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Liquid Wallpaper on the ceiling have a number of characteristics that distinguish them from the mass of other construction materials used with the objective of finishing. First of all, we are talking about extremely high level of grip that allows you to hide minor imperfections that existed prior to coating, or to mask those which appeared in the process of operation.

Sometimes you need a repair caused by a completely minor surface damage, when there is no need to change it. In this case, the liquid wall to ceiling, you can remove only the damaged area, mix with water, adding a little of the new litter, and six hours to apply with a spatula on a former place.

In General, this type of finishing material, which is also called decorative plaster, is pretty new. It consists of cellulose fibers, decorative painting additives and glue KMTS. The variety of colors and textures provides much more scope for imagination than a normal Wallpaper or plaster.

Liquid Wallpaper: application

The coating To be high quality and durable, when performing work, observe the particular technology application.

First determines the number of required material. One package is enough for about 5 square meters of covered surface. When calculating a final figure, it is desirable to round off in a big way, setting the reserve for difficult sites or loss of material to waste. Note that for processing the same surface should always choose the materials of one batch and one batch.


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Then the ceiling should be cleaned from old coating (paint, putty) and check how smooth turned surface. There should not be cracks, but it should not be perfectly smooth-easy on the roughness of liquid Wallpaper on the ceiling applied in the best way.

If the surface is the junction of the plates, they need to seal the junctions, cover with PVA and vetonitom. All metal parts (if any) are coated with the alkyd enamel.

Then you can move on to the primer. For this purpose, the enamel (the rate of 250g per square meter), which is applied in two layers after 12 hours. An hour after the last application of the enamel can begin to cover the ceiling with liquid Wallpaper. This must be done no later than a day.

Liquid Wallpaper on the ceiling, you must first prepare. The package with the filling several times to shake it to mix the solution. The dry mixture is added parts of warm water, and the solution stirred until complete disappearance of lumps. You will need 40-60 minutes to a mass of swollen. Thus will need to stir occasionally (4-5 times).

To Apply liquid Wallpaper on the ceiling in two ways: sprayed (using the spray) and smoothing (with a spatula). Both ways are equally reliable, the choice just depends on which one is more convenient for you. Applied mortar is smoothed with a trowel, a paint or a foam rubber roller. The thickness of the layer for the application depends on the characteristics of the fiber structure of the plaster. Some varieties you should apply a layer of 1.5-3mm, the other — 4–5mm, so you need to pay attention to these instructions. For complete drying will take about two days.

After 5-6 hours after application, the surface is treated embossed rollers that are periodically wetted by water.

Liquid Wallpaper on the ceiling due to characteristics of the material will have qualities such as moisture resistance and moderate blagovijesti. This material is composed of natural ingredients and is environmentally friendly, provides good heat and sound insulation, is antistatic and does not attract dust. So it is very easy to clean: just occasionally wipe it with a damp cloth.

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