What is a battery garden sprayer and what are its advantages?


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Colorado beetles – those malicious insects that every summer “occupy” our gardens and grounds. Perhaps they're tired of everyone who is engaged in gardening and growing vegetables. In addition to that suffer from their invasion of potatoes, in recent years they have spread to the tomatoes and “blue”. The only way for the salvation of this situation – it's the spraying of plants. Now there are many devices used in this field: and mechanical, and gasoline, and even battery. However, it is the latter type of sprayers enjoys the highest demand among Russian vacationers. What he liked and what are its advantages? Let's find out.

battery garden sprayer

Technical features

To begin, we note its technical features. First and foremost I would like to draw attention to the weight of this device, which is about 5-6 kg. This is almost three times less than that of comparable gasoline-powered sprayers. In addition, this unit can be equipped with special telescopic rod for the treatment of plants in remote places. The length of this instrument may be of the order of 100-250 cm tank Capacity for liquid – no more than 15 HP because of this maximum mass, which can have a battery garden sprayer do not exceed to more than 20 kg. engine Power is this tool can easily handle trees with a height of 5-6 m.

electric cordless garden sprayer


With regards to the design, rechargeable garden sprayer consists of the following devices:

  • Engine;
  • Plastic tank;
  • Fishing rod for spraying fluids;
  • Battery that gives energy to the engine.

To Use this device very easily. For the processing site only needs to include the pump, pre-Gulf in the capacity of a means of pest control.


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rechargeable garden sprayer black decker


Almost every cordless garden sprayer (BLACK&DECKER GSC 500) has a very low weight. But that's not all. Despite the fact that both the sprayer (battery and gasoline) produce almost the same power and is able to cope with an equal area of land for the shortest possible time, the cost of the first type devices is much smaller. In addition, this tool is characterized by a level of noisiness, which is significantly less than gasoline equivalents. Because the energy here is produced not from the petroleum products, and electricity, during the treatment you will not suffocate pairs of exhausts. Also the electric cordless garden sprayer is characterized in that it has “capricious nature” in terms of maintenance of the engine and other units. Gasoline devices are much more likely to fail than the battery. Though they cost much more expensive.

Thus, battery garden sprayer – the best tool for the protection and processing of your land. The device can be operated without harm to their health.

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