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Yulia Dellos is a famous actress not only in Russia, she also managed to conquer Paris. It all started with a city, the birthplace of the actress - Leningrad. She manages not only to pursue an active acting life, but to raise children and be a loving wife.

First steps in acting career

The 3rd of October in 1971 in the beautiful Leningrad, the light appeared Yulia Dellos, who did not even know what awaits her in the future. She grew up as an ordinary girl, I visited the garden, school, studied writing, reading and mathematics. But like every child, Julia began to show talent. One of the favorite pastimes of the girls, it was a poetry reading on a chair, when all the relatives gathered for a holiday at the table. Acting is so liked Julia, she decided to link her life to his.

Yulia DellosYour way to the top of the skill she started with the Kyiv Institute named after Karpenko-Kary. But studying in this school did not last long and after some time for personal reasons Julia translated in LGITMiK in his hometown in the course of L. A. Dodin. Leningrad University, she graduated with honors in 1989.

First experience in a theatrical career

Usually, after finishing University, graduates are in an active job search, sent to all the companies your resume, go on interviews, I try to present myself as best as possible.

But Julia Dellos avoid such worries. She did a very good job in his student days, was a great success in acting and after graduation I received an offer from Maly drama theatre.

There has been much more complicated than in years of training. Had to constantly prove their professional skills, to learn how to apply their knowledge and to always be the best. Important was the fact that you had to join a new team and build relationships with your colleagues.

Yulia Dellos photo

In the theater, she worked for 6 years, during this time, managed to play in 7 theatrical productions. “In this production – said the chief Director of the German will be Yulia Dellos”. Nationality had to be changed very often, and this was one of the most difficult works. For a short period of time needed to learn the accent of the language required, to adopt the mannerisms and lifestyle. This is probably one of the most difficult transformations in the world of acting.


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Julia Dellos – actress movie

But life does not stand still, we need to go forward and conquer new heights. Afterwards Julia went into the world of this movie. Of course, as everywhere, there is a huge competition, but thanks to its excellent skills, she was able to break through and make a name for yourself. Actress Yulia Dellos is starting to appear in his first paintings. The movie she mastered outside the country, in Paris, where he received his first role in the film “L’Amour etranger”.

Yulia Dellos nationality

Despite its good record, Julia is faced with problems. Because the theatre is different from movies, there a completely different form of games, other conditions and requirements. At first it was difficult to adjust to the new flow of life, but when you get a great experience after the first role, the actress joined the game and very soon got new roles in the movies. One of the most different films, which starred Julia Dellos are GAUDEAMUS and "Claustrophobic" the first won the prize, Laurence Olivier, and the second received first prize at the festival “Bicep”. The actress is able to transform quickly in images. Constant work on yourself, self-improvement, loving wife and mother – all this Yulia Dellos. Biography of the actress, the optimism and belief in yourself, forcing aspiring actors to believe in their abilities.

First meeting with her future husband

The Constant shooting, the new role of the city – is a rich actor's life Yulia Dellos. Personal life was equally surprising. At the moment, the actress is the wife of Dmitry Miller known as Edward Serov from the TV series “Traffic light”. As you know, Julia lived some years in France. In December 1998 due to a new role in the movie, the actress returned to Moscow and decided to continue his favorite hobby-tap dancing lessons. A very tight schedule, constant shooting very exhausting girl to class she came in at 6 am. The teacher saw her busy schedule and offered to work out from great masters – Dmitry Miller. You can negotiate with him and come at a convenient time, and in the morning an extra hour to sleep.

Yulia Dellos biography

Julia liked this option, but because of the constant employment she could not meet with the new teacher. Instead of training, they are well established contact by phone. It is worth noting that communication was easy, they communicated well on any topic and enjoy every single call.

From dusk till dawn

Bob was telling Julia about your favorite Kazakhstan, where very often went in childhood. He was able to surprise the girl with a story about the white flowers that grew in the area. The singularity of them that reveals they are at night and bloom until sunrise. On such a beautiful sight was going to see a whole family of Dima and they all night incessantly shared their thoughts, experiences, laughed and just rested.

Yulia Dellos personal life

One of the most memorable events of their Dating couple believes April 28. Julia was rollerblading and decided to visit Dima in College, but he was in a Small theatre. The girl went to her lover, and that day they went just to walk around Moscow. They were so interested in each other that Dima did not look at the clock and eventually missed the train. Had the young people party until dawn.

Friendship men

At the time of their communication, Julia already had a child. Often the biggest problem in the family is the child's perception of the new man by his mother. But Daniel, the son of the actress, good friends with Dima and had nothing against him. Mom tried to answer all the questions from the child, and he, in turn, tried to please him: played, promoted toys, went for walks. So, Dima won the heart of a child and they became very good friends.Very pretty was this friendship and Yulia Dellos. Photo confirms once again the strong friendship between Dima and Danil.

actress Julia Dellos

The Relationship of a young couple slowly developed and now Dima's moving in with Julia. During the move the new boyfriend of the actress was not able to say goodbye to my dog and took her with him to the new family. Little Daniel always dreamed of such a friend with four paws and so was very happy. Now Yulia Dellos was to watch for two men to love them and take care of. In response to receiving reciprocity: boys are always happy mom and wife.

Educational process–business men's

It is Worth noting that little Daniel always listened to Dima and the boy, the new Pope was very inspired by it. After a while the boy, inspired by the work of Dima, beginning to try to write my own songs. So, pages of notebooks filled with rap on different topics that concerned the soul of the child.

Yulia Dellos kids

Today, Daniel is an adult and therefore needs a strong male support and the right education. It is in this age lays the character, actions, and worldview. Dima is struggling with the role of the father, but he tries to find a compromise: not banning anything, teaches the boy to make the right choice. Already adult son of Julia played with their tracks to Nightclubs. Mother, in turn, very worried for her son and does not approve of these night walks, but Dima says that it is normal at this age. As she says Yulia Dellos, children are a great inspiration to conquer new heights.


It would Seem that else is necessary for happiness? There is a great career, a loving husband, children, cosy house. But in this life it's not enough, you need to constantly work on yourself, learn something new, to try myself in other spheres. Julia, in addition to film and family, working hard to gain new knowledge and skills. Today she will be able to speak with you in English, French and Italian. So if you speak one of these languages, you will be able to talk with the actress.

Her Free time, she prefers to spend in the pool appease yoga class or receive energy on the lessons of tai Chi. But that's not all hobby actress. You will be surprised, but Julia knows how to swallow fire. You probably don't once give similar performance, so the actress so captured the spectacle that she wanted to learn it. A quiet evening in the house of Julia and Dima can hear the clarinet. As you can see, the actress is strong not only in cinema but also in other spheres of life. Julia is a Prime example for modern girls. A successful actress, loving wife, mother of three children - all Yulia Dellos. Simana photo in the album shows the joy, warmth, family happiness.

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