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It is a thriving district of Solntsevo (Moscow) and it is nearby the well-known ring road. Its wonderful name was given in honor of the once existing town. Not long ago, residents celebrated the thirtieth anniversary of his historic “piece of Moscow». They've been working hard on its cleanliness and beautification, so we can safely say that Solntsevo (Moscow district) — the perfect place to put down roots and enjoy living in it.

A Little history

At the beginning of the seventeenth century in its place, not far from white stone, existed and lived his life a small village called Sukovo. At that time it belonged to the princes Trubetskoi. After a couple of centuries, just a few kilometers from the village was built the railroad along with the station.

This contributed to the rapid growth in population, and in 1926 the village had about four hundred people. Perhaps it would have continued to this day, if not for the reforms that took place in 1935. The question concerns the construction and reconstruction of Moscow. These changes have not bypassed the aforementioned village. A decree was issued, which near the village was built around three hundred separate houses for free building area. Solntsevo MoscowObviously, the residents became much more, and the village has not attracted the status of “village”. That is why the question arose about his new name. The result Sukova was renamed in Solntsevo (Moscow). The name stuck, and to this day residents of the area are proud of its euphony. Under what circumstances Solntsevo became part of Moscow? February 23, 1971 was a momentous day. It was then that the village was transformed into a city of regional subordination, and approximately thirteen years is already considered an official part of the city, and the map of the capital has sported a new area — solntsevskaya.


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Modern development of the district

It would be quite logical to expect that with the new status of the former village will appear and a new life. And how in Moscow with no new buildings? The pace of construction rapidly increased. Began to appear schools, kindergartens and other social institutions. It is worth noting the point that all urban development policies were mainly aimed at the construction of residential buildings. Alas, against this background, the construction of objects of engineering and social infrastructure suffered greatly.Solntsevo district of MoscowThe Number of people in Solntsevo (Moscow area) is rapidly increased. In any other place of the capital was not observed such a high population growth. There was a need for additional educational institutions, healthcare facilities, and even sports clubs. When she gradually began to settle, another problem — the Solntsevo (Moscow) began to consume too much electricity. Solntsevo Park district of MoscowIt was a real deficit, but over time, and this situation gradually began to improve. Finally this problem is gone in 2009, when it was completed the construction of gas turbine plant “Tereshkovo”. Lately all the forces of the district focused on building long-awaited metro and other necessary transport interchanges.

Area Attractions

What Solntsevo (Moscow) is now? It's safe to say that the environment and cleanliness have always been at it on a high level. Solntsevo today belongs to the Western district of Moscow and has about one hundred and seventeen thousand inhabitants. Nice to see it developed surprising wide network of social infrastructure. What to visit first in Solntsevo? Park! The Moscow area is rich in wonderful parks that are so popular in their free time local residents. One of them is called “Valley of the Setun river”, and other — “Mescherskaya”.

Advantages of Solntsevo

The pride of the district, of course, can be called scientific-practical center for assistance to children. It is here that highly qualified specialists treat kids with developmental problems of the craniofacial region and the nervous system diseases. the city of Moscow district SolntsevoThis center, among other things, is unique from an architectural point of view. It has a beautiful courtyard, a winter garden and fountain. But that's not the end. In the near future further development and expansion of this useful property.

Active life

Authorities and the district administration take an active part in helping and protecting those in need or poor families. To do this, provided material assistance. Successfully operated the program on repair of apartments for such families, this also applies to people with disabilities. The Commission provides benefits for people in the private sector, as well as representatives of privileged categories. And that's all — the city of Moscow! District Solntsevo, prosperous and modern, with open arms welcomes new residents.

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