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A Manicure should be not only neat and trendy. An important requirement for him is also unique. After all, paying a tidy sum for nail design, none of the girls wants to see something similar in the hands of someone else. The ideal option to create your individual image will be manicures with stones, which will emphasize the exclusivity of its owner.

manicure with pebbles

Major trends

Any modern beauty wants to look stylish, fashionable and exclusive. At all times neat and well-groomed hands was considered to be the hallmark of any girl. There is therefore nothing surprising in the fact that, in addition to elegant clothes, elegant hairstyles and bright makeup, lady adorn yourself a flawless manicure. Cut or hygienic, modest or pretentious French nail art, natural nails or false - all that every woman chooses for herself. Today, the trend of individuality.

Excursion in the history of nail Polish

For the First time women came up to put on my nails covering in Ancient Egypt. They did it with natural dyes. China plate covered with a mixture of beeswax, gelatin and eggs. In India, long nails have long been an indicator of belonging to a noble class. In Russia, there were specially trained servants who know how to do a manicure. These skills are handed down or between his closest minions. Nail Polish in the form in which used to see today, appeared in 1830 in France.

French manicure with pebbles the desire of the girls to decorate their hands have always existed, regardless of how much this fashionista - 5 years or 65. The only difference is in the desire, financial capacity, skills, Vogue as well as the scope of its activities. After all, what is appropriate for the student, is not always suitable for women with a certain life status and position in society.


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Varnish appeared in 1952. So the nails of any girl who was covered with him, by definition, was considered well groomed. With today's variety of shapes, sizes and coatings, except that a lazy person gets the solid medium. French, gel Polish, manicure with stones - these and other techniques find their admirers, ready to give a lot of money to be on top.

French manicure

The French appeared in 1976 in Hollywood. This type of manicure was invented by Jeffrey Pink than furor. This technique design instantly became popular. Because no other way of covering the nails are not capable enough to highlight the natural beauty and health. In the classic version of the nail is covered with beige, pale pink or clear varnish, and the tip is applied the white paint in the shape of a Crescent.

When the ladies all over the world to fully enjoy a French manicure white and beige palette, adventurous nail designers began to develop and to bring the different variations. Thus appeared the French manicure with pebbles. Most standard colours added one concise strazik, who was secured with a special glue on the ring finger. Thanks to this simple solution the girl's hands became more gentle and attractive. At the beginning of its formation, this nail design is very appropriate looked festive and social events. He then found application in everyday life.

manicure short with pebbles

With the development of modern fashion change and trends in manicure. And it does not surprise anyone. So, in 2014-2015 manicure with stones of steel to do on short nails. It is in this period, the media never tired of proclaiming that any representative of the beautiful half of humanity should strive for naturalness. The stones were pasted on the cover nude or colored lacquer. All began to discuss more and color French. Boring single color coating steel to dilute expensive rhinestones. And later the masters of nail art has gone a step further and added in a classic palette of lace.

The Technique of lunar manicure or as it is called in our country, “inverted French”, also took its place. In 2017, the French manicure has not lost its relevance. The nails still stick gems, rhinestones, lace. But all this splendor adapt to the modern way of life. Perhaps that is why today in the trend manicure with pebbles on short nails. Beautiful girl happy to wear it.

Manicure (short) to stones

Next season brings with it a change. This statement characterizes the entire fashion industry. Sometimes what was considered the height of bad taste last season, next year is already a must-have for everyone. The same happens in nail design. But no one would argue with the fact that fashion is meant to serve the people and, therefore, it adapts to the needs of society. A good example of this adaptation is a manicure with stones on not very long nails. Some girls don't know how to live without invoices tips: infinite coating, correction and all the new creations manicure embodied in their manicured hands, delighting their owners and others.

manicure with pebbles on short nailsBut there is another category of girls who are onlynaturalness. They insist that there is nothing more beautiful than naturalness. For them designers have developed interesting ideas with pebbles. This manicure is perfect for the ladies whose nails are always in sight, but they are because of their job or social status can't afford to look defiant. In order to enhance your appearance and style, they choose is not just a standard manicure with a plain coating. In order to make their look complete, they prefer manicure with pebbles. It looks appropriate in the office and at corporate events, and outside of work, in theatre or restaurant.

Stylish and extravagant

Another very interesting technique that deserves special attention is the black manicure with pebbles. Certainly, fashion trends are subject to changes. But there are things that are always relevant – it is little black dress or a combination with white color in clothes. These elements can easily be considered a black manicure. It equally goes well with a business suit and bright shawls. By the way, invented it in order to emphasize a beautiful bronze tan. Neat stone pasted on a black background, will give any image piquancy and elegant touch. The main advice for girls who choose this type of manicure: entrust it to a professional technician, since due to the black background will be visible all the irregularities of the nail and coverage, and the stone will only strengthen this effect.


The Price policy of the manicure depends on many factors: region, level of conditioning, skill master, material quality etc the final price will depend on their entirety:

  • French manicure (treatment + nail Polish) - from 600 RUB.
  • French manicure (gel Polish) - from 800 rubles.
  • Nail Extensions (French manicure) - from 2500 RUB.

black manicure with pebbles

The price of the nail design depends on what will be decorated with a nail. The price of the simple stone starts from 20 rubles. If the master covers the nails of your clients with Swarovski crystals, it will be much more expensive.


When the variety of design dazzled and it is difficult to stay on one thing, you can read reviews girls. For example, many of the lovely ladies speak well of the French, supplemented by stones. They believe that this manicure appropriate in any situation. Someone with enthusiasm speaks about bright colors. In General, there is not one girl who wouldn't want to add to your manicure stones at least once in your life.

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