Hair Care Products: Properties And Applications


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Modern industry is characterized by aggressive environments and elevated temperatures. Therefore it creates the need to use sealing materials that can operate in harsh conditions. The requirements for such materials are controversial and complex character.

On the one hand they must be resistant not only thermally, but also chemically, but on the other hand – they should be plastic and should not dissolve in any kind of solvents or environment.

This universal sealing material is Hair care products.

Optional is a fairly complex form, which in its chemical composition contains:
- up to 70% of asbestos;
- about 15% synthetic rubber;
- about 8% of vulcanizing agents like sulfur;
- about 15% of special fillers.

This is only an approximate composition optional. Asbestos is present in large quantities, allows the material to show high rates of thermal and chemical resistance. And synthetic rubber gives it extra flexibility.

Note that optional is not subjected to any biological effects. This property allows you to extend its scope of application, for example, in the warm tropics, the desert, or on cold continents.

Changing the composition of the fillers to obtain a variety of types of paronite. For example, the materials can operate in hostile environments of hydrocarbon or their mixtures.

Unfortunately, optional there is a lack of – high adhesion, i.e. adhesion to the sealing surfaces. This can seriously complicate the work of the dismantling or repair of equipment. But this disadvantage can easily be corrected – it is necessary only to apply a layer of graphite on the sealing surface.

The Process of making optional not complicated. The required mixture of rubber, asbestos, mineral fillers and sulfur is first heated to the required temperature, and then sealcoat into sheets of the desired thickness from 0.4 to 6 mm. the Finished product is easily tested for strength – folded the paper in half should not crumble or otherwise break down.

Scope optional is quite wide. High pressure exerted on the sheet, optional Begins to flow, thus filling any kind of hole.

Strips from PONT-B and is used in pipes and equipment operating in saturated steam, and in the environment of different gases (dry, inert, neutral). As the jointing material, paronite Pont-a is widely used in compressor units for industrial use, in the pipeline. Its quality is not changed under the influence of petroleum products (both heavy and light) and in an environment which contains a sufficiently large amount of nitrogen and oxygen.

Thus, they can be sealed with different kinds of equipment of the metallurgical, chemical or petrochemical industry, working with a fairly aggressive substances at high temperature (apparatus for distillation, scrubbers, columns for rectification, etc.).

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