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Banking Experts in Russia argue on the number of financial institutions that are required for the normal functioning of the economy and achieve maximum comfort for the population. Definitely suits all number. Today in Russia was about 680 banks. And one this number seems excessive, others – is obviously 10 Russian banks the Population was more interested in not the quantity but the quality of Bank structures, so the top 10 banks in Russia will always be very relevant.

1. Sberbank of Russia

The Bank, in the opinion of the greater part of the population – the only financial institution you can trust. This is especially true for people in age who still remember the Soviet times. The predecessor of the current organization was the savings Bank of the USSR. Banking operations for a Soviet citizen was the manipulation of the blue book and Bank book – the only guarantor of relative financial well-being.

Today the population is more advanced financial thinking, but also the most advanced owner of a dozen Bank cards it is clear that the most sustainable today, the Bank is the Sberbank of Russia. Its power is based on state support, the control of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation. Net assets at the beginning of 2016 – 226 433 146 dollars.

2. «VTB”

The Bank «VTB" formerly called “AB”, is the second largest assets in Russia. For the amount of capital that a banking institution – the first in the country. The largest owner of stock (60,9 %) is the government of the Russian Federation represented by the Federal Agency for state property management and the Minister of economic development of Russia Alexei Ulyukayev – Chairman of the Supervisory Board «VTB”.the largest banks of Russia


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The total assets is 8 742 $ 464.

3. «Gazprombank»

The Third largest of the existing Bank assets of the country, as all of the largest banks of Russia, has a developed network of customer service. Originally created to service companies related to gas production, today «Gazprombank” – one of the largest investors in the different sectors of the economy, industry, culture, sport, etc.

A Distinctive feature of this financial monster is active on the external market Finance. Joining him in the top-10 banks of Russia in terms of reliability is largely due to successful investment policy in respect of securities of foreign origin. In the beginning of 2016, assets of “Gazprombank” amounted to 4 984 239 dollars.

4. Bank «VTB 24”

The Bank specializiruetsya mainly on retail banking, financing of enterprises of small and average business. This was done and “Guta-Bank”, unable to withstand inter-Bank crisis in 2004 and bought then “Vneshtorgbank”. As a result, on the basis of purchased structure are organized subsidiary of the financial institution – one of the parts of the banking group «VTB", included as a separate line in the top-10 banks in Russia.

The total assets is 2 873 642 dollars.

5. The Bank “Open”

This Bank has arisen on the basis of several financial companies United under the brand of “the opening of the holding”. The activities of the financial Corporation created on the basis of the Khanty-Mansi Bank and aimed at strengthening of stability of Bank system of the country, received the support of the Russian authorities, and, therefore, a few additional points in support of its reliability. It is exactly in the middle of the list of the top 10 banks in Russia (according to the Central Bank).top 10 Russian banks according to the Central Bank

Mission, thanks to the active investment policy of the Bank, are available in all major Russian cities. Total assets 2 813 $ 360.

6. «agricultural Bank»

Another institution in the largest banks of Russia and wholly owned by the state. The sole shareholder – “management” - Federal Agency for state property management. Although in light of recent events, the government announced that there are plans to attract private investors for 2016. And while the Chairman of the Board is Patrushev D. N. (the eldest son of the President of the Security Council of the Russian Federation), as Chairman of the Supervisory Board – Minister of agriculture Alexander Tkachev. This is a major factor of reliability.

The size of the assets - 2 551 779 dollars.

7. «Alfa Bank»

The Russian Federation's Largest private commercial Bank. He – one of the few private, who managed to survive the banking and financial crises of recent times, and now is in the top-10 banks of 10 Russian banks in terms of reliability

The Activities of this financial institution features flexibility and initiative in investment policy, innovation in financial services. One of the first in the country came from his online Bank that has developed the most advanced ways of working with the payments - for example, a watch with a built-in credit card.

The Value of the assets held - 2 166 341 dollars.

8. “Bank of Moscow”

Another Bank, in factbelonging to the group «VTB". Created in the early ' 90s with funding from the city budget of the Russian capital, subsequently became the object of investment on the part of «VTB". Has several «daughters» abroad. By the spring of 2016, scheduled for formal merger with the group «VTB".

Total assets — 1 753 618$.

9. “national clearing centre”

The Bank – “daughter” the group “Moscow stock exchange”. She is in her full possession and created to support clearing, i.e., non-cash payments between participants in financial transactions conducted by the exchange. Bank of Sberbank of Russia

The size of the assets of the Bank - 1 397 028 dollars.

10. "UniCredit Bank»

The Owner of the Bank is UniCredit Bank Austria AG (Austria, Vienna), which is part of the Italian financial group UniCredit. It is the country's oldest commercial Bank. Founded in 1989 with the participation of several private corporations and carried first the name “international Bank of Moscow”. Today's the name of the institution acquired in 2007.

Financial structure closing the top-10 banks in Russia, has net assets 1 320 713 dollars.

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