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The Use of caper as a gourmet condiment known since ancient times. They are the buds is quite common in warm areas plants the caper plant, pickled or salted according to a special recipe. This is one of the most interesting spices used in cooking.

Capers Feature is the ability to significantly change the taste of food, in other words, they are positioned as a corrective spice. It is believed that dishes with capers become more "noble sound”.

What is the capers from the point of view of botany

The caper plant (Capparis) — this is a common heat-loving plant related to the caper family (Capparidaceae), although some sources attribute it to the cabbage family (Brassicaceae).

The Family capers has more than three hundred species, among which we can find perennial herbs, subshrubs, shrubs, and vines. In the wild it is found throughout the Mediterranean, India, Central Asia, Crimea, Caucasus. It is cultivated in Italy, France, Spain and Algeria.

The caper plant is amazingly beautiful, and at the time of his lush flowering is able to determine the impression of the landscape. Its flowers, resembling orchids, painted in white, pale pink, or scarlet. Famous Iranian desert, dashte Kavir (which means “caper Sands”) during the flowering caper plant is painted red.

In the Caucasus and in the Crimea circulated prickly caper plant (Capparis spinosa), all summer covered with unusual white flowers.

The harvest Season lasts for buds from late spring to early fall. The buds are harvested by hand several times over the summer. 10-15 days — a period during which the bushes are covered with new buds.

For the season with one of the caper plant (depending on his age) collected from 0.5 to 3 kg of flower buds.

What is the capers from the perspective of domestic breeding

Copernici rarely grown at home, although they are very hardy and in cold climates they can breed as ampelnoe plant.


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This is largely due to the fact that the caper plant powerful enough shrub, for example, adult stem instance can reach fifteen meters. But it grows very slowly and for a long period of time can settle for a pot of small diameter (16 cm). Gained strength pet can be transplanted in the ground, and the house to settle his descendants, obtained by means of cuttings.

What is a caper, in terms of cooking

The Buds of the caper plant are harvested, sorted by size (the amount of capers affects their value), and dried in the shade. Thus prepared salted or pickled buds, by placing in vinegar and salt, or butter-salt solution. In the Mediterranean, salted capers “dry”, peppered with salt.

After three months, the buds get ready. They decrease in size and become dark green capers are Ready to acquire spicy flavor for which suitable words: sour-salty, spicy, tart.

Capers are widely used in Mediterranean cuisine as a spice that determines the final taste of a dish. They are usually ground and mixed with salt or other seasonings. With their help, can be improved the taste of the soup, sauce, fish, beef and poultry. Vegetable salad with capers acquires elegance. Especially successful is the combination of capers with black olives and tomatoes.

The Dishes with capers should not be subjected to prolonged heat treatment, as by heating essential oil evaporate and the spices lose their taste.

What is the capers from the point of view of medicine

Capers useful. They contain large amounts of vitamin C and vitamin P (rutin), which allows us to recommend the capers as a tonic.

The Chemical composition of the buds has not been studied to the end and, taking into account the variety of existing types, to accurately describe the influence of capers on the human body does not seem correct.

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