Hibernate: what it is and how it works?


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Often PC users are asking the question: “hibernate - what it is and how it works?”. With this we now try to understand, because this mode is very useful in many cases and saves time.

Working Principle

To answer the question: “hibernation - what is it?" I must say that we are talking about
Sleep mode of your PC, which should not be confused with sleep. Implemented this feature in the current versions of the Windows operating system.

what is hibernate

Now, to understand what hibernate computer in its practical application and how it works, note that when you activate this function, the computer shuts down completely. However, before shutting down the computer saves all the apps, Windows and programs in which you worked, if you don't shut down during the activation of this feature.

Software support

If you understand the question: “hibernation - what is it in software?”, it is necessary to say that the regime is implemented through the file «hiberfil.sys". In this application, all the data are recorded at the time of starting the specified mode.

what is hibernate computer

This file is located in the root of the primary drive, while it (similar to a pagefile) is a system resource that is not displayed by default in the directory. Note that the file size is equal to the amount of RAM on your computer.

In practice

Now let's talk about how to set hibernation, and consider the example of the operation of this regime. Imagine the following scenario: you are working with how to install hibernationA large number of programs on your computer - edit the image in photoshop, use the browser through which exploring the space of the Internet, listening to music and typing in a text editor “word”. Thus is born a creative mess, which does not want to give up. Suddenly you suddenly, urgently need to absent himself for a few hours. However, you do not want to leave the computer permanently turned on, and close all of these programs, saving each of them, no desire. Then you can activate the above-described hibernation. With this solution all the as the current operating system will be written in the space the hibernation file at the time of activation mode. After saving all the data the computer automatically turns off. During the next activation of the operating system “Windows” will take the necessary data from the above file and restore the system in the same condition in which it was during the last shutdown. Simply put, turning on your computer, you'll see programs and Windows that were active at the time of activation mode. Thus, with the definition and functions we understand. Obviously, the mode is incredibly convenient, however it is worth remembering that for its implementation it always needs free space on the primary disk, which is equal to the amount of RAM. Here we understand the question: “hibernation - what is it?”, and described the principle of operation of the regime.

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