What is the most scary horror movie in the world? TOP 10 best horror movies


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The very first movies of the planet is presented in two genres - romance and horror. So figuring out what is the most scary horror movie in the world, the visitors of the biggest cinematic database, IMDb made the top ten best horror films four films created from 1920 to 1933. The rankings, which determined the 10 most terrifying horror movie, it turned out that people are afraid of supernatural forces, killers, aliens and zombies.

1. “Psycho” - a Symphony of horror

what is the most scary horror movie in the world

Who to this day is considered the king of horror? Right, Alfred Hitchcock. What is the most scary horror movie in the world? Of course, “Psycho”. Black-and-white film, exchanging sixth decade and became classics of the genre, still instills fear in the audience.

2. “the silence of the lambs" - fatal duality

10 most scary horror movies

The Third in the history of the ceremony, “Oscar”, the picture, which has been “take” 5 statuettes for best picture, Director, screenplay, actor and actress. So the Academy responded to the question about  what is the most scary horror movie in the world.

3. “Wake” is a dangerous video

top 10 horror movies

The real horror not of the severed limbs and tons of blood, and the fact that defies explanation. “Wake” is the best proof. Advertising picture, its creators have resorted to a very effective PR move - left in different parts of Los Angeles magazine with a “record-killer”.

4. “Strangers” - outer fear


One of those rare cases where the sequel is not just equal, but even superior to the first film. James Cameron only became famous after the “Terminator”, knows a lot about the Plenum sticky fear, casting and twisting storyline. It is known that Sigourney weaver, not burning with desire to star in “Foreign”, asked Cameron about three things: not to carry arms, to make love to a stranger and die. All of this worked out well in the subsequent “Strangers”.


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5. “rosemary's Baby" - a blow to the psyche

rosemary's Baby

In this film Director Roman Polanski on full exploited approach “uncertainty”, allowing the audience's imagination to paint a creepy picture of yourself. The movie is still surrounded by mysticism: a year later, the pregnant wife of Director killed the bandits, fans «Beatles», and after 11 years of John Lennon was shot at the house “Dakota”, which were shooting the film.

6. “Jaws” is pure paranoia


The First film by a young Steven Spielberg after short films and TV projects immediately became a masterpiece and for the first time in the history of hire has collected more than $ 100 million. Fans of the tape, claiming to know what is the most scary horror movie in the world, I advise you to watch it in the winter - it is very scary, with fresh impressions enter the water.

7. “the exorcist" - the real story

exorcising the devil

In a rating of “the 10 best horror films" the law entered that picture. The plot of the movie is what happened in reality, events. Awareness of this fact only is enough to the atmosphere of terror while browsing simply skyrocketed. Some viewers are so impressed that the Studio after the huge number of threats I had a few months to pay for the services of bodyguards for the young actress Linda Blair.

8. “dawn of the dead” - chaos and hopelessness

dawn of the dead

Director George Romero is pretty good mashup of several genres: Thriller, horror, Comedy, action, adventure and drama. In the end, a fascinating film, not allowing to be distracted even for a second, after which the viewer concludes: people can be worse than a zombie.

9. “Glow” - abyss of madness


The Work of Stephen king + film genius Stanley Kubrick + game great Jack Nicholson = the ‘Glow”. Jack Nicholson is so realistic played turns into a beast killer insane that many viewers are worried then inquired about the mental health of the actor.

10. “Poltergeist" - damn movie.


Wikipedia says: “the damn movie” - a term applied to tapes, the shooting of which was accompanied by death, mysticism and accidents. “Poltergeist". One of his victims was Heather O’Rourke, who died at the age of 12.

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