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airport FinlandFinland, or, as it is called, “land of a thousand lakes" does not cease to attract tourists with its unique ecologically clean Northern nature, ski resorts, traditional fish cuisine and the village of Santa Claus- Lapland. If you want to live in the woods in a cabin, go fishing, enjoy the polar nights with their own eyes to appreciate the incredible beauty and neopisuemo the Northern lights – welcome to Finland, one of the most visited European countries. The capital - Helsinki official language-Finnish and Swedish. Currency – the Euro.

Having been in Finland, you will never forget her fresh frosty air, fast huskies, graceful deer, steep descents, deep clear rivers and heady freedom. She will remain forever in your sensitive heart.

Going to any country, it is important to choose a good airport. Finland belong to thirty airports, among which 10 airports have the international status. Major international airports are Helsinki-Vantaa, Tampere-Pirkkala and Lappeenranta.

tour to FinlandHelsinki-Vantaa

This international airport first class accepts most types of aircraft. Through  it is 90% on international flights. Helsinki-Vantaa takes Russian airlines and more than thirty foreign. This airport of Finland is a base for the Finnish national carrier Finnair. There are two terminals operate around the clock. In April 2013, he was honored to become the best airport in Northern Europe.


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Lappeenranta – the oldest airport in Finland

It Is located in the city of Lappeenranta, which accounts for its name. Quite old, he was already 95 years old. The last two years, there are noticeable reductions in passenger traffic. The reason for this was the reduction in flights by budget airlines. Also, the airport enjoys a large number of citizens of Russia because of the presence here of the Ryanair.


Is the international airport of Finland – the third highest passenger traffic and the second for international flights. There are already 77 th year and provides air travel to the countries of Western and Central Europe. As Lappeenranta, has partnered with budget airline Ryanair. Is not staffed. The airport is closed from 01:30 to 04:00.

Tours to Finland

 tickets to FinlandIf you do decide to explore the incredible nature and to plunge into the world of childhood with your child in the house of Santa Claus,  the journey should carefully consider, and of course, book a tour to Finland in advance. This will ensure you not only complete, for example, the Finnish celebration of the New year with hints of a fairy tale, but also provide the opportunity to save on tour about half. There are tours, but often it is necessary for them to adjust their plans, which in turn many not quite convenient. Tickets to Finland you can buy or reserve in advance online, which will greatly reduce their total cost, but this is only possible if you buy them in approximately three to five months before departure. If you do not have time to wait and need to fly, the price for tickets for residents of Russia roughly will be like this: Helsinki – R. 5024, Oulu – 8775 R., Vaasa – R. 7830, Turku-5469 R., Kuopio – 8589 R. and Tampere-5161 R. (prices valid on 14.08.2013).

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