The minuet is a dance of the past, which became the basis for new music


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The Minuet-a dance of kings. So characterized it in the past century, and nothing has changed in our days. In the modern world about the existence of this dance know only the true connoisseurs of art, and from the General public, alas, it is gone forever. Minuet-a dance that consists of slow movements, small steps, beautiful steps and reverence. And in order to plunge into the past and learn how it rested on the balls of our ancestors, we will study the history and all the features of the minuet.

Origin of the genre

The Family swapped minuet is considered a historical region of France Brittany. There he existed along with other folk dances, which, however, were performed in aristocratic circles. The gist of it was, only that pair moved gracefully, alternately performing small steps. Of course, such action was always accompanied by a corresponding slow music. Even traditional French minuet was already executed with a certain size – ¾. Many composers especially for this dance wrote works or just improvised on the Grand parties and balls.the minuet is a

The Development of dance in the masses

In the early 17th century about this amazing phenomenon of folk art found out by the king of France Louis XIV. He officially proclaimed to the whole country that the minuet-a dance. It was the news, which immediately spread to all the cities, and with each aristocratic court began to play the minuet is close to the king's person, Earls, barons and other holders of high titles. Given the fact that in the 17th and 18th centuries throughout Europe and even in Russia was the fashion for all things French, this new genre quickly won the leading positions in all of the noble courts. minuet danceMinuet was the favourite of Peter the great, in St. Petersburg and Moscow, it was performed in Poland, in the UK. The popularity of the dance was kept to the mid-19th century, until the slow change PA don't come more energetic rhythms and sudden movements.


The Song

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Historical image dance

At the dawn of its existence, the minuet consisted of very simple, but very graceful movements. The performers performed overtures, broaching PA; they moved around the room, the closer to each other, then moving away. Thus, the impression was that the minuet – it's not a dance, but only an invitation, very gallant, Flirty and polite. Remarkable was that sang it always just one pair. That is, the guests danced the minuet – first the aristocracy, then all the others. the minuet dance isAfter the dance was widely distributed in France and abroad, his movements became more complicated. It was important for maximum accuracy follow the steps to the side and forward, building thus the shape. Also, there was another important metamorphosis. Since the 17th century the minuet-a dance that is performed by all the guests at once. First marched the kings, followed by the dry land with companions, and then other titled guests. All the performers during the dance were built in certain shapes. Most often it was the letters “Z” or “S”.

Baroque Era

During this period, the minuet has experienced a major transformation. Accelerating his pace, becomes more fluid and unconventional rhythm. If earlier the dance was performed strictly on ¾, now this size is added the variation of – 6/8. In the Baroque era minuet – is a dance that is performed at the same time most of the guests. All their movements must be filled not only with coquetry, but affectation and cunning, charisma. To emphasize this “frivolous” nature of the dance, people were changing partners. It is also important to highlight that in the years of the popularity of the Baroque came the first classical musical accompaniment for this dance. They were divided into three parts and code. The first was a two-part, second – a three-part, in part three repeated motifs of the first. The code was small and necessarily performed in the major.minuet in music is

Explore dance

Amazingly, despite the seeming simplicity of execution of the minuet previously it has been studied over the years. Children from an early age he was taught to move properly, develop their flexibility, grace. Every transition, every step was rehearsed with maximum precision, because any movement in that dance was supposed to be easy, like improvisation, and at the same time, a clear, confident, coinciding with all the others. It is fair to say that the minuet-a dance that could be hard primarily for men. They had to remove the hat then, as if in one motion, to lure the lady to dance, then, without interrupting the same “breathing”, put it back on his head.French minuet

How to write the world classics

The Minuet in music – this is not just an accompaniment to the dance, which has a certain rhythm and tempo. It's a genre that exists along with the Sonata or prelude. Initially, it existed as a separate form and performed on the harpsichord or clavichord. He later became a mandatory part of the instrumental Suite. When the popularity began to gain such a genre as Opera, the minuet became a part of Overture. In the 18th century minuets have begun to make the entire Suite. The first issue was written in major key, and it was followed by a dance in minor.

Often, this dance is alternated with others where the frets were also varied. Among composers who wrote music in this genre is called J. S. Bach. Along with him were doing händel, J. B. Lully and other composers of the Rococo period. Later for the writing of minuets came from the creators of the romantic era. It was Beethoven (in his notes he calls minuet "Scherzo"), Gluck, Mozart, Satie, Debussy. Describe the genre can be found in the works of Russian composers: Tchaikovsky, Glinka, Rubinstein and others.

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