Alteration of the computer power supply in different devices


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The Computer has served us over the years, becoming a real friend and when it becomes obsolete or hopelessly broken, sometimes it is a pity to carry it to the dump. But there are details that I can serve at home. This Alteration computer power supplyNumerous coolers, and CPU heatsink, and even the case. But the most valuable is the PSU. Computer power supply, thanks to a decent power in a small size, is an ideal object of every upgrades. His transformation is not a difficult task.

Modification of the computer power supply to the normal voltage source

You Need to decide what type of power supply your computer is at or ATX. Usually, this is indicated on the housing. Switching-mode power supply work only under load. But the device power supply type ATX allows a short green and black wires to artificially imitate. So, connecting the load (for at) or by closing the necessary conclusions (ATX), you can run the fan. The output appears 5 and 12 Volts. The maximum output current depends on the power of the PSU. At 200 W, padivattom the output current can reach 20A at 12V  - about 8A. So without any extra costs, you can use a good power source with good output characteristics.

supply unit

Modification of the computer power supply in voltage source

To Have a PSU at home or at work is quite convenient. To change the default unit is easy. Need to replace a few resistors and desoldering a choke. In this case the voltage can be adjusted from 0 to 20 Volts. Naturally, currents will remain in the original proportions. If you are satisfied with a voltage of 12V, enough for its output to set the thyristor voltage regulator. Regulator circuit is very simple. It will help to avoid interference in the internal part of the computer unit.


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Modification of the computer power supply in the charger for the car

The Principle is a little different from the regulated power supply. Only it is desirable to change the Schottky diodes for a more powerful. Charger BP computer has a number of advantages and disadvantages. The advantages primarily include small size and light weight. Transformer memory is much heavier and uncomfortable to use. The disadvantages are also significant: the sensitivity to short circuits and polarity reversal.

charger BP computer

Of Course, this criticality can be observed in the transformer devices, but in case of failure of the pulse unit alternating current with voltage 220V committed to the battery. It is terrible to imagine the consequences of this for all devices and people nearby. The application of the power supply protection solves this problem.

Before using this charger, took seriously the manufacture of the protection circuit. Especially since there is large number of varieties.

So, do not rush to throw parts from the old device. Alteration of the computer power supply will give it a second life. When working with BP remember that his fee is constantly under a voltage of 220V, and it represents a lethal threat. Observe rules of personal safety when working with electric current.

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