Smartphone DIGMA HIT 3G Q400: owner reviews, specifications and features


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As it surprisingly sounds, but cheap smartphones are more popular than gadgets premium. The latter, of course, much more interesting in terms of hardware “toppings”, but not every buyer is able to purchase such a device. But in the budget segment, there is a significant increase in consumer demand. Naturally, the first thing that attracts attention – the price. Manufacturers have much improved features of cheap gadgets, have expanded the functionality and improved the quality.

A Great alternative to a simple push-button “calling” was the smartphone DIGMA HIT 3G Q400. Reviews about the model and its characteristics will be discussed in this article. The cost of the device is critically low. You can buy it for only 1900-2000 rubles. What does the manufacturer for the money? Let's deal.digma hit 3g q400 reviews

Packaging and contents

Packed phone in a small box made of thin cardboard. Externally, it is decorated quite brightly. On a white background emblazoned a photo of the smartphone. Above him is the inscription indicating the belonging to the brand. The name itself, and the device type is printed on the bottom of the box. On the right side the manufacturer briefly presented the main characteristics. We are talking about OS version, screen size, Wi-Fi, 3G, 2-megapixel camera and two SIM cards.

Speaking of picking, the reviews smartphone DIGMA HIT 3G Q400 (White/Black) receives a different. The fact is that to minimize cost, the manufacturer had to a critical minimum cut set of accessories, that is in the box with the phone to put only Talon, about the warranty, and quick start guide. The lack of headphone disappointed buyers, but the charger has caused a flurry of negativity. Of course, you can use the power adapter from an old smartphone, but the fact that such austerity unpleasant impact on the overall assessment of gadget.


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In the form of the classical candy bar made this device. Exquisite design elements, the user will not find. Count on uniqueness and originality, buying the phone over 2 thousand rubles, unfortunately, is not necessary. There is a wide variety in colours, this draws the attention of buyers, leaving at online reviews. Smartphone DIGMA HIT 3G Q400 black and white is not very interesting to an audience of children, as well as his often become students as a first phone, it is not bright enough instances.

But the dimensions of the users respond positively. The unit weighs only 107 grams, making it comfortable to wear not only in the bag, but in the pockets of any clothes. As for the size of the case, the quibble is only to the thickness. Currently, 10 mm is quite a large figure. The height and width standard with a 4-inch smartphone. They be 130 and 64 mm, respectively.

The Soiled rear cover reduced through the use of a textured surface. Fingerprints, of course, will remain, but not in large quantity. The figure is quite small, so it is not immediately apparent. In the hand the phone is practically non-slip, which minimizes accidental fall. Those for whom the criterion soiled is one of the main, it is recommended to choose white smartphone DIGMA HIT 3G Q400. Reviews about this instance indicate that it, unlike black, dirt less noticeable.smartphone digma hit 3g q400 reviews

The layout of the back cover of the standard gadgets of this type. In the upper part in the center is a flash and eye of the main camera. They are on the same vertical line. At the bottom, toward the left side is an oblong hole dynamics. To argue about the convenience of this location can be long, however, users noticed that the volume will decrease significantly, if you put the device on a soft surface back side. More on the battery lid has no functional elements. As regards the shape of the panel, its side faces are rounded. This allowed to visually reduce the thickness of the body. Cover is removable. Under it is the battery and slots for two “love”, and a memory card.

On the front side there is nothing remarkable. Large screen frame detracts from the appearance. According to users, their width is unjustified. In the upper part of the developers have positioned the earpiece and the window selfie camera. Proximity sensors and lighting not. Displayed in the bottom control panel with three touch buttons.

Users are positive about the quality of the build. When strong pressure is applied on the panel deflection was observed. Also there is no backlash and squeaks, which, of course, is the dignity of “state”.


Unfortunately, the low cost of the gadget is reflected on the screen. To reduce the price developers set the display, which is made by technology TFT. The image quality is poor. Also unflattering comments about the viewing angles users in their reviews. Smartphone DIGMA HIT 3G Q400 Black/ White-camera entry-level, so expect innovative developments is not necessary.

4-inch screen has a modest resolution – 800 × 480 px. Image clarity is significantly reduced on the street. The brightness range is low. When exposed to sunrays the information becomes unreadable. Option "multitouch" is designed just for two touches. Some owners had problems with the operation of the sensor. Based on this information, the screen of this smartphone is difficult to classify the advantages. But in defense of the gadget note that for 2000 rubles to expect anything more is not necessary.smartphone digma hit 3g q400 black reviews


What are the reviews DIGMA HIT 3G Q400 received about the performance? Most of the users appreciated the work of the device on a 5-point system on the three. The apparatus is based on an inexpensive chipset Spreadtrum SC7731. Its capabilities are limited to a frequency of 1200 MHz. It is up to that limit can accelerate four the compute module as the load increases. Complements the hardware platform GPU Mali-400MP2 and 512 MB of “RAM”.

The comments say that the smartphone interface works smoothly. “Light” apps launch quickly, games however, complications can arise. The gadget will pull only the most simple.

The benefits are also difficult to relate the amount of internal memory. For everything the user is 4 GB, of which about half is the operating system. To increase the memory up to 32 GB by installing a flash card.

smartphone digma hit q400 3g black reviews


In this model, support networks of the new generation is not implemented. The device works with 2G/3G. The smartphone has two slots for SIM cards, but they work alternately, as only one radio module.

Do Not forget the developers of Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. The last single band. As for Bluetooth, its version (2.1) is considered obsolete. Also implemented and navigation. To start the GPS module will need approximately one minute.

Time of Autonomous work

The owners of the device Q400 DIGMA HIT 3G reviews often touch on the subject of autonomy. The developers have equipped the smartphone battery of 1400 mAh. Of course, such capacity will not be sufficient for long term work. However, if you take into account the weak screen resolution and not very powerful platform, with an average load, you can expect 10-15 hours of battery life. This time is greatly reduced if you use the Internet, play or listen to music. Intensive exploitation of the resource, the battery will last approximately 3 hours.smartphone digma hit 3g q400 white reviews


The capacity of the chambers is also low rated in reviews. DIGMA HIT 3G Q400 is equipped with 0.3 MP and 2 MP modules. Unfortunately, the developers and the optics greatly saved. Both cameras have auto focus. Users have described the quality of the pictures is mediocre. Image sharpness and detail at a low level. The color reproduction is weak. The only thing you can use the camera – communication by video call and instant messengers.


The Software of this model – the only undeniable plus. The smartphone is equipped with sixth “Android”. The original shell is not, as advertising software. And that many users relate to the benefits. The system can be updated via the “air”.smartphone digma hit q400 3g white reviews

DIGMA HIT 3G Q400: feedback

So, after reviewing the opinion of owners of this model, we can conclude that HIT Q400 3G is in fact a simple ‘true’. Its the cost of the gadget is fully justified. It characteristics entry-level budget segment. However, users have also identified several advantages. These include build quality, separate slot for external storage device, small dimensions, low weight and the ability to work with two cards of cellular operators.

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