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To Belittle – to belittle, to diminish. Named the most common word in fiction. What are cognates to this verb exist in the Russian language? And what synonyms to the word “impair” you can pick up? We will talk about this later in the article.

diminish it

The Morphological structure and the meaning of the word

"Belittle" – is a word that consists of the following elements:

  • A prefix (U-);
  • Root (Small -);
  • Suffix (I);
  • Postfix (T).

"Belittle" – is a lexical unit that has a homophone "to beg". The root word to the verb the meaning of which is discussed in this article – "depreciation", that is, belittling, reducing anything. "Beg" comes from the noun "prayer." These verbs are often confused. Spelling mistakes are often made because of a misunderstanding of the lexical meaning. To understand the examples:

  • Prisoners begged for mercy (requested).
  • This action does not detract from his merit for the Fatherland (not reduce).

synonyms to the word to belittle


In addition to the above values, to belittle – "depreciate", "limit". In the modern spoken language is not often found this verb as well as cognate words. But he cannot be called archaic. When in the text the word “minimize”, as a rule, it is about the understatement of something intangible, such as values, roles, dignity.

To Belittle – is a verb to which you can also pick up as synonyms such words as “downgrade”, “reduce”. However, stylistic shade, which has the word, allows in most cases to replace it with a neutral notion of “reduce”

  • Everything said by the bibliographers about the personal life of the poet, does not diminish the importance of his work in Russian literature.
  • Should Not detract from his merits, to make excuses and go eat.

In legal terminology, there is such a thing as ‘restriction of individual rights and freedoms”. In this case, the synonym is the noun “limitation”

  • In Russia there are no laws that would impair the rights of the citizen.

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