Exercise for weight loss. Aerobics plus weight training is your secret of success


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It's No secret that weight loss is enough to reduce to a minimum the amount of food. To lose weight you can, not leaving the couch, but to call this way of life full difficult. After all, on a low calorie diet you are experiencing fatigue, dizziness. Energy is not enough even for normal everyday things. From a lack of glucose is suffering and the brain. Attention becomes distracted, to engage in physical labor is difficult. Besides a hard limit in the diet usually provokes additional weight gain after the diet. So the best way is to adhere to certain dietary restrictions. Flour, fat, sweet, salty and smoked to minimize. To enter into the diet more vegetables and, of course, move more.
It Should be noted that the activity doesn't matter. Even if you clean up and wash dishes, the calories will still be burned properly. Of course, this person will lose weight. But if the end goal is beautiful, proportional and trim figure, exercise for weight loss should be an integral part of a weight loss program.

Weights or running? Plan training

Types of training can be divided into aerobic and anaerobic (power). The first is the running, walking, swimming, dancing, skiing, group lessons using a variety of equipment. Another group includes exercises with the weights. Small clarification: the shaping and Pilates are also power exercises. In this case, the load may be dynamic or static. As weights is the weight of your own body.

Despite the fact that aerobic and anaerobic exercises different in fact, the calorie consumption is about the same. It is difficult to determine what exercise for weight loss more efficient. It is believed that in the presence of oxygen the fat is burned actively. But strength training provides a prolonged effect. In addition, well-developed muscles require strong supply. This means that after a year of intense training in the gym you can treat yourself to an extra piece of cake without fear that it goes straight into fat. Moreover, working with weights, you can easily podkorrektirovatj your problem areas.


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A Logical line under the eternal dispute between aerobics and trainers in gyms failed dietitians. According to them, exercise for weight loss should include both load type.

A Few myths about muscle exercises

Today, training in the gym is quite popular among the fair sex. But in spite of this, many girls believe that engaging with dumbbells and a barbell, they will become like bodybuilders. It should be noted that such fears have under themselves no soil. Even the representatives of the stronger sex is quite difficult to achieve this shape, what can we say about the girls.

Ladies ' middle-aged are power exercises with some prejudice, considering them to be the prerogative of the young. Although after forty years of developed muscles in good tone is needed more than ever. No wonder experts recommend after forty years complement to exercise for weight loss classes in the gym. Of course, this does not apply to people who have never played sports.

There is a perception that weight loss will certainly need to deal with a small weight, making the maximum number of repetitions. But, as experience shows, for those whose weight is significantly above the norm, the more effective the opposite approach.

Another common misconception relates to the frequency and duration of strength training. In fact, to lose weight lot to do with the length of 40-50 minutes twice a week. Of course, it is assumed that, in addition to classes at the gym, you lead an active lifestyle.

It is believed that exercise for weight loss at the gym will certainly have to pick up the instructor. It is also not quite right. Of course, good if a competent and skilled coach will explain you the principle of execution of an exercise, but this is entirely optional. Now, it is sufficient in the sale of books and CDs that will help sort out what kind of exercises for a muscle group intended. Therefore, if you have no money to pay a personal trainer, let this not discourage you. In addition, the simulators are specifically designed to provide the most correct exercises.

For people with obesity exercise for weight loss must be very intense - it's a pretty common misconception of most slimming. In fact, the person whose weight exceeds the norm in training need to be drawn gradually from basic exercises and a few minutes of the class.

They are Mistaken who thinks that this strength training can only be done in the proverbial "rocking chair". Progress does not stand still, and today, fitness centers have a huge selection of aerobic, strength and combined programs.

In conclusion, I would like to add that physical exercise for weight loss in the absence of diet will lead to the opposite result. After all, sports an appetite. You may not even notice, how will eat much more than usual.

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