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Sergey Chemezov-CEO of the Corporation "rostec" last Chapter «Rosoboronexport». Included in the Supreme Council of the party «United Russia». Is considered a close ally of Vladimir Putin. The Agency of economic news makes it into the top 10 most influential people in Russia.

Sergei Chemezov


Sergei Chemezov was born in the city of Cheremkhovo in 1952. In 1975 graduated from Moscow University of national economy with honors. Then entered the higher courses at the Military Academy of the General staff of the Russian Federation.

In 1980 he got a job at an experimental industrial enterprise “Beam”. From 1983 he headed the office of this company in the GDR. There, Mr Lavrov met with Vladimir Putin. The future Russian President was working in Dresden in the territorial intelligence under the guise of the head of the House of Friendship GDR-USSR. He told me how he lived with Vladimir Vladimirovich under one roof, and their families were close to him.

From 1988 to 1996 Chemezov worked as a Deputy Director of the Association «Sovintersport" (it was rumored that Sergey was a controller of this company from the KGB). In 1996 became Upravdelami President for external economic relations. In 1998 there came to work Vladimir Artyakov, who subsequently won the seat of Deputy and the Governor of the Samara region. At the moment their sons are co-owners of the hotel complex "Meridian" in Gelendzhik.

In 2007 he became the General Director of state Corporation «rostec». She joined the 437 private businesses. Chemezov believed that this collaboration will help bring a new level of losing all the defence assets of the country.


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At the end of 2013 in the residence of «Gorki» Chemezov met with Prime Minister Medvedev. The hero of this article was presented to President Dmitry Medvedev of the Russian «Yota phone”, has two screens.

Sergei Chemezov biography


The First wife of Sergey Chemezov named Love was a close friend of Lyudmila Putina since the days of living in the GDR.

The Second wife of billionaire became Ekaterina Ignatova. It owns 70% of the company “Kate” involved in the production and development of gearboxes for the company «AVTOVAZ». She also is the primary owner of a restaurant chain “Floor” (19 institutions in the capital) and company «Troika Dialog" (jointly with Gor Nakhapetyan a).

Sergei Chemezov has four children-two from his first marriage (Alexander and Stanislav) and the same from the second (daughter and son).


The total profit of the spouses Cemenovich for 2012 was equal to 517 million rubles. Of these, 455 million earned Catherine, and only 62 million - Sergey Viktorovich. In family property is located 7 vehicles and 21 property. In 2013, the income of spouses increased to 803 million rubles.

the wife of Sergey Chemezov

Scientific and stewardship work

Sergei Chemezov, the biography which has been presented above, is a doctor of economic Sciences, full member of the Academy of military Sciences, Professor and the author of over 130 publications. At the moment «rostec» collaborates with 214 universities. Chemezov also pays much attention to the revival of experimental design and research work. On his initiative, the Corporation recruited a famous scientist Yuri Koptev, who now heads the scientific and technical Council.

Sergei Chemezov serves on the several boards of Trustees. Among them, the Cycling Federation of the Russian Federation, Fund of support of diplomacy by A. Gorchakov, a Charitable Fund for the restoration of the Church of Christ and new Jerusalem monastery. Since 2014 member of the Board of the Russian school Olympiads.


In 2004, Chemezov has received the RF Government prize in the field of technology and science. Awarded several medals (of Honour – 2002, Friendship – 2009, For services to the Motherland – 2005, 2007 and 2012), as well as Soviet and Russian medals. In March 2010, Mr Lavrov for his contribution to the development of Franco-Soviet relations in the field of high-tech production received the Legion of honor.

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