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If you are faced with the question “How to build a chart in Excel?”, then this article is just what you need.

How to build a chart in excelFor charting in Excel, as well as for the construction of all types of graphs (e.g., histograms), corresponds to the chart Wizard.

So, let's start.

  1. Open a document MS Office Excel. The start – full list of programs-Microsoft Office-Microsoft Office Excel.

  2. Run the Wizard build all the charts. On the top toolbar and select “Insert”, then – a Chart.

  3. The chart Wizard is started. For completion you must complete four steps:

1) select the type of the future charts. To build fourteen types are available: radar, histogram, cylindrical, bar, bubble, line, pie, scatter, area, doughnut, surface, stock, conical, and pyramidal. In turn, when choosing the type when you go to the tab “Custom” a possible choice of non-standard form of a diagram. Further…

2) the Choice of the data range. If you advance, i.e. before you start the wizard select the desired range for future diagrams, the field will be filled automatically, otherwise – just select the data range on the second step of the charting. In the tab “Several” given the opportunity to ask the names of the axes or marked values on the chart.

build a histogram in Excel3) Select chart options. This is not a required item, but is advisable for full. Without it, the chart will be built, but if you are still interested in how to build a chart in Excel correctly, it is necessary to fill it to the max. Tab “Headers” allows you to give the name of the future the chart and its axes. Tab “Axes” to select the type of axes. Section “gridlines” allows you to display or not display on the chart the basic and intermediate construction lines. Section "Legend. The choice of location for the legend (the explanation of values). Data table" gives the possibility to display data on which the graph was built directly in the area of its construction. Tab "data labels" allows you to sign each token graph choosing a convenient separator between values.


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4) the Choice of location for the chart. For example, if you're interested in how to build a histogram in Excel on a separate sheet, then select “Private” and specify the name of the new page. Done!

These four steps are the simplest answer is not so difficult question about how to graph in Excel.

Now let's deal with the question of editing or formatting of the resulting.

Here's a diagram. Suppose you need quite a bit to change her look. How to build a chart in Excel with the cursive font of the legend?

A: just a couple of times click the left mouse button on the background of the plot. With this action you call the window "area Format diagrams” where you will be able not only to change the font used in the plot, but also choose for her a frame with adjustable line type, thickness and color, and add shadow effect to the frame.

Double-Clicking with the mouse on the chart itself, you will open a window called "Format plot area” where you will also be able to change the look of the frame.

Double click on grid lines will cause “Format gridlines”. Here the change may be subject to a line (type, color, thickness), as well as scale. Tab “Scale”, you can set the interval, minor tick marks, minimum and maximum values, as well as other parameters.

If your question is more specific, for example: “How to implement charting in Excel 2010?”, then the answer will be different from this article only because to MS Office Excel chart wizard is invoked by a separate button on the standard toolbar. All other actions will be carried out according to the above algorithm.

charting in Excel 2010Figure – it's not always difficult creation. Refer to Excel and see for yourself. Good luck!

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