What's an auto-cut and how to find it?


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Today, not every motorist has the opportunity to purchase a good vending vehicle in any showroom. For this reason, many car owners or potential buyers are in search of economical options. Increasingly, they are forced to seek the services of the secondary market. And then, as is well known, and the cat in the bag to purchase. Besides, lately, you could find various concepts about which you know only experienced drivers and many sellers. Newcomers also don't even know what an auto-cut.

What is auto cut

There are Also other not very clear definition. Many such vehicles are entered into our country from abroad and mainly from Japan. The words themselves can and I can say that for a car like this, but it is necessary to understand in more details these terms. This will help to identify some advantages, although the disadvantages are also available. But about all under the order.


This refers to the partial disassembly of any car, and the body, and the frame itself is also cut. Due to this significantly reduced the cost of duty for import to Russia. The price on the car is also significantly reduced because the vehicle is hardly can be called.

In most cases, the cuts are exposed to those cars who were injured in the accident and suffered serious injuries. Then they resold. As a result of this procedure, you can conceal the defect.

What's an auto-cut? Typically, this procedure involves separation of the vehicle into three parts, but with the car practically nothing is removed. The final cost is much lower than that of designers and karpilow, which will be discussed further.


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Features of carpal

In this case the car is partially disassembled

  • Removable main units:
    • The Engine.
    • Transmission.
  • Is disassembly:
    • Exterior.
    • Interior.

In Addition, the front part is also cut off, and this is done very carefully. There is one plus in relation to Kabila before sawing. After the procedure body rigidity remains the same. For this reason, the final cost of such car is higher than the cut machines.

How to cut auto

Despite the relatively high price, to choose is exactly on this variant. After careful cutting, it is impossible to find traces of mechanical influence on the body. In addition, such transport remains presentable, unlike cut cars from Japan. What it is now a little clearer.

The Whole procedure is as cut and Kabila subsequent Assembly is performed only by professionals. For this reason, it is impossible to determine such machines without special knowledge and tools (e.g., thickness).

Place the cut are further amplified by means of metal sheets. This will help to avoid rupture of the body during an accident in the process of operation of the vehicle.

What is constructors?

Now it was the turn to a very interesting variety of cars in the secondary market. It's kind of LEGO for adults – a car or several vehicles undergo complete disassembly. After that, all these items are imported, for example, in our country. This is not a cut of cars from Japan (what it is already known), and, as a rule, such importation is issued as scrap.

This allows to significantly reduce the amount of duty on imports into the country. The main feature of the designer, as probably you can guess (and it is its advantage) is only in the deconstruction process. That is, cut the body of the car is missing. And this is preferable.

Cut cars from Japan what is it

In most cases, these vehicles serve as donors for other cars. Usually these are machines that have poor technical condition due to an accident, normal wear and tear and a number of other reasons.

Then from the donor removed the necessary parts, components or assemblies and are placed on a vehicle which is beyond repair. Tellingly, the greater part of them is usually in excellent condition. In the end, the car becomes practically new one, and then it can be more profitable to sell if desired.

Prerequisites for the emergence of automotive terms

Anyone who is interested in what it means to cut the car, you may wonder: what was the reason for the formation of such schemes of import of cars? And not all of them are legal. And the thing is the increase in government duties on import of vehicles from abroad, which in 2009 is 343, 000 (5,000 euros), and even more.

Now just not profitable to bring the car for which the volume of the power unit is 2.0 liters or more, and it is older than 5 years. Therefore, most of the cars imported from abroad, pre-disassembled as scrap metal and were transported to the place of destination. This allowed us to save money to pay tax.

Cut the Japanese auto

And notions such as “Karpel” and “cut”, appeared not so long ago. And just after the increase, duty cutacquired a mass character. But there is one caveat – it is very difficult to cut Japanese car as a complete vehicle. This car is beneficial only as a donor.

