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The First thing the commander sees when approaching the unit this drill stand soldiers (cadets, trainees), therefore, each employee should learn how to accept the situation, know the place in order and correctly execute the commands. On the construction everyone has to take their place in accordance with the position (title) and growth. When the command "Attention!” or “Attention!” every soldier should take marching position: stand up straight, but without straining, heel to put together, and socks to dissolve in the parties for width of feet, shoulders back, stomach in, head held level. My hands are at his sides, the brush should be kept in bent condition. At a time when drill stand is accepted, the slave must be ready to execute a command and instant action.

front Desk

After the command "at ease!” should loosen in the knee with your right or left leg, to talk and turn is prohibited. Also, be aware that the front strut was adopted without a team if it appears on the horizon, the senior or the national anthem.

Actions of the soldier in the ranks and the primary preparation for March

After the distribution of the subordinates and putting them in their proper place, the steering should submit the number of primitive instructions. The latter include command:

  • “Stop!”. With this indication, each of those in the ranks must take the correct position and be prepared to further action.
  • “Equal!”. The right is the performance when all subordinates turn my head to the side proglanguage so you can see the chest standing fourth of a person (including itself first).
  • “Attention!”. At this command the soldier returns to the original position (i.e. looking ahead).
  • “at ease!”.
  • "Refuel!”. On hearing this requirement, all staff corrects headdresses and form.

drill stand and turns on the spot


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If subordinates do not perform actions synchronously, the command ‘Stand down!”. When you do this, stop any action and accepted the original position.

Training of personnel on the spot

Drill stand and turns on the spot are performed according to the relevant teams. In the first case means immediately to the Executive (this means that taking a position is necessary immediately after the instructions). To move the structure in any direction is a so-called double note: preparatory and Executive. For example, for the rotation command is given: “the Such-in!” (“Cash-in!”), the first part of the word is a preparatory part and the second – Executive.

front Desk accepted

For trainings you can use the exercise on two accounts: “Do it once, do it twice!”. For example, exercise turns on the spot: when specifying ‘Do time!” the slave is rotated in the desired direction, and the subsequent “fuck!” means that you need to put on the shortest path to front leg standing another leg.

Features of moving soldiers in the ranks and poodinochke order

On the territory of military units is prohibited odinochnoe move subordinates. This means that the movement in the designated area (barracks, dining hall, etc.) is only the system. Soldiers can cross the parade ground alone only senior in rank and only ran or marched.

front strut definition

You Should remember about rules of greeting the approaching of the head and be sure to follow them. If a soldier without headgear, at the approach of the drill head taken a stand, hands pressed to the body. In the presence of a headdress the visor is applied to the right hand (keep the fingers together, the elbow is at shoulder level).

Rules of failure and return to original position

Failure is necessary to make a team. In this case you can specify the number of steps. For example: “the Soldier Petrov, break down into 5 steps”. The slave heard his name, must answer “I” and proceed with the instructions. At the end of the report the soldiers back and takes a drill stand.

Remember that the return to initial position is possible only after the chief Executive team "to Be in the system”. This soldier puts his hand to the headdress, meets “There!” and sent in his place.

At the approach to senior in grade (rank) outside the building the employee is required 5-6 steps to go from marching in drill step, then stop, apply the hand to the headdress (if any) and to report on arrival.

When listening to the report or commanded the chief also puts his hand to the headdress.

Initial steps in rebuilding

Definition drill stand is also important when rebuilding the unit in the line in place and in movement. This served pre-of the Executive team. For example: “Platoon, in two ranks-fall in!”, “the Department, in one line – up!”.

The Number of columns in marching order depend on the number of subordinates. For example, the Department can move in column one or twoperson. Rebuilding the unit is running as, and on foot.

Movement of employees in columns and rows

In the columns and rows of soldiers marched on the move. The pace is set guides. For convenience, the unit commander leads the account moves on “one, two, three!”, while unpaired in the number of falls on the left leg. The normal marching step – about 120 beats per minute. When the command “run” rate is increased to 180 steps.

running drill stand

Before the March on command is accepted front Desk. Then when you specify the ‘forward March!” or “Marched March!” the soldiers begin movement with the left leg, while actively involving the hands. The head should be kept straight. The toe requires the maximum pull to a height of 15-20 cm above ground level. For the transition from marching step drill is brought to our attention. Greeting in motion also occurs at the direction of the commander. This guide gives the command, for example: “the Platoon to attention, eyes right!”. After all this the unit takes another step, stops movement with his hands and turns his head in the specified direction. Termination of greeting is commanded "at ease!”. When it resumes motion.

Arms in place

Drill stand with arms is the same as without it. There are two types of techniques using arms: the place in the marching order. In the first case you should learn to shift the machine (machine gun, carbine) of the provisions of the “belt” position “chest”. This is done in several stages:

  1. Initially, the right hand served on the strap up a bit when it is removed from the shoulder arms. At the same time, it should pick up his free arm over the tube plate and keep straight ahead.
  2. In the next stage, is given the belt and beneath it to hook the elbow of the right hand.
  3. Eventually you should throw the strap around your head. Arms to hold the neck butt, free (left) hand quickly down.

drill stand with a gun

Operations with carabiner

  1. In the first phase the rifle (or LMG) raise from the feet, not taking from the body, simultaneously turning shop (pistol grip) left. Then the left hand weapon to take over the store (or forearm) and hold it at eye level. The elbow of the right hand is pressed.
  2. Next, you should pull the right hand strap (left).
  3. The Last step is a quick movement of the rifle (machine gun) on the shoulder. While the left hand drops fast right – the belt. The weapon is slightly pressed against the body.

Implementation of the arms in motion

Rules perform the movement with arms are the same as the rules of conduct weapons in place. To begin you must submit a team to perform the drill stand. When making turns with the weapon, which is located at the feet, the last few climbs. Upon completion of the movement – returns to the original position.

To Lift the weapon should be on pre-team "Move!” or “Run!”. Executive team “Stop!” or “Stand down!” any movement is stopped, the soldier returns to the original position.

front strut is on the team

When executing the instructions “Run!” the available weapon rests in a slightly bent right arm. His muzzle for several hours leans forward. If the run is made in close formation – the bayonet is removed.

When driving with a carbine in the “shoulder” “Stop!” immediately stop and put the gun to the leg and make a drill stand.

Each soldier must quickly and accurately execute the commands of the chief. In order to better understand the drill, in addition to practical training, research and theoretical foundations set forth in special regulatory documents.

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