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Group decision making methods (or expert estimates) are needed in the design and implementation of most innovations. Their essence is to get the best answers to the specialists questions.

For the examination is usually formed of an organizational group that provides the conditions in order to conduct an effective job. Its main objectives are:

  • Statement of the main problems expertise;
  • Development of basic procedures for its implementation;
  • The selection and formation of expert groups;
  • Conducting a survey among experts;
  • Processing and interpretation of this information.

There are different models and methods of decision making in group work. Consider in more detail the most common and used in practice.

Method “Brainstorming” has wide application and is designed to provide the ultimate solutions based on ideas that are haphazardly put forward by the group when working together. In the future, as they are specified and discussed.

Decision making Methods "635" are a variant of the previous method. But the exchange of data and opinions in the group will be in writing and be sure in five rounds.

Method of the target of deliberations Is used when there is no need to hurry. It is an open discussion on the issue, which is carried out in order to develop a common opinion of experts. Moreover, the collective opinion will be determined, as a rule, the result of the vote. But such methods of decision making have some disadvantages:


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  • There is no anonymity, which in some cases can cause conformism;
  • The discussion often turns into a debate of authorities.

Inversion Method is a complex method of decision-making. It will require the head of group attention and special competence. The fact that such methods of decision-making imply the search of ideas in such directions that are opposite to the normal beliefs, views, logic, and common sense. Method is very effective, if it is wisely used.

Delphi Method. It was developed by Helmer and Delco. This method is a decision-making methods, which are combined uniform requirements for examination and method of obtaining estimates. It means that we need to create conditions that will ensure a more productive work of the Commission.

This method is novotorova the procedure for the survey. After each stage data will be finalized and the results communicated to the experts. In the first round not given any argument, in the second – any answer that is different from others, you must have an evidence base. Only after we stabilize estimates, the survey will be terminated. The solution adopted shall be that offered by experts, or adjust to it.

Nominal group Technique Are usually used for finding the best options in solving the problem. The main condition should be the following: to work in a team involves the best experts who have never worked together. They must be not linked. Optimal group is one in which no more than fifteen, but not less than six persons.

The Contents of the method. Manager puts in front of all the participants in the task, for ten minutes each made suggestions on the cards. Then other experts should evaluate them, rejecting the impossible, impracticable ideas and exposing scores. As a result, the solution to the same problem will contain at least fifteen variants.

Was represented the most common group decision making methods, but between them it is very difficult to draw a clear border.

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