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For tourists all over the world South China — the opportunity to relax on the beaches of the warm sea, and at the same time and make a good shopping by visiting the special administrative zone of Hong Kong. To get to this corner of the world in different ways and ways. Gateway of South China (and Guangdong province in particular) is the Guangzhou airport. How to get to the city? Is it possible to go to the resorts of the South China sea right from the airport? Whether it is a hub? How not to get lost in that air port? And how to pass her time with benefits? What is misleading about the stay at this airport tourists? All this will tell our article.
Guangzhou Airport

A Little history

Officially the airport is called Guangzhou Baiyun. This name is very poetic, since it means "white clouds". Previously the capital of Guangdong province was another airport. But after some time he ceased to cope with the increased passenger traffic. To extend it was not possible because he was in the city, within the residential area. Then it was decided to build a new airport and the old eliminated. Hub called Baiyun took the first flight in 2004. It is five times larger than its predecessor. Its construction has been spent nearly two billion yuan. Modern air Harbor of South China has thirty million travelers per year. Thus, by passenger traffic, it ranks second in the country (after Beijing). The hub is a base for aviation companies, China Southern Airlines.
Guangzhou Airport reviews

What is a Guangzhou airport

Pictures of the air port demonstrate its impressive size. The airport consists of one large building, connected by galleries with the landing wings, which surround the hub with two sides — Western and Eastern. In the main part of the terminal are all counters. It is very convenient, because in other airports passengers have to know where to get off the bus (or metro) to get to the right hall for check-in. So, you go into the main hall of the terminal, looking at the scoreboard, your flight, and head to the counter. There are also many shops. East area And serves passengers flying abroad, while the West, intended for domestic flights. Each zone has its own checkpoints to screen passengers and baggage to ensure safety. Of the side wings diverge sleeve for boarding the plane. Arriving passengers are immediately in the main terminal.
Guangzhou Hong Kong airport how to get

Airport Facilities

The Air Harbor of South China is amazing. Do not worry that you won't understand the Chinese-language signs and get lost. Guangzhou airport traveler reviews characterize as a very convenient and comfortable air Harbor. Everything here is done to make travelers feel comfortable and secure. A huge food court offers a wide selection of cafes and restaurants both Chinese and European cuisines. In the duty-free shops, the time will fly especially unnoticed, because the prices in them can not but rejoice. Area check equipped in such a way to avoid the queues. In the main terminal has ATMs, branches, financial institutions and car rental, post office, VAT refund service, police station, medical center. In the Lounges there are stalls with Souvenirs and fresh press.
Guangzhou Airport photo


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Guangzhou Airport: how to reach the city

The New hub was built in the town of Huadu in twenty-eight kilometers from the capital of Guangdong province. This allowed the airport to receive and send flights around the clock. The most economical way to get to the city is the metro (second line). The entrance to it is right in the main terminal. The fare on the subway will cost seven yuan. Guangzhou airport is connected with railway station and direct airport Shuttle. Cars run every half hour, the ticket costs about twenty-five yuan. There are other bus routes that can take you directly to the hotels in the “pearl eye” and “pearl river”, “Globelink”, “white Palace”, “sin city” and “United, Old”. But public transport runs only from 6:00 to 23:00. If you arrive at night, you are left with only one option to get to town— taxi. In Guangzhou, there are many shipping companies. Their machines feature a logo, which is convenient for foreigners color. The cheapest yellow, blue and brown cab. The trip will cost around 150 yuan.

How to get to Hong Kong

The Tourists who came to relax in the resorts of the South China sea should drive to the railway station (by metro, Shuttle bus or taxi). And what about those who are interested in the route from Guangzhou (airport) - Hong Kong? How to get to a special administrative zone on the Peninsula? The distance between these points is 175 kilometers. To overcome it by a direct bus, the so-called coach. There are several competing companies engaged in such transportation. Their buses also differ in color. This “go-Go-Bass”(red-yellow-white), Eternal East Cross-Border Coach (green), China Travel Tours Transportation (white). To get to Hong Kong by train, you first have to take the metro to the station of Guangzhou East Railway Station. From there trains depart to special administrative zone.

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