In addition, it is not recommended to purchase machines that cut. It's kind of a time bomb, and the documents for this car are not always official.

Possible consequences

Many motorists are afraid to give their blood for the cut, carpel or designer. This is partly understandable. However, there is always a buyer for sawn or dismantled vehicle.

But then you should know that if someone goes to such a purchase consciously, we will have to face the possible consequences. It's one thing if a similar car purchased as a donor, you need to restore the performance of your vehicle. And this update will do him only good.

But quite different is the case if the constructor or any other similar car is taken for different purposes, for example, resale. A good example would be a photo of cutting the cars below.

Photo cut auto

To Make such a deal legal way is unlikely. Besides, the future owner is risking, and this is like a crime.

Tough choices

If it was necessary to take the risk, then you should consider all features of the future operation of the vehicle. To take individual parts, components and assemblies are fine sawn machine.

In this case, no cause for concern, however, and the risk is not here. All the components are still able to serve a long time. However, for personal use best car purchase is kind of Kabila or designer. The latter is the preferred option.

How not to fall into the trap

If this “emergency” cars are purchased for personal goals – is one thing. But quite another when cut or carpel for though B/y, but as a whole vehicle. No one can guarantee that it will be legal documents.

Few understand what an auto-cut, need to know, and what can turn the purchase of such vehicles. God forbid, the owner gets a car, then he seriously risks. And it can not only end in penalties. The fact that sawn body will never regain its former stiffness. Welds can break apart upon impact during the accident. The car is literally torn to pieces, which leaves no chance for the survival of any passengers or its driver.

What do you mean cut auto

For this reason, sawn vehicle in the nation was referred to as "coffins on wheels”. So to avoid becoming a victim of fraud, you need to be vigilant, what can help you some useful recommendations.

Helpful tips

The cut of cars no title, since it is impossible to put them on record. But if it is discovered the fact that riding on this car, the driver can not avoid the penalty. Moreover, it can deprive a driver's license, and the vehicle will be sent to the impound lot.

How to determine the cut auto? This will help the following tips:

  • Before buying any car, you should check the chassis number and engine (if any) in the SAI.
  • You Should use the help of experienced person, whose activities are connected with buying cars. He just needs to know all the features of cuts, designers and karpilow.
  • To Assess the condition of the paintwork. Especially pay attention to the hinges, sills, hood and trunk. It is these places can give a newly manufactured Assembly.
  • Should be alerted as new door seals from the car. They may close the traces of the cut and other defects.
  • Usually the designers of the two glasses (front and rear) at the time of shipment are removed. Discover their poor quality installation is not difficult. It is also worth to check all the rooms glass and mismatch this car is not worth taking.
  • During inspection of cars it makes sense to use a feeler gauge. But if the owner will to resist, there is reason to be suspicious. The most problematic places – is usually the district stands, front, rear. Here it is possible to identify the traces of joints that are elaborately polished by professionals. However, there is a thicker layer that the device can detect.

All of these recommendations will help not only to understand what an auto-cutting, but also allow you to avoid dangerous purchases. Oh, and most importantly, you should be alerted-this is a disproportionately low cost vehicle with low mileage.Auto cuts reviews

Of Course, there are risks when buying any machine. However, sawn vehicles represent a serious hazard which can lead to fatal accidents of all who are inside. It is very difficult to survive, when the truck is falling apart on the go or with an impressive impact.

In conclusion

Buy the cuts, kabili, designers or not – the prerogative of every motorist. Such a decision should be taken consciously. After all, if this car is purchased purely for personal purposes, for example, the restoration of the iron horse, this step is justified.

But in the case ofits further resale for personal use other people, there may be different consequences. And usually they are not very bright, because it may already fall under the criminal liability.

Perhaps many of the reviews auto cuts, carpelan, designers, of which there are many on the Internet will be able to dissuade many motorists from purchasing problem vehicles. The only way to protect yourself and loved ones. But at the same time should not endanger other people.

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