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Of Course, not so easy, especially for a person who does this for the first time or not he's big, can handle the transportation of furniture or household appliances, but to the dimensions of the piano them away. Because the transportation of a musical instrument better to order from professionals.
After all, hardly anyone of the owners did not wish that piano had no effect on its appearance and sound that it is almost impossible for self-improvisation on the theme of transportation. This is due to the fact that the instrument has a large mass, and remember, the older the piano, so it is bigger and heavier. Manufacturers of the last century, especially before the revolution paid more attention to volume, clarity of sound and variety of decorative detail, and did not expected that their products would be limited to small modern apartments, and even more so to travel between them. In addition, many instances have a cast-iron frame, and probably even those who at school did not study very well, know that cast iron metal very brittle. The piano is in any case not drop, hit and dragged to drag up the stairs. If You want to ensure that the new place to retrieve the sounds of Paradise, are the same as before moving, then transporting the tool must be approached with great care. This is not the case where you try to save money when selecting a moving company it is better to focus not on cost, but on experience and quality of services provided. And certainly refuse to help a neighbor uncle Vasya with associates, as tempting and cheap as they may appear.
Selecting the experienced professionals you can not worry – all work will be performed accurately and quickly, in this case the big role will not play do I need to deliver a piano from the ninth or the first floor. Porters carrying out such Transportation professionally, in addition to the skills have different tools and accessories that allow you to protect the tool from scratches and chips. Also at Your request they can pack a piano, or even to remove and package trim panel.
You just need to pre-order the transport company and the specialists will perform all the work qualitatively and in time.

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