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Their hand-Made decorative items from wool, can be a wonderful masterpiece. Plus they are so simple that with little adult supervision with them to handle even a preschooler. The article presents to your attention master classes, which make use of a cotton pad.

Crafts “Sheep”

Materials and tools needed:

  • Hygienic cotton pads;
  • Colorful felt cloth;
  • Thin laces;
  • Cotton thread;
  • Needle for sewing;
  • Stapler;
  • Scissors.

Cotton pads are better to buy in big bundle, you can use the cheapest.


A Cotton pad twice to bend in half and secure like this stapler. Thus to prepare 15 pieces. All prepared quarters strung on a sturdy white thread. Tighten the thread to stop. To spread the drives to get the ball. To attach the cords, then the garland can be hung from.


The Muzzle of lamb cut oval shapes from the felt fabric. The horns bend from a wire and sew them with thread from the inside of the muzzle. Beaded beads and collect the ears and eyes of sheep.

Calla lilies from cotton pads

Cotton pads - a wonderful material for creating flowers. For this DIY you will need the following materials:

  • A few cotton pads;
  • Cotton swabs;
  • Cocktail straws;
  • Yellow felt pen, marker;
  • Fast-solidifying glue.

cotton pads

Step by Step instructions making DIY:

  1. Manufacturer flower needs to start with credence, for this purpose one end of the cotton swab to paint with a marker (pen) bright yellow color.
  2. The Other end of the wand to insert a cocktail straw, painted part needs to stay out of the tube.
  3. Cotton pad wrap the tube with a stick to yellow in the middle looked out of the petal, like a real Calla lilies.
  4. Gently seal the petal with glue. It is important that the glue never stood out and did not stain the flower, otherwise the craft will look sloppy.
  5. Thus it is possible to make some flowers and make a bouquet. Be nice if you wrap it with green gofrirovannyi sheet of paper.
  6. A bunch of glue to the paper, it will turn applique. This technique will make a greeting card beautiful and original.

Cotton Tree

Very often to create a fabulous tree apply cotton pads. Crafts with their hands to do it is easy, you only need to be patient. To make the garland you will need the following materials:


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  • Cotton pads, one or more packages, depending on what the value of substitution;
  • Very thick cardboard, polypropylene;
  • Pins, glue.

Cotton – it is a pliable material that is easy to find in any store.

Stages of creation

If as a basis to use cone made of polypropylene, each slice rolled and secured on the basis of using ordinary tailor pins. Until then, until the entire cone is filled.

cotton pads are made with their own hands

If as a basis to use cardboard, you need to turn a cone. To fix a stapler, to cut off the excess so that the cone can be delivered. To a cardboard base attached quilted the circles with glue. But before that they need to be folded several times and fix in this position with thread. The Christmas tree can be decorated with beads, glitter.

Another master-class on making a similar DIY


  • Cardboard cone;
  • Hygienic cotton pads;
  • Green paint - watercolor or gouache, diluted in water;
  • Shine;
  • Glue.


  1. Each disk, moisten around the edge with diluted paint and let dry.
  2. To the cone with superglue fasten dyed piece of wool. We must start at the base, complete verhushechku.
  3. To apply for crafts with glitter, bows, beads.

master class from cotton pads

Master class: crafts "Christmas tree" on a skewer


  • Wooden skewer;
  • Cotton;
  • Mother of pearl bead.

Production Technology

  1. Trim cotton pads to get the circles from largest to smallest, as the children's pyramid.
  2. Put the workpiece on a wooden skewer and verhushechku to secure the bead.
  3. Decorate the Christmas tree at their own discretion.

Crafts out of cotton pads "angel"

How to make cotton pads, are many, but it's easier to buy them in the store. Here are the materials you need for this DIY:

  • A few cotton pads;
  • Threads white;
  • Superglue;
  • Beads pearl color;
  • Scissors.

Master class from cotton pads

  1. The work Begins with the fabrication of the head. Split a cotton pad in two. "Fluff" the wool and roll into a ball.
  2. This ball to put in the middle of the other half of the disk. Wrap and secure with white thread. So, get the ball - this is the head of the product.
  3. For the body in a cotton pad to wrap the head angel, like swaddling clothes, and glue adhesive.
  4. The Next stage is the wings. This cotton pad folded in half and cut a wavy edge. Then cut this diskin two. The result is two wings.
  5. You Can make other wings, cutting them with a stencil.
  6. Grease the back of the angel with glue and press down the wings.
  7. Two quarters cotton pad to collapse the two "bag" and secure with glue. It will handle angel. In each bag glue bead. To fix the handle on the trunk with glue.
  8. At the back of the angel to attach the loop of wire and bend in the form of a halo.
  9. Angel Decorate beads.

how to make cotton pads

Decorations from cotton pads look very nice and touching. They can be used as a decoration of your own home, as gift or souvenir to family and friends. Especially this gift will delight parents, grandparents, if the child will make their own hands.

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