2 Ukrainian front: the battle path, the chronicle of the fighting


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In 1943, the military actions of great Patriotic war are slowly returning already on the territory of modern Ukraine. Have, in principle, it is clear that the USSR would win the war against the fascist invaders. In this article we'll talk about the 2 Ukrainian front, fighting the way, the chronicle of the fighting which was very interesting.

The effectiveness of the major combat units

The Exodus of the ancient wars could be solved in one battle, when the armies met head-on and took place a fight between them. With the development of military technology it has become impossible. Victory in the global war (beginning with the 1st world) can win, only the army, which clearly was coordinating the movement and actions of combat units on a large plot front. An example of such a successful military conglomerate can be called 2 Ukrainian front, battle your way which is very interesting. With the cooperation of the army group command can simultaneously achieve success in different areas, and the enemy, accordingly, will not have enough human and technical resources "to eliminate the holes".

2 Ukrainian front fighting the way

Creation of the 2nd Ukrainian front

At the end of 1943 the territory of the Soviet Russia was already practically freed from the invaders. So many troops that participated in the liberation of the Russian regions, continued their combat with the enemy and crossed into the territory of modern Ukraine. In this context there is the feasibility to create a new front. The chief of staff by his order dated October 16, 1943, established the 2nd Ukrainian front, fighting the way which lasted until 1945. From 20 October of the same year the order came into force.

2 Ukrainian front fighting the way the Dnieper

To Create an effective combat unit was easy, because the core of the group was part of the former Steppe front, which already had experience of interaction between them.

2 Ukrainian front: the battle path (the Dnieper and Central Ukraine)

Immediately after the creation of the front was assigned the task as quickly as possible to free the Central region of Ukraine. In late September, the troops at that time still of the Steppe front crossed the Dnieper near Kremenchug. Despite the fact that the front had enough strength to a serious fight, the commander decided to continue the offensive. The main task at this point was to prevent an enemy army from Dnepropetrovsk, therefore, the front military Council decided to step in line Pyatikhatki - apostolove.


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2 Ukrainian front fighting the way the regiment page 922

This operation will later be called Pyatikhatskiy. After the offensive concentration of forces began on 15 October 1943 and gradually bore fruit. After the fighting dragged on, the command changed strategy.

Attack on Znamenka and Kirovograd

When the army is mired in the fighting in the Dnipropetrovsk region, it was necessary to change the direction and emphasis of the fighting. Was made for that exploration. According to army information, it became clear that in the area of Znamenka little concentrated enemy forces. To provide effective resistance to the enemy will have reinforcements that will take some time.

From the city, our army, namely, the 2nd Ukrainian front, fighting the way which Ukraine was long, the first blow was struck on November 14, 1943. Until November 25 special dynamics in the actions of the troops was not. But success in these battles provided a strong 2nd Ukrainian front! Chronicle of fighting is as follows:

- From 3 to 5 December, was fighting for the liberation of the city of Alexandria. For the Nazis it was quite an important point, because in this area even now there are large deposits of brown coal, which was used as fuel.

on December 6th began fighting for the liberation of a large railway junction - the city of Znamenka. The city was liberated in a few days.

2 Ukrainian front fighting the way the chronicle of hostilities

- Then the troops headed in the direction of Kirovohrad. Distance from the city to the regional center only 50 miles away, but to see the Kirovohrad army was able only on 8 January 1944. The enemy had built a strong line of defense, which had been holding back the Soviet soldiers, but did not survive the onslaught.

Uman-Botoshansky operation

Where next went 2 Ukrainian front? Fighting the way our troops continued in the West. It was necessary to liberate the right-Bank Ukraine and Moldova. The offensive in the direction of Uman district of Kirovograd commenced on 5 March 1944. The Germans were unable to create a strong defense line in this area of hostilities. All elements, except aviation forces of the red army approximately in 2 times exceeded the capacity of the enemy. The defense line troops of the Wehrmacht with a width of about 8 kilometers, the army broke through in 2 days. Then began a successful breakthrough.

2 Ukrainian front fighting in the path of history

Uman was able to release on March 10, 1944. Then the troops crossed the southern bug and continued on his way towards Dubno and Zhmerinka. March 19 was released the city of Mogilev-Podolsky.

Actually 2 weeks the Soviet troops managed a small "blitzkrieg". For example, the distance from Kirovohrad to Uman 197 km From Uman to Mogilev is not very close. Needwe take into account the factor of fighting.

In late March - early April, troops of the 2nd Ukrainian front was to help compounds 1 Ukrainian front under the Kamianets-Podilskyi. Goal: environment 1 enemy. The army had to walk to the river and stepping literally on the shore to encircle the enemy army. Ring to close almost succeeded. On 3 April, the SPACECRAFT took famous for its fortress the town of Hotin.

2 Ukrainian front: battle road in the history of the war for the border

Troops of the 2nd Ukrainian front took an active part in the operations of the red army beyond the borders of the USSR, aimed at the complete destruction of the enemy troops. It is worth noting in this regard the events of August 1944. At this time the Soviet troops had carried out the Jassy-Kishinev offensive operation, which has outgrown then in the joint with the Romanian troops of the Bucharest-Artscow. The strategic objective of these operations was the change of power in Romania and the elimination of the state of war against the Soviet Union. Of course, the Red army to stop at the time it was already impossible to complete the task.

2 Ukrainian front fighting the way 1943 1945

On 2 Ukrainian front (the battle path 922 p. shelf and other compounds described briefly in the material) were moved to Hungary. In October, our army launched a successful offensive against enemy troops in the area of Debrecen. Army group "South", which operated in Hungary, was defeated due to well-planned action of our troops. After that, Soviet troops went in the direction of Budapest, surrounded the enemy and entered the city.

The Last combat operation of the troops of the 2nd Ukrainian front took place in Austria and the Czech Republic. Prague offensive operation against separate parts of a German troops ended 12 may 1945.


In the history of world war 2 Ukrainian front (the battle path - 1943-1945 years) left its mark. The troops of this front liberated the strategically important region of Central Ukraine, and also participated in battles in many countries of Europe.

Europe, Russia, Ukraine and Belarus will not forget the heroism of Soviet soldiers!

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