Can I return the phone to the store and for how long?


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Today the market of goods and services is full of different proposals. Attention is drawn to different kind of phones. Some long and carefully choose the smartphone, save up for it and then buy. But not all such operations are fun. Sometimes it turns out that the gadget does not fit. Or he found the defects. Can I return the phone to the store? And if so, how to do it? To understand all this we have next. Actually, it's pretty easy. And if the right approach to solving the problem, will be able to make it happen with minimal losses.can I return the phone to the shop

What the law says about consumer rights?

Is it Possible to get the phone back to the store? To fully understand this question, we need to study the law "On protection of consumer rights". Here in detail the mentioned situation.

Theoretically the chance to return there. But not in all cases. This operation is possible when purchasing defective products. And nothing more. It involves a hassle that takes a lot of time. But more on that later. First, consider in more detail various life situations.

No taste

Is it Possible to return neponravivshiysya phone to the store? Many sellers say that this right of the citizens there. If the device properly, to exchange it or return impossible. Is it so?

To some extent, Yes. If we consider the smartphone as a technically complex product. Such devices can not be returned if they are defective. Many people believe that the phone is a complex gadget. Because it so much!


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About the list of complex products

And, therefore, to consider whether it is possible to get the phone back to the store, not worth it. As we have said, suggest the sellers.

In fact clarify the situation will help list of technically complicated goods. There are no smartphones. You can find in the list only "telephones and household electronics".can I return the phone back to the shop

Modern phones are officially recognized by the portable transmitting stations. And to the telephones they have nothing. So, smartphone is not included in the list of technically complicated goods.

True next

And what happens in the end? Is it possible to return a working phone to the store? Yes. Moreover, such devices are allowed to exchange. For example, with an additional charge.

For some time, everyone will be able to exchange nonfood goods or return the money for it. Even if high-quality products.


Is it Possible to return a new phone in the store? Modern citizens have a right to it. This is despite the fact that many sellers refuse to take the soup back. It is a violation of consumer rights!

Remember that the returned quality of the products the buyer has only 14 days. The countdown starts after payment.

Did Not like the model? Does not fit the color? Just uncomfortable to use the phone? For exchange or store return there is only 2 weeks. After that, the service will be denied. And according to the law!can I return neponravivshiysya phone store


Is it Possible to return a defective phone to the store? Under current law, in this case, to exchange or give it back to the seller any non-food products. And even technically complex products.

That means not to take back to the store defective phone is not eligible. If the seller refers to the fact that the device is a technically complex product, it is possible to specify the defect. In this case, you will have to take the device to conduct the examination and then decide what to do next is to return the phone or take/exchange.

The Terms for marriage

We found out whether you can return to the store bought phone. On the basis of the foregoing it can be concluded that such a right is at every buyer, but for a given period.

If we are talking about substandard products, then its refund is possible throughout the duration of the warranty period. It is usually 1-2 years, sometimes more. The countdown starts from the date of purchase and stamp on the warranty card print shop.


Now a few words about how to translate the idea into reality. After all, if the products got quality, then return it problematic. Even in the statutory period.

Is it Possible to return the phone back to the store? Yeah, but if we are talking about a quality device, this is given too little time. Will have to hurry.

The First thing you can try to negotiate with sellers. For example, to exchange the device with the same or similar surcharge. If you get caught, understand the employee, he will enter the position. It will have to meet certain conditions. We'll examine them later.can I return a working phone to the store


If the time has not expired, and the seller still refuses to accept the phone in the store, citing the fact that it is a technically complex product, have a little war. If more precisely to guide the head of the shop claim for a refund of the products.

It will need to describe the situation and refer to the fact that the phone is not technically sophisticated goods. For example, you can provide a link to the letter of Rospotrebnadzor "Onthe return of mobile phones", 22 October 2010. Here are explanations with which we have met.

The Courts

Is it Possible to return the phone back to the store? With the decision of this question upon detection of a marriage, usually there are no problems. However, not every seller will agree to take the purchased phone. Some even defective device trying to pick up, saying that the fault is in the hands of the buyer. Unfortunately, this practice exists.

If even after a claim, refused to accept the device back, you can try to go to court. In this case, you must be prepared to ensure that the judicial authorities do not have an exact position relative to the subject being studied. The phone can recognize how technically complex the product or not. Therefore, to count on such a scenario not worth it. Unless we are talking about defective products.

