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Vyacheslav Butusov – a well-known rock musician and vocalist of the legendary band “animals”. He is also the founder of the group “Yu-Piter”. Biography of Vyacheslav Butusov will be considered in our article.


Biography of Vyacheslav Butusov says that he was born in the Krasnoyarsk region, in the small village Bugach, October 15, 1961. Since childhood he was interested in music. In fourth grade, he persuaded his parents to buy him his first guitar, which at that time was very difficult to get. But the parents, despite difficulties, wanted to help in the development of talent in their child and did everything possible to find him a guitar. But they could not think that this tool will become the basis for his famous future.

In the last class Vyacheslav Butusov, whose biography is discussed in the article, really wanted to go to his native city, but his parents would not let go, however, musician, not having listened to them, collected all the help in the school and left. He soon came back, as disappointed in his friends who began to drink and smoke. He had very different interests and goals that he could not be there to implement.

Up To the ninth grade his family because of his father often had to move to different cities of Siberia. School of the future musician graduated in Surgut.

biography of Vyacheslav Butusova

Vyacheslav Butusov: biography, youth

Having Moved to Sverdlovsk (now Ekaterinburg), Vyacheslav entered the Institute of architecture. The singer easily given to study, he could easily perform any task he wonderfully drew and painted. In the process of learning Butusov was involved in the design of the Sverdlovsk metro station.


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At the Institute, the musician made friends with Dmitry Mackim (participant “animals”). They are both from the childhood was fond of music, and the Institute often played together. There's also Vyacheslav met with the now famous poet and musician by Ilya Kormiltseva. With them he started his musical career and released his first professional album.

The Institute Butusov meets his first love, which is soon to be married.

Vyacheslav Butusov biography


Biography of Vyacheslav Butusov told us that in 1983, a future star records along with UNEXIM first album called “Moving”, but it did not get much popularity. Two years later, after meeting with Kormiltseva they release second album ‘Invisible”, which are in contrast to the “Moving” was done on a professional level.

Together with llya Kormiltseva musician has created another group in parallel with ‘the Nautilus Pompilius” - “Step”. They released in 1985 the album “Bridge”, which in 1999 was re-released as a solo album Butusova.

In 1986, Vyacheslav, Dmitri, and Ilya recorded another album, called “Apart”, which made their group famous. About “animals” began to write in local Newspapers and magazines, and the shelves scattered magazines with their creativity. They continued their activities for another ten years.

In 1997, Vyacheslav Butusov, biography, personal life which is presented to your attention the article, started his own musical career. In the same year, together with the former guitarist of the group «Movie» recorded one album, “Illegitimate”. A year later, in 1998, he released his solo album, called “Lines”. Then he recorded a song for the movie "Brother 2", where even starred in a cameo role.

Vyacheslav Butusov's personal biography

In 1999, collaborated with Boris Grebenshikov and participated in the creation of the project “Cage”.

In 2000, Butusov together with “Dead-eye" released the album “elizobarra-Torr”, which combines the styles of rock and electronic music. A year later, the musician with the group “Movie” recorded an album called “Star paddle”. Later, gathered a group of “Yu-Piter”, consisting of guitarist "Movie" former members "Aquarium" and "the Caught anteaters". The first single the band released in 2001, and in 2003 - full album. In 2004 the band released another album, which is called “Biography”

In June 2008, the “Yu-Piter” released the album “Mantis”, and in 2010-m - “Flowers & thorns”.

His latest, the fifth album the group released in February 2015. Its name is “Gudger”.

Writing Career

Biography of Vyacheslav Butusova rich and interesting. He tried himself in the role of the writer. In 2007 he published his trilogy. The first “Verika”, this worldly tale, next, “State”, the so-called escort for worldly state, and the latest worldly novel “Vergoten”. The books were produced in small quantities, but has gained in popularity. A few months later the musician together with Nikolai Yakimchuk wrote another book called “Antidepressant. Co-Quest». Four years later, was written another book “Archie”.

Vyacheslav Butusov biography personal life


His first award Butusov got in 1989, it was the Lenin Komsomol prize for creativity “animals”.

In 2004 won the "Golden gramophone", with the songpopular to this day “city Girl”.

In 2005, the singer was awarded the award "Muz-TV" for his great contribution to Russian rock music.

In 2007 for her creative contribution Vyacheslav receives the Tsarskoye Selo art award.

Butusov Vyacheslav Gennadievich family


In 1987 he starred in the short film “Before, it was a different time”, at the same time he was offered a small role in the science fiction film by Vladimir Khotinenko called “mirror for a hero”.

A year later, in 1988, Butusov appeared in cameo roles in the documentary ‘the Rock of Russia” and “the Hammer and the guitar”.

In 1989, Vyacheslav played in one episode in the short film “Nastya and Egor”, and got the role of a passenger in “Sleeper”.

In 1997, the musician was offered the role in the popular film “Brother”, to which he wrote the soundtrack. In 2000 he wrote the music for the second part of the film.

In 2002, he created tracks to the movie “War”. Also in 2005, wrote a song for the film “Blind”, and in 2010-m to “Needle Remix”.

In 2008, Butusov starred in “Day of oil”. In all the movies the actor played himself.

Vyacheslav Butusov biography family

Vyacheslav Butusov: biography, family, personal life

For the First time Butusov married last courses of the architectural Institute, his wife was a classmate Marina Dobrovolskaya. Soon, in 1980, they had a daughter, Anya. But almost the entire marriage, the couple lived apart, she in her hometown of Yekaterinburg, and he - in St. Petersburg, this was the reason for their divorce.

Butusov Vyacheslav Gennad'evich, family, personal zhizni which all of his fans in St. Petersburg met his second wife - an art historian Angelica Estevas. When they met, she was eighteen years old. Angelica and Vyacheslav chance encounter on the street, she recognized him only by his voice. Then the young girl at first sight fell in love with a musician. They still live together and happily married. The couple has three children. In 1991 they had a daughter Ksenia, who recently gave parents a grandchild. After 8 years Butusova and Angelica came to light in Sofia, and in 2005 a boy was born Daniel.

Angelica was co-author of his book “Archie”, released in 2011, which was based on their personal lives. Esteva wrote a Chapter called "Awake joy”.

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