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Working with ISO files is actually not as scary and confusing as it seems at first glance. Today we will look at how to open ISO and how it can continue to work.

First, a little theory. Files format ISO – it is an exact copy of a CD or DVD as an image. In this form information may be transmitted via the Internet, can be downloaded from the network using a special program to write the decrypted image on a CD disk. There are programs (emulators) through which it is possible to work with this type of files without decoding and burning to CD. How to work with them - we will consider it later.

I almost hear “… like all difficult, and whether it is something simple, without these technical bells and whistles…”. Fear has big eyes. In our case everything is much simpler and more enjoyable.

How to open ISO file. Almost every user in the Arsenal is software to work with files called WinRAR. It turns out that to open the ISO file using a WinRAR. The sequence of your actions:
1. Open the program WinRAR. In the program window find and click the Settings tab;
2. Select Setup, then we need Integration;
3. A window will open where we will put a green check mark next ISO;
4. Press OK.

All. Now the question is how to open ISO – no question. WinRAR to help you. Click on the icon/name of the image with the right mouse button. Then either “open with” (and we already know with what), or "extract to …” and you have on your hard disk will appear in the extracted information from the image.


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Programs-emulators: why they are needed and how to work with them. Let's start with the first – why they are needed. Some images contain information that you cannot run/install from the hard drive. To work correctly you need only the CD and CD/DVD drive. We are talking in particular about the games. Here they are entertainers, these developers.

In this case, we can use special programs that can create on the computer a virtual CD/DVD drive. This virtual drive to mount the disk image and…. everything works like the doctor ordered.

For example, the free program DAEMON Tools Lite let's consider how it all works:
1. Download and install the program;
2. After installation in system tray (lower right corner where the clock is) icon will appear to the control program (a circle with lightning);
3. We direct the cursor on it and press the right mouse button;
4. We need a Virtual CD/DVD ROM.
5. Then we put the cursor on the word Drive.
6. Then you need to choose and click the left button of "Mount image";
7. In the open dialog box to locate and select the image file, in our case ISO extension. Thus, we would like to “insert disk in drive";
8. Press the magic button “Open” and… everything. The process is started. Everything works.

In the next open image can always be found by going to My computer. You will see on your computer a new CD/DVD drive. This is our virtual friend. If the disk you no longer need – “to pull out of the drive”, to take apart. The procedure is similar to mounting (items 3 through 6). You need to choose “Unmount the image”.

How to open ISO image using Alcohol 120%. The phrase "Alcohol 120%” – the name of a popular program for working with image files. She knows how to open ISO files as well as image files in formats mds, ccd/img/sub and cue/bin, nrg, bwt/bwi/bws, cdi.

Do not confuse the abundance of an unfamiliar formats. If you know how to open ISO – the rest of the splendour in the program Alcohol 120% opens the same way.
1. Install the software;
2. Run Alcohol 120%;
3. In the blank window of the main menu, click the right mouse button (or File/Open);
4. Select "Add images";
5. In the window look for and find the desired image;
6. Then click “Open”;
7. In the main window will appear the selected image. We direct the cursor on it, click the right button of your mouse and select “to Mount on device";
8. Select the mounted image in the list of drives.

Well, that's all. We hope that the gained knowledge will be sufficient to answer the question “how to open ISO” and not just ISO. Now obstacles for you does not exist. Success!

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