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One of the design preferences in the design of individual residential houses is the use of panoramic Windows that allow the room to plenty of light, enjoy the world around us. But there is one problem: what are the heaters in this case then use? It is important not only to heat the room but also to maintain the designer's ideas.

You Can of course use the convectors. But this option is not always possible to implement in practice. Especially when the floors are already covered with screed. Because this option involves the arrangement of a special niche.

A simpler option is the use of low heating radiators to the panoramic Windows. Such a battery has already gained popularity in the market due to its practicality, good thermal performance, breadth of choice.


Low radiators is a type of battery which differs from the standard for their height. This parameter for such machines is only 200-400 mm. Such devices are placed in rooms with large panoramic Windows, pools, gyms, greenhouses, etc.

The Main criterion on the basis of which the types of low radiators - materials.


Batteries of this type are partitions that are created by casting. Such devices have a good thermal inertia, resistant to corrosion. However, they have low working pressure, which is only 10 ATM. In addition, they are very fragile. Users have noted that on the inner surface channels, often formed plaque and accumulates dirt which leads to reduction of heat transfer. Therefore, they need to be cleaned periodically.


Steel panel radiators are constructed from one or more heating plates that are placed in a ribbed shell.

Their main positive characteristics:

  • Good thermal conductivity;

  • Low inertia;

  • A small consumption of coolant.

Despite the many good technical indicators, there are some disadvantages: these radiators can not resist the water hammer and corrosion.

The Reviews indicate that when drained water, on the walls of the panels formed rust. Another disadvantage is that these heaters are not cheap. For example, if you want to buy radiator height 300 mm, be prepared to pay for it from 2000 to 5000 rubles.

Panel low radiator


Low radiators, made from aluminium, are attractive design, high rates of heat transfer and weigh a bit. Characterized by high technical characteristics, thanks to which is able to withstand working pressure up to 16 ATM.

However, there are some drawbacks. For example, aluminum radiators are short-lived: their life is 10, in rare cases, 15 years. Plus, such devices are not able to withstand hydraulic shocks, and as a result, the sections may be formed of a leak.

The Price of aluminum radiators varies in the range from 300 to 1500 rubles.

Please note! Kept hammering aluminum battery better than cast iron, but convection of the properties they are much worse.


The Design of bimetallic models low radiator consists of a core which is made of steel or copper tubes, and aluminum shell. Such batteries are well maintained high pressure, consume a small amount of water and is resistant to corrosion.


Lamellar radiators: convection type are manufactured with the lowest rates, they can be fastened to the wall and to the floor, and, if necessary, and covered with decorative grilles. The devices show high rates of heat transfer. The maximum pressure that they can withstand - 20 ATM. The disadvantage is that if the leak is to replace a component fails, you'll have to buy a new radiator.

How to choose

In the market of heating equipment a wide variety of models of radiators for low panoramic Windows. In order to choose the best option, you should consider the following factors:

1. If your house has Central heating system, then look at iron batteries.

2. Well established aluminium and bimetal model.

Tip! If you are the owner of a private house with a heating system of the closed type, you'll like radiators made of aluminum or steel.

3. The length of the radiator must be identical to the length of the window opening or 10-20 cm bigger. Failure to comply with this condition, you risk not to obtain the effective thermal curtain, and as a result the air is warmed unevenly.


Release a low radiators, both foreign and domestic producers. The technical characteristics, quality and price all brands are different. Therefore you should pay close attention when making your choice.

Low battery is in the range of the following manufacturers:

  • Santekhlit, OAO (Russia);

  • The Charging (Russia);

  • Kermi (Germany);

  • Kaldo (Germany);

  • Global (Italy);

  • Sira (Italy);

  • Lietex 200 (Italy);

  • Regulus (Poland).

It is lowradiators can help to make a reality of design ideas and not to abandon the panoramic Windows.

The Article is prepared on materials of a site "Teplofon".

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