How to open a real estate Agency from scratch: a step by step guide


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Investing in real estate has always been profitable, aided by the constant growth of demand. People in need of housing, prefer to contact the real estate Agency. Often the staff consists of professionals who have experience in this field. At first glance, the implementation of the business seems straightforward, which is not the case. Before you start a business, it is necessary to find out what you need to open a real estate Agency.

Many experts recommend that a budding entrepreneur to experience a normal employee in such organizations. This will help you to learn all the principles and gain experience. Success due to the following factors:

  • A large number of potential customers;
  • High income from the transactions;
  • Minimum investments;
  • The opportunity to occupy the vacant niche.
How to open a real estate Agency?

Description of the project

The Main services offered by the organization – help in buying and selling residential real estate, as well as registration of lease agreements. Major customers include both legal and physical entities.

Before to open a real estate Agency from scratch, step-by-step information about what would be good:

  1. To search for buyers and tenants. Conduct negotiations with them. To select the necessary options depending on desires and needs.
  2. Before making a deal to help potential clients to collect documentation. Documents must be prepared in accordance with the law.
  3. The Agency acts as a mediator for the acquired property and advance warning of possible risks.
  4. All information on trades is confidential and not subject to disclosure.
  5. Continuously learn and monitor the market.
estate Agency open

Additional services

Information about how to open a real estate Agency from scratch, of course, very useful. But we should also note a number of additional services to be provided by the organization. These include:


Staff evaluation: system and methods

Staff evaluation: system and methods

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How to start your own business: important aspects.

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business activities. its essence and basic functions

Business activities. its essence and basic functions

The Entrepreneurial activity of the citizen – is undertaken at your own risk and independent activity, which aims to systematically profit through the sale of works, goods, services, use of the property. The citizen engaged in such activities, ...

  • Service for consultation of customers;
  • Legal services;
  • Assistance in data collection and documentation;
  • The provision of all these services.
How to open a real estate Agency step-by-step

To Carry out its activities according to the standard schedule for many such organizations:

  • In the working days from 10-00 to 21-00;
  • Weekend from 9-00 to 18-00.


Easy to open a real estate Agency. Where to start – that's the main issue many aspiring entrepreneurs. First you need to pay attention to the budget and to assess their capabilities. In the first phase, expenditure will include:

  • Lease of premises;
  • The construction work, the development of a design project;
  • Purchase of furniture and office equipment;
  • Recruitment;
  • Advertising campaign;
  • Registration process.
How to open a real estate Agency from scratch step-by-step

Choose room

It is Possible to implement the project real estate Agency, opening it in a residential home. The area of the room should be about 55 square meters. In the center, which will open the organization needs to be new buildings, convenient access roads and the main point – the availability of Parking spaces. The rental unit must meet all the requirements of regulatory authorities.

How to open a real estate Agency step by step guide


The staff must have the following experts:

  1. A real estate Agent.
  2. Manager in the sales Department.
  3. Employee of the mortgage loans.
  4. Lawyer.
  5. Advertising specialist.
  6. Managing the organization. It may be a business owner.
  7. Accountant.

Before to open a real estate Agency, it is worth considering that the staff depends on selected services. For example, if you do not intend to provide legal advice, the lawyer is not required. To reduce costs you can not take on the staff of chief accountant. This service can be in the outsourcing agreement.

Tax System

As the tax system can opt for a simplified system – the USN. The size of the paid tax will be 15 % of the profits of the company or 6 % of net income.

Feature clients

A Budding entrepreneur very useful information about how to open a real estate Agency. Step-by-step characteristics of the target audience in this case will not be superfluous. Common aspects include:

  • Social position. This can be attributed to the middle class and above average. This is due to the fact that an apartment in the mortgage you can afford only those people who have high income.
  • Level of income. The average size of the budget of the same family varies from 70 to 130 thousand rubles. Such families can afford to arrange a mortgage withmonthly payment of up to 35 thousand rubles. If monthly can be paid less than this amount, you are considered budget housing options.
  • Marital status. If we turn to research, it is possible to obtain information that is about 60% of the population are in family status, approximately 30 % – single people and 10 % – all other.
Open estate Agency, how to start?

