March 14 - what's your sign?


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Imagination, dreams and castles in the air – the natural state of people born on March 14. Artistic taste, a flair for creativity and artistry make them attractive to the opposite sex. But the love of solitude, inner work, reflection pushed them to a contemplative way of life. To understand each and every – a rare gift that belongs to the elect. Along with this sense of humor, cheerfulness, friendliness – so what are people born on March 14?

What sign?

For each sign of the zodiac defined the boundaries of their domination. What constellation is ruled by the 14th of March? Sign of the zodiac Fish enters into force from 18–19 February and ends 20–21 March. The main feature of this constellation – daydreaming. The sign character is two floating in different directions fish. Some degree of irrationality, lack of clear goals in life, that means one character.

March 14

The Zodiacal constellation of Pisces is ruled by the 14th of March. The Element of water gives flexibility, softness nature. The ability to adapt to people and circumstances.

Innate sensitivity helps to make friends, useful contacts. She will not allow a sudden, spontaneous conflicts.

Free, the elusive Fish is always in search of the unknown truth. And no matter what every day it is different. True for Fish varies with the mood, a new experience. Therefore, the sign of such a controversial, not always clear to other people.

Characteristics of the Pisces sign

People born under the sign of Pisces, have little understanding of the will. It is easy to impose any concepts and beliefs. They absorb other people's ideas about life, so it is changeable. Daring today, tomorrow capricious Fish are always in the spiritual quest.


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March 14 zodiac sign

Patient, charismatic, they can't stand quarrels. And prefer to remain silent than to come into conflict. However, if Fish piss – their destructive force is able to demolish everything to the ground. Reassured, they go back to being friendly, cool people with a good sense of humor.

Fish – good friends, ready to help, to sacrifice. They know how to calm down, to listen, to encourage. Different creative abilities which can't always fulfill in the profession. But, yielding to the inspiration for a masterpiece.

Born 14 March

People born this day are under the influence of Mars. Warlike planet gives his players active energy. This physical endurance, and perseverance, and an innate entrepreneurial spirit. Mars rules the will to win, ability to translate dreams into reality. Therefore, people born on March 14, can be cocky, reckless. Leadership skills, a penchant for adventure will give them an interesting, exciting life.

What else do you offer day on March 14? Sign of the zodiac Will bring to an activity of the philosophical mind. Contemplation, the ability to analyze and think will add these people understanding the depths of the human soul. Changeable, fickle, they're easy to change one point of view to another. Minimum principles creates an aura of mystery. Such people are difficult to understand, they are too elusive in their thoughts, feelings, and affections.


The Complicated, multifaceted nature born March 14. Day This gives different talents. Deep spirituality, physical strength, analytical mind – all of this is covered by a soft bright charm or charisma.

March 14

The best compatibility of Fish with the aquatic element. Cancers, Scorpios understand the hidden essence of each other. They intuitively capture the commonality of fantasies, lack of formal logic. Their sensuality, full of inner life will make a harmonious Union.

The Attractive appearance of the Fish, the ability to communicate can they make friends with Taurus, Leo, Capricorn. Possible sympathy, good professional relationship. However, they do not understand will be throwing Fish.

Bad compatibility with Aries, Virgo, Sagittarius, Weights. Integrity, criticality, turbulent emotionality alienate the elusive Fish from these signs.

Lunar calendar

March 14 According to the Lunar calendar falls in the period of the waning moon. This is an unfavorable time to start new businesses. But to continue the old – is possible. Something to change or fix an already initiated cases – this is the time of the analysis, revise their beliefs.

It's time for General cleaning – March 14. Day of the moon (on account 24th) means that along with the dirt and dust will be gone from the apartment all the unnecessary, negative.

zodiac March 14

You should Also refer to your body. Do not overload it greasy, fried food. A day small diet. Drink more water, and vegetable decoctions. Toxins leave the body immediately.

Aggressive bear activity 24 lunar day. On this day we should pay attention to their emotions, not to give in to anger. Household chores, work should distract yourself from manifestations of negative energy.

Communicating with Fish

The Love of purity, order in the house, thrift gives the Fish the zodiac. March 14 – an amazing day, which gives intuition, daydreaming, dissimilarity on others. The ability to experience others ' feelings as their ownmakes these people so varied. Born March 14, able to understand and be aware of thoughts, feelings, actions of others. So Pisces is so changeable. They are able to stand in the other person, feel its inner world, to understand his fears.

The Delicacy, tact, a willingness to compromise will give the Fish lots of friends, close acquaintances. Openness, cheerfulness born 14 March strikes and drags.

March 14, day of the moon

The Tendency to idealize their loved ones can get the Fish a long time to hold on to an unworthy person. They may not pay attention to the shortcomings, to forgive indiscretions. But when will come the realization that the partner does not value their feelings – then the boom burst, which will break the relationship. Rage Fish can be terrible. Especially in contrast with their gentleness and tact.

Born March 14 see the individuality, the uniqueness of each person. Try to cherish the relationship. Instinct protects them from unfair, low people. Pisces, gifted with many talents, generously distribute the energy of prosperity and happiness.

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