Inspection types and their peculiarities in the implementation


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Any organization or enterprise consists of people, who perform their professional duties and carry out the development of the company. The official hierarchy of the organization implies the presence of teams, and those whose work is controlled by the leaders, i.e. subordinates. Because the human factor plays an important role in many tasks, there is a need to control the worker. To do this, the responsible Manager can observe the process of work, to give, to help or even come to the time when the job has already been done.

Why do we need control in the organization

First, employees need to ensure that they worked efficiently. Second, it is particularly necessary in those cases when the solution of the problem the employee is having problems and the leader must help him to solve them to achieve a good result.

There are several types of control, and the correct one may be a good non-material motivation for employees.

How to monitor staff

First you need to assess the specifics of the tasks entrusted to the employee. Then to remember what skills, experience and personal qualities of the employee. And finally, to understand what is important in this situation: the result or the process of implementation? The fact that there are a number of assignments that focused only on the result, and how the employee will go to that goal – doesn't matter. In this case, you need to use some types of control described later. There are other tasks which are intended to ensure that the task was going in a certain way: according to the diagram instructions or simply at the request of the chief, because he is a professional and knows exactly how to succeed in business, and in that case, if he considers it important to complete the task in certain ways, then we need other controls.

Let's look at the types of control:


In this case the head at the same time with the same interval (e.g., 8:00, every Wednesday or the last Friday of each month) comes to the employee and ensures that he gets the job and finds out what challenges he faced and were able to overcome them.

This method has the advantage that both know when and what time will be checked, but, on the other hand, it spent a lot of time. It is used to maintain workflow and better not to use this type of control for tasks where the only important result.

Types of control for tasks, result-oriented

The Final control is needed in order to check the result and give it a rating. It is disposable and coincides with the time of execution.

This method saves time, but it is better to use as a control, those employees who have managed to prove their competence and professionalism.

At the same time, if a Manager is not confident that the contractor has correctly understood the task, that the use of one final control poses a risk to the whole thing.

Types of control problems with a phased implementation.

Projects that require the control points need to be gradual involvement of the head. Often this method is used if the case is entrusted to an experienced officer, and it is characterized by its scale, novelty and high level of complexity. This minimizes the risk of “failure”.

The controls are comfortable for the head

In this case, the employee does not know when it will test the head. The latter randomly chooses the time and the frequency of such inspections, and it is very convenient for him, because the schedule does not oblige to be at a certain time in a particular place.

But this check causes great discomfort to the employees, because they begin not to trust the Manager, there is the stress of the unexpected. To mitigate the situation, the best selective control to do this once for all employees.

It is Very important for all types of control to be able to competently and safely to convey to employees that they are doing right, and what is not.


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