Goddess of love: what is it, and how to obtain her patronage


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Regardless of time, the development of culture and historical characteristics, each nation, each nation and will have their own ideas about the divine beauty of eternal love and the power of good, which are reflected in many beautiful myths and legends. That's how people despite all their flaws, he intuitively feels that this world is in first place. This is best understood representatives of the fair sex. Perhaps that is why in ancient myths about beauty and harmony, the main role is played not God, but the goddess of love. History shows that man, despite his strength and ability in this area is clearly losing. Let's dive into the world of these wonderful stories.goddess of love

The Greek goddess of love

The Name of Aphrodite has long been considered a symbol of beauty and charm. If you believe the ancient Greeks, the goddess of love emerged from the sea, or rather from the sea-foam, so it is also called “born”. She protected everyone whose heart there is a wonderful feeling, as well as composers and artists, who composed on the theme of love of their immortal works. Aphrodite was carried to the world of love and beauty, but has never shown respect for the bonds of marriage, so the Greek goddess of love often clashed with the Hero – the guardian of marital fidelity. On Olympus she had a husband – the God of blacksmith and fire Hephaestus. He was not too handsome and flippant at times Aphrodite cheated on him, causing were born into the world of Harmony and Eros.Greek love goddess


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The goddess of love

The ancient builders of the pyramids had their own idea of the perfect embodiment of femininity. The Egyptians worshiped a gentle, sensual and passionate Hathor. She was crazy about music and dancing, for this reason her symbol was the sistrum-an ancient musical instrument somewhat resembling the rattle. The Egyptians even had a special amulet with his image, which they wore on the neck to protect against evil forces and for protection of the goddess in Affairs of the heart. Hathor took care of young couples and did everything that their married life was happy.the goddess of love

The Goddess of love the ancient Slavs

Our ancestors the patron of marriage and of the hearth was a Lada. Loved her, especially the women. Special honor the goddess of love enjoyed by the newlyweds. She often brought flowers, honey, live birds and berries, and in the sacred groves Lade left on the trees, handkerchiefs, embroideries, and rings. In her honor often held celebrations. Lada was very attentive to the requests of people and for that she deserved another name – Sedrina. In the old days 6 through 19 January (now it's time to celebrate the Baptism) in her honor was arranged celebration and sang songs wedrowki, who praised peace, harmony and love for people. In lakes and rivers through the hole, and they threw the grain, pancakes and pies, and ice for decoration laid out colored pieces. The Lada paintings often took the image of a beautiful young blond woman holding the hands of his son – winged God LEL. The temple in her honor can be found in almost every ancient city. This goddess of love had its special symbol-a circle with an inscribed within it a triangle pointing to the acute angle downwards. These figures have been chosen for a reason and carry a secret significance. Round – is the universe, and the triangle – it center. Thus, we see that the Slavs believed that the basis of all – love and harmony. It was believed that Lada stone is a carnelian, and so it is often included in the decorations.ancient Slavic goddess

The happy home

Each of the goddesses of love are charming in their own way. If you believe in Feng Shui, place an image of one of them in the area assistants (North-West sector of the house). You ask, why not in the sector of love? Yes, because there must be a pair of objects and a lone character here can cause the opposite effect. But the area assistants – this is the perfect place. In the role of symbol, you can use a figurine, embroidery, painting or just its sign. After that, you will notice the help of the goddess: aura in the house will be better and life will become more mutual and undivided love.

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