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From year to year of healthy lifestyle is becoming more popular. Proper nutrition, sports, refusal of bad habits – a trend in all developed countries of the world. Some people want to be slim and beautiful, choose for themselves the diet, others – go on trainings. The ideal option is combining healthy diet and active workout in the gym or at the stadium.

Dietary guidelines

Proper nutrition before and after exercise is one of the most important moments in your life. Agree, many people come to the gym when I notice that the situation is critical: Boca swam fat, appeared “beer” the stomach, legs formed of the hated cellulite. Such people, after years of laziness and idleness, from exercise, dramatically limit themselves in power. And then realize that they have absolutely no strength. This is logical. Any athlete will tell you that the lack of calories will also negatively affect your appearance as well as their abundance. So experts recommend to go on a special diet – sports, in which you are going to eat in sufficient quantity, it will be healthy and nutritious.

proper nutrition for trainingProper nutrition when training has a number of features:

  • No hunger.
  • Do Not overeat or eat in a hurry.
  • There is a need at a certain time.
  • Before you start exercising you need to consult a sports physician or dietitian.

Ideally, if a menu for you will be a professional. It will take into account your physical fitness, level of activity and sport you are doing.

The training Program and proper nutrition will be the two pillars on which to build your day. Make a schedule of the daily diet so that before class today, you received a sufficient amount of protein. Portion you need to eat 2 hours before workout. Best of all, if it will be baked in the oven a piece of meat or a large fish steak, garnish will fit pea porridge or boiled lentils. If due to the irregular work schedule normally eat does not work, you can eat fruits or dairy products for half an hour before class and after to eat at home.


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proper nutrition during trainingA Good option would be smaller meals: have to eat often, but small portions. Ideally – 6 times a day, 200-300 grams. The emphasis is on protein production. Carbohydrates should also be present in the diet, because without them you won't have the energy and strength for exercise. Without fat and can not do, but it should be a bit in the daily diet. The mode of the day build so that you have the time to not only sport and work, and well-deserved rest.

The Role of Breakfast

It must provide the correct nutrition. In training his mission becomes more important and responsible. Unfortunately, many people eat nothing in the morning, referring to the fact that their body hasn't woken up after a night of rest. But it is wrong. Breakfast is essential, without it you will not be able to play sports because it will feel unsatisfactory. The hours of training a day plus regular morning meal – the most successful combination from the point of view of physiology. If for any reason you do not eat Breakfast, gradually accustom themselves to this process. Believe me, in the near future you will not be able to imagine how earlier refused such pleasure.

After eating a substantial Breakfast, you will restrict yourself from overeating during lunch and dinner. Those people who are accustomed to the morning meal, you do not have problems with metabolism, they are more busy and active, they have a good mood. And if you Wake up, you have no appetite, go for a jog and take a contrast shower. These manipulations stimulate the emergence of feelings of hunger. A great Breakfast option for the athlete will be porridge, scrambled eggs with vegetables, whole grain bread with low fat cheese. When there is no time, you can drink a milkshake and a Breakfast to grab on the job.

Plenty of water and fiber

This rule will mind. Proper nutrition when training involves the use of fiber, which helps the body to cleanse itself and rid of toxins. In addition, it can help to achieve the absorption of all nutrients. Fiber is found in vegetables, fruits, herbs, mushrooms. In the diet of the athlete should be about 400 grams of these products. The lion's share of you need to give the vegetables – they are most useful. The exception – potatoes, its use should be kept to a minimum. Instead, lean on a puree of pumpkin and broccoli, vegetable casserole of zucchini, eggplant and carrots.

workout and nutritionAlso, drink plenty of fluids. Under its influence the fiber swells in the intestine, thereby stimulating digestion. The minimum daily intake-2 litres of still pure water. But the more intense you exercise, the more fluids you need to replenish the lost stock. To check, do you have enough water, easy. For this you need to look at your urine: if it is a color saturated, you need to drink more fluids.

Do I Need to avoid fat?