Marketing plan

After open a real estate Agency, you can navigate to the advertising campaigns. This will help to work more actively. There are many ways to promote your own business. Each option in its own way effective. But it is not necessary the first day to use all. This issue should be approached very intelligently. Then it will allow to attract more consumers and to save the budget.

Recommend use:

  • The media. Publication in printed media. In the first stage, you can use Newspapers with free ads. In this case, you can get the effect without any attachments. Moreover, you can not post information about real estate Agency, and its sale or surrender.
  • Specialized sources. These include materials with topics about real estate. In this case, customers can become a legal entity.
  • The use of the Internet directories. With the development of information technologies many are accustomed to look for information on the Internet. In most cases, users leave their feedback on the work of the entire Agency or a single professional.
  • Development of the official website. Is the most effective way. Since anyone can obtain all the necessary information. To do this, it should be possible to fill the sections of your website to attract more potential customers.

Production plan

Every entrepreneur asks questions about how much you can get profit and how to open a real estate Agency. Step by step guide to opening your organization looks like the following:

Step # 1. Documentation

  • Registration of businesses.
  • Select the code OKVED.
  • If necessary, obtaining the license for activity implementation.
  • The Choice of tax system. There can come two variants – UTII and STS. The choice depends on the size of tax paid.
  • Opening a Bank account for cashless transactions.
  • Receipt printing.

Step No. 2. The choice of a suitable premises

We Need to consider the following points:

  • Minimum size of 20 square meters;
  • Availability for car Parking;
  • For presentable is best to rent a room in the city center or in major shopping center.

Step # 3. Organizational matters

This includes:

  • Carry out repair work in the premises;
  • Purchase of furniture and equipment for office;
  • Select employees in the state;
  • Training;
  • The purchase of advertising;
  • Open the organization.
What you need to open an estate Agency?

Registration process

The Process of how to open IE real estate, simple. You will need to visit the tax office, write a letter, be sure to specify the OKVED code, attach a copy of your passport. You will also need to pay the state fee for registration and the receipt be attached to the application.

Select the code OKVED

For business, you can choose one code. It often happens that there is a business expansion, and work is carried out in several directions. It will have to redesign all the documents that entails additional costs. Many recommend just choose a few options NACE. This will allow in the future to protect yourself from unnecessary spending. Select from the following:

  • 31 – activities related to the operations of the property;
  • 32 – real estate management;
  • 20 – provision of services in the field of insurance;
  • 84 – other services in the field of real estate.

Equipment Selection

For any organization requires the arrangement of office space. The first thing you should consider that equipment and furniture purchased in the office where everything must be in the same style. In the real estate office on the importance of the presence of minimalist and austere features.

Resolution to open activities

At the moment how to open a real estate Agency, you need to learn all the nuances. At the moment this activity is not classified as licensed organizations. But do not forget that to choose a legal form as a LLC or SP must. Registration of activities is done within 10 working days. This whole process takes place at the place of residence of the future entrepreneur.

Technology business

Many experts recommend that before opening their own business to gain experience in this field. This will allow to study the structure of the work more and more.

Before to open a real estate Agency, you need to analyze the market of goods and services, as well as the database of potential consumers. For making customers need to rent a room and equip it according to their own taste, or resort to professional help. Do not forget about the reputation. After allit affects loyalty of consumers. Customer transactions must be executed by all the requirements in accordance with the law.

How to open a PI Agency?

Possible risks in the process

An aspiring entrepreneur, sometimes it seems that it is enough to have a certain amount of money to rent an office, equip it, hire staff and begin to work. But not so simple as it seems at first glance. Because in any business there are risks. But a real entrepreneur should be able to take risks.

Due to the fact that the minimum threshold for entry into the market, a large number of competitors. They all quickly appear and quickly disappear. Most customers are afraid of scams and firms-a something ephemeral, so many people only go to large and proven organization.

The main risks include:

  • No name of the organization;
  • A large number of competitors;
  • The preference of larger institutions.

But if you have a competent policy and also to implement it, it can be very easily and quickly to overcome the difficulties, to win their place in the market and start getting a good income.

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