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Make beautiful and high-quality photo in our days is not a problem. Modern interior, light, makeover, hairstyle, elegant clothes are components of a professional photo. Studio Air Room in Moscow offers services makeup artist, stylist, photographer, and also rents out the Studio. Looking to get my portfolio a series of remarkable photos? Then you to professionals.


Air Rooms are interior Studio with white walls and panoramic Windows. It is perfect for shooting professional photos and videos of various events, as well as to conduct master classes in photography, thematic trainings. In the Studio Air Rooms there are two rooms, dressing room and relaxation area.

It is Important to note that in the halls of the Studio every week changing styles, colors and shades of the interior. It is mostly dominated by bright, tender colors, airiness. This Studio is allocated a large space of the rooms, which is created through Windows and light. On holidays, such as Christmas, available additional Christmas decor.

The Studio is equipped with modern lighting from the company Hensel. Photographers available the necessary sets of synchronization for SLR photographic equipment from different manufacturers.

air rooms

Reservation procedure

For photographers who wish to rent one of the rooms of the Studio Air Rooms, there are certain rules. To book a room, you need to contact the management at the numbers listed on the official website of the Studio, or email. Another important rule is half the Deposit for rent. It must be made within seventy-two hours of reserve. Prepayment is a guarantee that the client takes responsibility for the property of the Studio, the equipment that is there.


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Before you make Deposit, you must email the photo Studio, where to specify: the amount of money payment the time of payment, date of lease, name, name, reserved facilities, that is the hall.

If the client refuses to rent for a few days before the appointed date, the prepayment would not be returned. Also there is a system of penalties for cancellation of the Studio. While shooting in the halls need to be changing shoes, and if not, you should use Slippers provided by the administrator. If renting a Studio photographer, he is responsible for the cleanliness of premises, safety of the interior.

air room Studio


Air Rooms is located in the capital - in Moscow at the address: Bolshaya Cherkizovskaya, 24A, building 6. The Studio is located on the fourth floor, the second entrance of the enterprise "Etalon".

standard room air condition


The Studio offers photographers and their clients a large creative space for family and portrait photography. In the Studio only two rooms. The first is called "Classic" - standard room (Standard Room Air Condition) with an area of thirty six square meters, the second - the Mediterranean - sixty sq. m. the Studio has its own professional photographer - Anastasia Kalinina. She creates amazing and fascinating photos for the family album or portfolio. In addition, she teaches in the school of family photographs on the theme: "Basics of photography", "Retouch", "Layout of photo", "artificial light", "Decorating photo shoots" and other things.

Regular customers receive special cards, which they can receive a nice discount.

The Spacious rooms of the photo Studio allow you to make the highest quality images. Air-conditioned room without mattress (Air Condition Room without Mattress), with a ceiling height of 350 cm, large Windows, natural light - excellent location for portrait photography. What other advantages of this Studio?

  1. Paper backgrounds to choose from.
  2. Dressing room.
  3. The Studio has a makeup artist.
  4. On the walls are graffiti.
  5. Beautiful scenery.
  6. Artificial fireplace.
  7. Air conditioning.
  8. Furniture (sofa, chairs).
  9. Fabric backgrounds.
  10. Brick wall.
  11. Variety of themed props.
  12. Textured walls.
  13. Standard room with air conditioning, without mattress (Standard Room Air Condition without Mattress).
  14. Next to the photo Studio has a Parking.

Entrance only according to admissions, clients, and tenants need to bring your passport.

air condition room without mattress


The rental Price is one of the advantages of the capital Studio. Minimum booking time of one of the premises is one hour. If the customer rents the hall 1, then for an hour on weekdays you have to pay 1100 rubles, in weekend - 1300 RUB. (minimum rent time is two hours). The rent of the hall № 2 will cost 1300 rubles, in weekend - 1400 rubles (two hours). If the rent increases by one hour, the fee is 200 rubles.


Photographers who have already booked with locations in Air Rooms claim that Studio is nice but is located far from the center. Some point to expensive rent andstrict rules, others, however, believe that the rent is minimal. The advantages of the photo Studio clients include elegant, refined and bright interior. Photographing in these areas easily, and the photos look light and delicate. In the premises there is a music center, so you can work in a relaxed atmosphere.

standard room air condition without mattress

The disadvantages include a small hallway, ugly ceilings, broken props (e.g., a light bulb lights), the Studio equipment.

In addition, many complain that the Studio is very hard to find as it is in the courts. Upon agreement, the photographer may bring your own props, but if it's heavy, then lift the freight Elevator. Rental dressing room is a separate cost. For all additional services must be paid separately. There is a possibility to hire a photographer who works there. Clothes for a photo shoot you need to bring with you. If the photoshoot theme, it is possible to rent dresses and suits.

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