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Recently the only option to save their documents were voluminous hard disk. For quick backup users to use a CD/DVD, the capacity of which very soon became wholly insufficient.

what is skydriveThat is why such enthusiasm was met with the appearance of SkyDrive. What it is, by the way? This – “cloud” the storage by the infamous company Microsoft. With the advent of Windows 8 the importance of this service has increased dramatically. The fact that the promotion and popularization of the service the company offers default save all documents in “cloud”. First it is felt by the users of the new Microsoft Office 2013.

However, you should not assume that such an approach carries a alone the cons. It has a lot of positive sides.

Positive nuances

First, Microsoft did not repeat their old mistakes, and therefore produced the application client with support for all current operating systems: Windows 7/8, Mac OS, Android, iOS. The course was successful, but because the client for cloud storage today, has its fair few percent of the market.

skydrive login

In addition, the platform provides other advantages: the program fully supports Office Web Apps, and therefore to edit your files you can from any modern browser, go to In addition, there is the option for sharing documents, posting photos on social networks.

If to speak about corporate users, they will love that for co-editing documents, you can set individual permissions to both read and change the content. SkyDrive (what's that, you already know), until recently, was introduced to all users with 25 GB of free disk space. Today give only 7 GB, but if you want you can easily buy another.


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In this article we take a closer look at the above capabilities, as well as separately the integration with social networks.

Getting started

To begin to work, you need to register to SkyDrive. What does it mean? To do this, go to the website of the company Microsoft, and then to come up with their own username and password. Owners Of Windows 8/8.1 freed from this necessity: they have done all required when installing the system. Important! These same login details you will now be able to use for access to almost all Microsoft services (to sign in to Skype, for example).

In short, the successful experience of Apple and Google has not gone unnoticed.

Useful tips

In principle, you can go to the page of the service, which is easy to use in web mode. But for convenient and productive work with it, it is advisable to download the SkyDrive app. It gives the average user? Will answer this question later, but for now let's consider the procedure of installing the program to your system.

skydrive disableYou must First download the installation file. Important! Please look at the link, because the site there are versions for both Windows and MacOS. During installation the client is automatically integrated in the system. In particular, add the appropriate entries in the context menu.

By the Way, how to remove SkyDrive from the system if the program will not need? Its uninstalling is no different from that for other applications. Important! In the registry and on the company's servers to save all the files that were previously synced. If you don't want it, then before deleting the program from the hard drive should be erased.

Using this app (and here is the answer to the above question!), you can also mount the virtual disk, working him like a physical drive.

Of Course, this will allow you to quickly and with maximum convenience to sync files between your computer and the ‘cloud” SkyDrive. Logged in at the time of entering password to the system (to Windows 8). In addition, to enter the credential information in the main window of the program.

How to manage your files

windows skydriveAs the app's interface is almost exactly like that of “Explorer”, the problems with the initial development of the program is not exactly there.

First note in the upper right corner. There is a icon “Sorting”, which allows you to see the files with some preferred properties. In simple terms, this option sorts the documents by date modified, size, and other parameters. The display mode data can also be changed. As in the conventional “Explorer”, it is better to use the tabular mode as it displays more data.

In tile display option look great large collection of photos since in the preview it is convenient to find all the information about a particular file.

In addition, you can call the sidebar, which also displays all the necessary data.

Service Management

Almost all control is with the mouse, so no problems with addiction will not. As is the case with conventional drives, you can create and delete folders and files, rename them. Of course, with nested directories.

Creating folders and files

how to remove skydrive

To create a folder, you can simply click on the icon «Create», located in the upper toolbar. Clicking on it, you will see the context menu, which contains a corresponding provision. By creating a directory, do not forget to immediately give it a meaningful name.

All the same can be done using the standard features of “Conductor” Windows. To learn about all the available options, scroll to the folder with the right mouse button: context menu otkoetsya in which they will all be listed in detail.

If you don't need SkyDrive, disable the service is easy: click the right button of the mouse on the application icon in the system tray, then select “Out”.

Description of program

As we already said, a large part of the functionality of the program is understandable, as it repeats the features from the standard “Conductor”. However, there are some differences, which we will now discuss.

skydrive com

So, the option “Download” will allow you to upload a folder or a specific file on your hard disk.

Using the same “Share”, you will receive a link to a document that will be displayed in the social networks with which you have to match the application. Thus, all your friends get access to documents. Unfortunately, they can only be downloaded, as the opportunities of co-authoring in Windows SkyDrive is not provided.

About the same answers button “Implement”, by clicking on which is generated HTML code that is easy to insert in blogs and other Internet resources.

Work with photos

As you could imagine not to use this disk space for storing massive media files? Photos, for example. Management does not differ from that for other files, but there are some features.

In particular, they highlighted only the right mouse button. In addition, the context menu has some special items. In particular, if you select “Open”, the photo displayed in the local viewer. As it is functional, it is necessary to tell about it in more detail.

Look at the top of the working menu: there is a button called "slide Show", clicking on which launches the option. By the way. For a slide show, it is not necessary to download photos to your hard drive. If you have a decent Internet connection, and view the slides directly from the network no problems.

From below you can see the tape slides with tiny icons, which are responsible for previewing photos. On the right shows an information panel, which displays information about each file: its size, resolution, date taken etc.

Integration with social networks

If you want to describe any online service that was created in the last time, no mention of social media can not do. Not to say that such functionality is really useful, but Facebook fans will surely enjoy. Unfortunately, the integration with local social services are not provided. About the plans of the developers on this score also, nothing is known.

How to share file in some Google+, using Microsoft SkyDrive? First note in the upper right corner, there you can find the icon “Add”. Click on it. The winning list of social networks, among which we must select them by clicking on it with the left mouse button.

 microsoft skydrive

Will Appear the login window, where you need to specify your credentials. To send your photo or other file to a social network, you should use the functionality of the team «Share», which we have already mentioned above.

If you need to send a photo to multiple social networks, set the checkboxes next to the desired items in the dialog box. By the way, from there you can even write a post in Facebook. Because of this, international users often use to conduct their blogs SkyDrive. Synchronization service computer helps to keep all the information current.


Our users are still treated with some distrust of the features provided by them is cloud storage. Meanwhile, this service helps you not only store user-generated photos and videos, but also share their experiences in the network.

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