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This mineral refers to precious semiprecious stones. The color of the stone can be very diverse - from almost white, milky blue to dark blue, bright red, yellow and brown specks and ProgRock. Different opal wax, pearlescent. On the physical properties of minerals are transparent and not. If you remember the Greek word ‘opals”, he sounds like the “gem”.

fire opal

Flame opal

Fire opal lives up to its original name. It is amazingly beautiful and spectacular as it should be jewelry stones. His fiery, bright orange with red gleams, the color really resembles the hot tongues of fire, burning in the velvet darkness of the night. The mineral is beautiful in itself, and in the “company” with other gemstones. Therefore, the fire opal are used by jewelers since ancient times, making it a precious figurines, instructional inserts for boxes, the mirrored tables, furniture, vases and chandeliers etc. And of course luxuriously expensive look of the jewelry, mineral – earrings, rings, bracelets, necklaces, pendants. They are extremely expressive and women are bright, stylish, cheerful, energetic. Fire opal radiates light and heat, strong life energy-the energy of Sun, light. This close he was still one “hot” precious mineral – ruby, king of gemstones. By the same analogy, this kind of gem in Europe is considered a symbol of love, passion, a strong erotic experiences.

Stone order and harmonyfire opal jewelry

Astrologers call fire opal stone-meticulous, helping to restore order and balance in the life and Affairs of its owner. To understand the thoughts and feelings, to place correctly priorities, to gain this ground, but in life – the goal – with all that person can handle efficiently and quickly if has the fire opal.

Decorating with stone just need people to “clutter” character. Those always in the apartment lost things, and on the Desk – need paper plate in the kitchen burn forgotten pots and pans, and Ironing Board – an open irons. They scattered rasteryashi, and therefore punctually confused when to come out, and when – pick from the garden of the child. To arrange a personal life, to organize the chaos – and it can also fire opal. Ring mineral will bring to your everyday life some stability and order. And you will be able to clean up the apartment, to visit an old friend, to get to which you don't always have enough time to write a letter or just talk heart to heart with a loved one. fire opal ringPick up a pebble and akin to him, feeling his energy and taking it, you suddenly notice that there is no need to rush, because and not be late. You will certainly be to wait until “tomorrow”, because that will get rid of a whole set of phobias and fears. Internally and externally you will become calmer, more cheerful, balanced. After all, people have nothing to worry when it's all good!

Among the signs of the Zodiac under the special protection of the stone is a Sagittarius.

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