Proper nutrition when training for girls and guysinvolves the use of lipids, although many refuse them. Remember: when you exercise, fats are necessary. Of them is a number of hormones that take actively part in the combustion process pending lipids. The presence of fat in the diet decreases the release of insulin, which transformerait glucose in the subcutaneous fat. Accordingly, your hips are easy on the eyes will become slim and beautiful.

 proper nutrition when training in the gymThe Body needs the right fats: omega-6 and omega-3. In large quantities they are contained in fish and seafood, so be sure to include them in your diet. Fish can have any, except for the grilled and smoked options. It is best if it is boiled, baked or steamed. Animal fats are less useful, although it is also necessary for the absorption of certain vitamins. To meet the demand for them, it is possible to eat for Breakfast a little butter.

Meals before training

As already mentioned, the body needs fuel before the start of classes. Proper nutrition before exercise provides for such a menu: low-fat steak and buckwheat, poultry and rice, fried proteins and vegetables, oatmeal and nuts. These dishes have become classics of the genre for athletes. Calorie should be sufficient. Bulk food such as a bowl of soup or a large amount of salad you need to eat 2 hours before class. Hearty food small size – a piece of meat, for example, allowed to eat for half an hour before training.

proper nutrition on training daysIf you exercise to build muscle, for 40 minutes before going to the gym, eat some fruit with a low glycemic index: grapefruit, apples, prunes, apricots, cherries. Allowed berries: black currants, blackberries, blueberries. Good to drink a protein shake and a Cup of coffee. The first will give the necessary for muscle building substances, the second – mobilizes fat that the body used it as fuel.

When exercising in the heat

Before and after important proper nutrition during training – the use of liquid. Working out in the gym, drink as much as possible. Otherwise you will be lethargic and unproductive. Do not be guided by thirst, drink it constantly. When you want to SIP a little liquid, your body will already be dehydrated. And this is unacceptable. With age, the receptors responsible for the need for fluid, lose their sensitivity. So you don't immediately feel that need water. The main signs of dehydration are:

  • Headache.
  • Dry mouth.
  • Chapped lips.
  • Vertigo.
  • Anxiety.

proper nutrition when training for girlsThe drinking Regime should look like this: before class drink a glass of water, during training drink every 15 minutes. If physical activity is intense and lasts more than an hour, can one hour before beginning to use any natural energy: green tea, vegetable vitamin juice, berry smoothies, freshly squeezed fruit juice. Don't trust store-bought counterparts, do alcoholic beverages.

After exercise

It is recommended to eat in the first 20 minutes after class. If you don't sit down at the table for 2 hours after finishing your workout, to sense from it there will be little growth in muscle mass will remain at a minimum. Bodybuilders call this period of time “anabolic window” for the use of proteins and carbohydrates. What you eat during this period, go on increase muscle. Options set menu: omelet with vegetables and pita bread, Turkey with rye bread, fruit juice and cheese, fish steak and salad, cereals with milk, pea porridge and boiled meat and so on.

proper nutrition before trainingProper nutrition when training focused on low-fat dishes that one third consists of carbohydrates, two – from proteins. To further replenish their stock, and drink milkshakes. Natural protein drink is whipped in a blender mix protein from eggs, milk, cheese and nuts. For sweetness you can add honey and a banana slice. This cocktail can be consumed before training, and in the midst of activity.


Proper nutrition on training days has one function-to eliminate fat and gain muscle mass. Therefore, lipids in food should be minimal. If their diet much, they slow down the breakdown and assimilation of nutrients and vitamins. Protein meals should be as lean and no pork and chicken legs. Instead uletaite bacon poultry or veal. Be careful with dairy products. Buy exceptionally low-fat cheeses, cottage cheese, yogurt, milk and yogurt. But fatty fish is helpful. This is a pleasant exception to the rule.

Proper nutrition when training in the gym – the cornerstone. If you ignore it, the effect will be virtually invisible. So follow the basic rules of healthy diet. In addition, if possible spend much time in the fresh air, play sport games, ride a bike, swim. In short, keep activea way of life. All this will help to achieve results faster and to make it more effective.

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