Palma Cathedral: the story of the construction, interesting facts


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Stylish and elegant capital of Majorca, the history of which is reflected in the diversity of architectural monuments, is incredibly popular with tourists. Luxury Palma de Mallorca is full of historic sites, the beauty of which will make the visitors to stand.

The Main religious building of the city is the Cathedral, built on the Mediterranean coast. Majestic La seu (as it was called by the people) dominates the ancient city, making an indelible impression on the tourists.

Construction History

Work on the construction of buildings in the Gothic style lasted for four hundred years. Locals tell all the tourists the legend of king Jaime I, the Muslim who went to conquer the island was overtaken by a terrible storm. Saying goodbye to life, a great warrior asked for help to the virgin Mary. The king fervently prayed and begged for his life. He vowed that he would build on the island a temple in honour of the Savior in the event of a successful outcome.Palma Cathedral

The Storm had ceased, and after a few months the king celebrated his victory over the Moors. In 1230, began the construction of the promised facilities.

Long work on the design of the temple

Palma Cathedral, dominant in the overall panorama of the Bay, opened its doors in 1601, although work on the design of the temple was carried out for many years, until the beginning of XX century. In the decoration of the temple, the architectural style which refers to the Spanish Gothic style, it is possible to detect the influence and other European traditions.La seu

This is Especially true of the main facade. In 1851 he was heavily damaged after the earthquake. Workers are not just restored the wall, and added on each side of the facade arch and spires built in the neoclassical style.


Palma Cathedral repeatedly restored after the collapse of the vaults. In 1904, on the appearance of La Seu worked the famous Antonio Gaudi, invited at the request of the bishops. Spanish architect whose works were often criticised, held in the Gothic building electricity. The dismantling of the original corridor decorated with chandeliers and candles on the walls, caused dissatisfaction of the public.


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Gaudí created a long window openings and added the beautiful stained glass Windows. Ten years later the work was completed.

The Kingdom of light

Palma Cathedral, made of calcareous Sandstone, it is surprising huge. The temple can accommodate about 18 thousand believers serving and the Royal tomb: here lie the remains of two rulers of the island.

Once inside the building, you can understand why local residents call “temple of light”. Sunlight passing through stained glass, light spacious rooms, decorated with patches of different shades. In this Kingdom of light all aimed at creating a special, relaxing atmosphere that gives the congregation inner strength and transforms the spiritual world.

Rose Window

Palma Cathedral, admire the high tracery Windows, which were like looking at each other. Made in the form of roses, they are inlaid with colored glass. The world's largest Gothic window with a diameter of 12 meters.Palma de Mallorca

A rose without thorns has a great mystical meaning, so one window is made in the form of this flower, is above the main entrance and symbolizes the image of the virgin, and the second denoting Jesus Christ, is above the altar.

Spectacular spectacular

A Curious spectacle going on in the Cathedral twice a year – 11 November (St. Martin's day) and March 2 (Candlemas). A ray of sunlight passing through the socket in the altar area, creates for a short time an unusual projection under the window of the main entrance. Before the eyes of astonished guests appears iridescent with different colors eight – the symbol of eternity.

In these two days the Cathedral of Santa Maria is extremely filled with people who came to marvel at the delightful picture that makes us think about the greatness of man. I never cease to be surprised by the knowledge in the exact Sciences of the ancient masters who created this work of art, but the Windows were completed in 1320 and glazed after almost three hundred years.

Modern panels

In 2001, the authorities of Palma de Mallorca, invited the famous artist M. Barcelo, considered to be a real genius to work on the right by the choir. Six years the master has created large-scale clay murals, telling of how Jesus fed seafood and loaves five thousand people, and the Central part of the work dedicated to the Resurrection of the son of God.Cathedral of Santa maría

Symbol of the spiritual heritage

Towering above the city walls, a stone masterpiece, a symbol of the spiritual heritage that attracts tourists from around the globe. Religious people, admiring a wonderful piece of art, attend the service accompanied reflected from the walls and ceiling the sound of a giant organ. The music, influencing the emotional state and the General atmosphere of an ancient temple will remain in the memory for years to come.

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