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In modern cooking emphasizes cooking utensils and tools. Long gone are the days when almost all the processes were done manually, and the food was prepared on the fire. New appliances allow you to almost completely automate the cooking process and even to bring it to perfection. However, when the conversation comes to a device such as an electric barbecue, opinions of chefs and gourmets disagree.electric barbecue

Some argue that this device only spoils the meat. It dries it cannot properly fry and gives it a fragrant smell of smoke. Others say that a home barbecue, powered by electricity, is no different from other devices of modern cooking. Of course, she can not repeat all the procedure of roasting meat on an open fire and not able to recreate the perfect taste of the kebab, but it approximates cooking to reality.

Most restaurants and bars can't afford to cook meat on open fire because it violates fire safety requirements and sanitary services. So the chefs in these places are just forced to use such a device, such as an electric barbecue. The reviews of the customers about the cooked meals are almost always positive. This is because the heat treatment of the product at this device completely simulates cooking on the fire. With proper marinating and adding spices to distinguish between a dish cooked on the fire, and that which used electric barbecue, is almost impossible.homemade barbecue


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It is Also worth noting that the negative reviews about this device come only from those people that do not have a vote solely because of bias. The owners of the barbecue area and speak of them as a very positive thing, because trying to cook on it, once you start to appreciate the ease of the process and the taste of fried meat. An important advantage, which has a modern electric barbecue is that it is possible to cook at any time of year and whatever the weather.

Today, there are new models of these devices, which have a large number of different functions. They can cook not only meat but also fish, vegetables and mushrooms. It is similar to electric barbecue can operate in the mode of grill, BBQ and even to cook Shawarma.barbecue electric reviews

Thus, it becomes clear that this unit can cook a variety of dishes, not limited to some kebabs. It willingly used not only ordinary housewife, but cooks around the world. Taste quality of products cooked in it practically not inferior to the qualities of those who were preparing to open fire, although a real foodie can still feel the difference. But the most important thing in this device is the possibility to use it at home, not fueling the fire and leaving the nature.

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