Return policy

We understand if you can return the phone back to the store. Usually these problems occur. And sellers are reluctant to accept high-quality products for you.

To Prevent the embodiment of ideas in life can mismatch the basic conditions for the return. The thing is that the citizen must bring the phone in its presentation, with all the stickers and industrial seals.

These components are missing? Then serviceable device legally can't make or trade. This is the only serious condition that will have to comply.

What you need to return?

Should pay attention to several features. Thinking of whether to return to the store bought the phone, buyer must understand that he will have to prepare.

In Addition to the presentation devices, you must provide:

  • Warranty card;
  • Receipt of payment;
  • Complete kit with the components of the device.

That is, all instructions, ear, headset, and other components must be in place. If the smartphone is in "as bought", to pass it much easier. When picking flaws in the process are failing. To complain of such solutions is useless - they are legitimate. And this should take into account each buyer.

Return Process

Is it Possible to return the cell phone to the store? Yes. This is a fairly common phenomenon. Only quality and healthy phones are allowed to return or exchange no later than 2 weeks after purchase. To increase this period it is impossible. But if you agree with the seller, then pass correct device will turn out without difficulty. This is an extremely rare scenario.can I return the phone back to the shop

As you can imagine the refund procedure? Consider the least problematic case - an appeal for service when malfunctions of the device. Then you have to follow the instructions of the following type:

  1. To Collect the full set with a smartphone. Be sure to check all the seals and stickers. It will not be superfluous.
  2. To Address with a cheque and a phone in the store.
  3. To Write the claim for the return of the device. The document shall specify the reasons for seeking the service.
  4. Wait for independent examination. It goes from 1 month or more. All depends on the situation. If desired, the examination can be performed independently and in advance.
  5. Get the test results of the device.
  6. Take the money or exchange the defective phone for a new one (with additional payment or without it).

As practice shows, the results of the examination are crucial. If the phone broke, but testing has proved the guilt of the buyer, even faulty goods in the store will not accept. Is it legal? Yes. In fact, the buyer sold quality products. So to demand something from the seller in this situation is simply meaningless.

Claim Form

Is it Possible to return the mobile phone to the store? The answer to this question is no longer causing trouble.

Some wonder, how to make a claim for a refund devices. Form of the document is written. You can print the claim on the printer.

The structure of the paper standard. Here there is a "cap" in the upper right corner and the document title, and the main part with a detailed description of the situation and with a request to return the money for the purchase, and the conclusion.can I return a defective phone to the store

At the end of the claim shall be signed by the applicant, as well as its interpretation.

If the claim applied materials or documents, will have to issue a so-called app. This is a list of securities attached hereto. It is written after the main part, just before closing.

Actually, it's simple. And make a claim for the refund of the phone is not so difficult. With this handle even a schoolboy.

The position of the buyer

Is it Possible to return the phone back to the store? Completely. In any case, will have to try to embody the idea into life.

If the buyer decided to get rid of low-quality goods, it is necessary to define the position. What are you talking about?

As we have said, some sellers don't give my phone back, on the grounds that it is technically complex device. In fact it is not. And refund is possible, pointing out that smartphones are not complicated devices.

Either the buyer was misled and sold a defective product or explaining its functionality. By law sellers are required to provide only accurate and complete information about products. And if the person was not told about certain features of the device, itcan be returned.

To Use just 2 point of view is not recommended. Especially if the citizen decided to defend their rights through the courts. In this case, the store will collect certain claims from the applicant that indicates an indefinite stance. And then the court is likely to protect the outlets. With the exception of cases in which it appears and confirms the marriage of the smartphone.


Is it Possible to get the phone back to the store? By law - Yes. In practice, not always. Will have to take into account many features of the process. Only then can you hope to succeed.

If we are talking about healthy products, then it is allowed to return or exchange while maintaining the presentation for two weeks. After that, high-quality smartphones will not be it possible to return to the store purchased phone

In the case of defective devices have to work at it. After all, the buyer must prove the marriage. And before that - to ensure that the device sent for examination. Often sellers refuse to provide this service. And you have to go to court to protect their rights.

Before purchasing a smartphone it is best to carefully examine it, learn and explore. Now in stores there are special stands, which are actual models of phones. They included, available for a test drive in the point. Then you won't have to think twice whether to return the phone in store if it did not suit the buyer.

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