamedica”, which is located at the address: ulitsa Mamina-Sibiryaka, 193. There is a survey of nine hundred rubles.

And even where they do ultrasound of the abdominal cavity in Yekaterinburg? In medical Association "New hospital". The cost of ultrasound – 1250 rubles. The Association is located at the address: street factory, 29.

Also do an ultrasound in the city hospital No. 41. It is located at the address: street division commander Vasilieva, 25. The cost is one thousand rubles.

Also do an ultrasound at the Clinic Pavlova, which is located on the street Butorina, 3 and. The cost of the procedure – 1300 rubles.

where to do an ultrasound of the abdominal cavity in Yekaterinburg

Other hospitals in which it is possible to do this procedure:

  1. Sverdlovsk regional clinical hospital № 1. Address: street Volgograd, 185. Cost - 1000 rubles.
  2. Children's city clinical hospital № 9. Address: street Rusetskaya, 51. The cost is 1100 rubles.
  3. City clinical hospital № 40. Address: street Volgograd, 189. The cost is 1100 rubles.

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