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 Success in business depends on many factors. One of them – the ability to build  relationships with customers and partners.

Communication in a business environment built subject to certain rules and regulations, which are called etiquette. By following the simple prescriptions of the interaction is faster, smaller occurs of conflict situations.

Rules of business etiquette apply to both personal communication and correspondence. Their observance contributes to mutual understanding. Moreover, following the rules of etiquette, you show respect for the other person, as well as an interest in the success of the interaction.

How to write a business letter

First we need to build a competent structure of your message.

Rules of business correspondence suggest that the letter begins with a reference, followed by a brief introduction, main text, conclusion, signature, PostScript, if necessary. Can then be application. If we are talking about the email, all the voluminous documents it is better to send as an attachment, mention it in the message.


The Message can begin with the word “dear”. But remember that in this case the letter do not need to write «respect». Another option – the usual greeting. The appeal must be placed at the center of the page.

In our country, it is best to call a person by name and patronymic. If you are not familiar with the recipient personally, you can address him as “Mr Ivanov”.


In the introduction to the main text should summarize the purpose of the letter. This part should not exceed two sentences.

Main content

In 2-3 paragraphs, you must describe the situation, your thoughts and suggestions, and to ask questions.


Rules of business correspondence required in the conclusion give a short summary of all the above. The letter usually end up standard phrases such as “regards”, “Sincerely yours”, “gratitude” and so on. Specify your surname, name and patronymic, do not forget the position.


The PostScript usually write in extreme cases, if forgot to specify something important, or you want to notify a recipient about an event that occurred after the writing of the letter.


The Letter must be literate, neatly decorated. Obligatory fields. Right indent must be at least three inches, and left about half. Highlight the paragraphs to make the text easier to read. Use font Times New Roman 12 pin.

Well, if you use the symbols of the organization. If you write on official letterhead, be sure to pay attention to in the header or footer was specified the company name, contact information, contact details and logo.

Rules of civility

Rules of business correspondence – it's not only the use of standard design document. Any official letter assumes the correct expression of ideas, even if you write it to Express a claim.

You Cannot start the letter with refusal, with the word “no” or the particles are “not”. First, you must explain the reasons for the decision. If possible, suggest alternative way out of the situation.

No need to impose human ways of resolving the issue. This can have the opposite effect.

To show that the letter is urgent, you can ask the recipient to send a reply to a certain number. No need to hurry him bluntly.

Try not to make allusions to the possible incompetence of the person who will read the letter because it would sound insulting.

We have now discussed the basic techniques of how to write a formal letter.

Following this instruction will make your business communication easier and more successful, and you zarekomenduete himself as a polite and correct person.

The above rules of business correspondence are suitable for both paper documents and electronic messages.


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